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  1. Same operators, just the holding company of Merlin will be different. I assume that the same management and day to day operations will be the same. From the press release they are keeping it as a seperate company, same HQ and not distributing or changing assets of merlin. Fingers crossed this helps with investment in the parks, if the parent company wants to invest more then there arent shareholders to block it based on profit. There is a full document on Merlins website about the plans. https://www.merlinentertainments.biz/recommended-offer/ The document also says that the two companies (Blackrock and Kirkbi) were there before public listing: "KIRKBI and Blackstone jointly controlled Merlin in the 8 years prior to the 2013 public listing, during which time Merlin became the second largest location based entertainment business globally, and the partner of choice for the world's leading brands to deliver immersive experiences to guests." So fingers crossed we go back to the investment days!
  2. Well Said. Merlin is a business, as much as there are die-hard enthusiasts you need mass market appeal to make the park turn a profit. All of the annual passes in the world wont really generate profit when you look at the running costs of the staff, electric etc... so they need mass appeal and to offer something different. SBNO rides are probably there for a reason - it would cost to disassemble, remove and store - so why spend the cost unless you are going to put something there - probably why Slammer is still in place. Got to look at the cost of activities of the park and the time it takes and if its worth doing from a financial point of view. I think that GameFX probably cost Thorpe almost nothing, as it was in partnership with HYPD - so they probably paid most of the cost of the event. BounceZilla would have been relatively cheap, but is a good experience over summer - yes its not a coaster but not everyone wants coaster after coaster (Amity Beach shows this, its often packed during the hight of summer and some people go there just for that with the family) so BounceZilla will bring in more people who don't just want Thrill ride after thrill ride or those with families. I admit it would be good to get a new coaster - which no doubt will happen eventually - ultimately don't like BounceZilla, GameFX and the like - then just don't go on it! Its not removing anything from the park they are empty sites/events venues which are not usually used during main season anyway.
  3. I have been, and its a-lot of fun. Appearances aren't everything, as long as the weather is nice, its a good distraction from the queues. Maybe not a expensive investment, but it is fun, and that is the point of the park - to have fun
  4. Isn't that the idea of having the hotels? To attract people? Would be stupid for a company not to capitalise on their offerings surely?
  5. Dont think they will stop it this time. I believe it was stopped as people didn't pay, and as the entry system was older they couldnt stop the use of the pass. Now it's all on Accesso and connected via a central system, they can terminate passes and it stops entry if you miss payments so they dont loose out.
  6. Personally don’t see this impacting at all. Thorpe is established and been there too long for a new development (which would of been aware of the site before construction) causing issues with future attractions.
  7. Unless I’m missing something it’s free. For premium passes or £1 to pre book. Standard passes are £10 and only £20 during the peek time at the end of the month towards the end.
  8. Love how rumour is always reported as fact here.... Personally I dont care anymore anyway
  9. Again not my point... I said that Figaro did the Construction - its them they might not want to use for some reason, that was my point. Forget it - pretend I didnt say anything....
  10. Think its just been updated..... Someones having a bad day lol
  11. Not saying it would stop them, but as they have experience (never know might even be some of the props and inside stuff) the decision might been made not to use them and rather than build a worse version than the year before from people who have not had experience - they just didnt. Just a theory.
  12. If you have someone who does it right, getting someone else in is a risk, as they could get a backlash if its rubbish. Also depends on the contract I suppose. Would explain why they have decided against bringing it back it though.
  13. I wouldn't be that surprised if Big Top didn't come back. Wasn't Figaro Bros the company who Thorpe hired to make the maze? They are the ones with the project zero stuff that has nothing todo with the park but advertised in the park - probably without Thorpes Permission. If wither Figaro Bros wasn't able to commit to the maze because of their own scare attraction or Thorpe dropped them because of it, could explain why its not coming back despite everyone seeming to want it.
  14. Got to love the Thorpe/Merlin PR. Spelling mistakes, website inconsistencies in regards to opening times, old pictures being uploaded to advertise fright nights... Well done Merlin!
  15. I would say that given that the Fright Nights page on thorpepark.com says: FRIGHT NIGHTS Returns for 2018 featuring AMC's The Walking Dead. I would say its going to be very heavy Walking Dead theme. Also it is the Year of the Walking Dead. Walking dead has only been about for 1 year at Fright nights if memory serves. I did think that Walking Dead would be get boring by Fright Nights. Personally think the two mazes opening mid year would of also stopped some people from bothering with fright nights.
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