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  1. When you spend 2 hours making a meme without anyone even acknowledging its existence but it gets over 20 people's approval on CoasterForce's page by some thief a year later... https://www.facebook.com/photo?fbid=3747565578608757 :Frowny face:
  2. Or they could just change closing times of the park to 8pm instead of 10pm. Realistically by the time it gets to late Oct/ Nov as Spelthorne is on the verge of a local lockdown the park will probably most likely be under local lockdown anyway.
  3. Colossus - showing its age - has now been closed for 2 days and counting.
  4. https://www.mugglenet.com/2020/08/hagrids-magical-creatures-motorbike-adventure-closes-due-to-small-backstage-fire/
  5. Storm Surge seems to run perfectly fine with having a minimum of 4 in a boat
  6. 34 degree Celsius heat. In direct path of the sun. No shade. Wearing a face mask and visor for the entire time? Earning minimum wage? People can't even keep a face mask on a ride for 30 seconds but you expect staff to be running rides in these extreme conditions as fast as they would be normally? I'm critical of the park but even I would be more lax on this than normal. Its rare for a ride at Thorpe (based on my experiences last year) to start a day on 1 train so if they did then it's probably for a good reason (all tickets are pre-booked and by now they know how many tickets = lon
  7. aren't these being used on all their new rides?
  8. The same is true of the "search box" menu at the top of every page. Same for me
  9. No it's not. It's almost completely the park's fault this occurred on their grounds. I doubt you'd have the same attitude if it was someone you knew that was the victim. It's like airports saying, "Sorry the plane got blown up, terrorism is so rampant right now but we're doing what we can!" Clearly what the park was doing wasn't/ isn't good enough. Thorpe Park has proven yet again from the second you go to their website and hand over your money you're only guaranteed 1 thing - awful guest care and experience. From the victim all the way to the 2 or 3 hour que
  10. This is on reduced capacity. Imagine how long queues would be if they were this stringent on normal capacity. Explains why they don't do this normally but really shows they need waaaay more security staff checking at the entrance because 6 people checking ~10k to 20k isn't good enough and something like this was always bound to happen.
  11. Thorpe Park doing what they do best: Ripping people off for sub-par experiences even at an apparently "so-called reduced capacity" within 1 WEEK of opening. The park gets 1 to 2 hour queues at 2k guests, imagine how bad they'd be getting when they allow their normal number of guests in the park (4 to 6 hours queues on everything?!?!?). Not to mention their paltry 10-5 opening times. The below review isn't the only one and I'm sure many are just too angry to have bothered writing a review online: Honestly at this point I agree with Glitch. No point feeling
  12. IMO for the average guest that doesn't really care about theme parks and merely wants to go on rides names need to be: a) short and easy to remember for asking directions and talking about a day later b) semi-descriptive of what you'd expect on the ride c) exciting and interest-provoking Therefore based on my own criteria here's what I think of your proposed names: I like "rainforest jump" but I think "treetop hoppers" is fine - they're synonyms if you like. Cascading crocodiles for me is confusing in terms of what type of ride it is (e.g. many people who'
  13. Agree with this 1000%. Right now the park doesn't provide ANY escapism at all when staff are wearing a mask etc. but roller coasters are fun to ride. The park's funfair-y nature has actually become a draw.
  14. Above from a tripadvisor comment. The park is only allowing ~2K guests atm (~1/10 of max capacity). On a FB post comment they said in 1 to 2 weeks this would gradually be raised. From the BBC report the divisional director mentioned they can still make money/ a profit just from current guest numbers which begs the question why the park looks so bad/ haven't had a new ride yet when they clearly make bucket loads of money (2000 guests pre-COVID 19 is 15-20 min queues if people are equally spaced out across rides. This means the park usually has 8000 guests on days with ~1 hour qu
  15. I'm not sure if I heard this right but they said some rides won't have many changes? They mentioned Swarm would be different to say Stealth being loaded every other row. It's weird the park isn't socially distancing on certain rides but are on others.
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