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  1. Ivsetti

    Walibi Holland

    Walibi Holland - the level Thorpe should be at but for some reason isn't. It's my 2nd fav park after Thorpe.
  2. On the other hand, Merlin are banking on UK residents preferring to go to a UK attraction for their "holiday" as the price of international holidays becomes too high for the average person. It'll be just like the good ol' days!
  3. Ivsetti

    2019 Season

    Coasters have completed their winter maintenance checks and are ready to roll. Also: Replying to Thorpe Park's HYPD tweet: https://twitter.com/THORPEPARK/status/1097556353675972608 (guy is a confirmed employee, showed a photo of himself in uniform in another tweet by TP - I won't link for obvious reasons) meaning that TP's events for the start of the year at least have been pretty much finalised and ready to go if they're able to release that information to their employees already. I'm guessing their later events like Summer and FN's have also already been decided on and they're waiting for parts to arrive/ have everything ready to go. Lack of planning permissions indicate no new rides or major changes to the park will occur this season and we can safely presume their main drive for their 40th Birthday will be events.
  4. Ivsetti

    Annual Ultimate Fast Track

    Further question: Why on Earth would you spend £400 for Fastrack at Thorpe Park (because most rides don't need it IMO except Colossus, Saw and the flats during busy periods if you're bored of the coasters)
  5. Ivsetti

    LEGOLAND Dubai

  6. Ivsetti

    2019 Season

    You wrote this. Is this true and how do you know this? That is extremely worrying if true especially if we potentially can't even true the park to invest in safety (just last year a piece fell of Vortex which just should not be happening even if it was "harmless").
  7. Ivsetti

    Your Trip Plans 2019

    If you're doing a review of Thorpe Park, please take lots of pictures. Apparently they've been "working hard" to improve their criticisms so I can't wait to see how they've "improved" the park.
  8. Ivsetti

    The Next Big Thing

    *Invest more. I'm sure without the backing of a large company like Merlin Thorpe would be much more afraid to invest in new coasters or rides for fear of going bankrupt in case one of them doesn't work. We've already seen in BPB the effects of financial strain on a single park after a large investment that wasn't an immediate hit (or maybe they just weren't ready yet, who knows? I'm only speculating).
  9. Ivsetti

    Logger's Leap

    Seeing as it's not in their MTDP but rather in their LTDP I'm guessing so. They probably should've used the 3 years to come up with it's potential replacement.
  10. Ivsetti


    I want to see a KMG Inversion 24 replacing the ride. Not a Speed 32, an Inversion. I also want a Matterhorn replacing Zodiac. And a new ride replacing Vortex.
  11. Ivsetti

    simply Tiger Rock

    So THAT's where the money for Loggers went
  12. Ivsetti

    Merlin Entertainments

    https://www.merlinannualpass.co.uk/passholder-hub/holiday-club Merlin capitalising on their hotel offerings. Edit: This isn't meant to sound negative, I'm just bringing it up because I thought it was something new.
  13. Ivsetti

    Logger's Leap

    Now the #SaveLoggersLeap comments are over! I'd also like to add the ride's almost 3 decades old. It was time for it to be removed anyway (just like Rumba Rapids) and hopefully replaced by something that will be just as attractive to families and thrill seekers alike. Also, my earlier comment saying how the park would be inundated by requests for what replacing the ride if they announced the closure will probably come true. What's surprising is the backlash some people/ some enthusiasts have against the announcement it will close to the point some no longer wish to visit the park. I find it extremely hard to believe the only reason that demographic of people were going to TP was for the flume ride. The GP (based on the comments) aren't as attached (for want of a better term). The park's own response: I personally can't wait to see what will be replacing it. "Many years in advance". As Coaster said, "They've had 3 years". Speculation time?
  14. Ivsetti

    2019 Season

    Oh I'm surprised I didn't hear of this. In other news, another Fortnite festival caused a company to shut down: https://www.itv.com/news/anglia/2019-02-19/shambles-fortnite-live-event-puts-organisers-out-of-business/
  15. Ivsetti

    2019 Season

    It seems the Wes Phillips guy that HYPD were contacting regarding the Fortnite competition at TP is an associate director of Epic Games (creators/ distributors of Fortnite) so it seems to have the developers' company's stamp of approval hence I don't think any suing shall be taking place (sorry to ruin the joke).