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  1. Thorpe Park doing what they do best: Ripping people off for sub-par experiences even at an apparently "so-called reduced capacity" within 1 WEEK of opening. The park gets 1 to 2 hour queues at 2k guests, imagine how bad they'd be getting when they allow their normal number of guests in the park (4 to 6 hours queues on everything?!?!?). Not to mention their paltry 10-5 opening times. The below review isn't the only one and I'm sure many are just too angry to have bothered writing a review online: Honestly at this point I agree with Glitch. No point feeling positive when for the past 2 years Thorpe have shown they're unable to deliver with what they already have let alone something new. I think at this point I've had enough of the park and have lost pretty much all enthusiasm for the park and this forum. Therefore I can now happily say I'm no longer a Thorpe Park aficionado nor a theme park enthusiast. Goodbye and have fun living in fantasy land if you're still here.
  2. IMO for the average guest that doesn't really care about theme parks and merely wants to go on rides names need to be: a) short and easy to remember for asking directions and talking about a day later b) semi-descriptive of what you'd expect on the ride c) exciting and interest-provoking Therefore based on my own criteria here's what I think of your proposed names: I like "rainforest jump" but I think "treetop hoppers" is fine - they're synonyms if you like. Cascading crocodiles for me is confusing in terms of what type of ride it is (e.g. many people who've never heard of DBGT are often heard asking what it actually is - is it a coaster or what?) and Jungle Jeeps Rainforest Safari sounds like a TV show.
  3. Agree with this 1000%. Right now the park doesn't provide ANY escapism at all when staff are wearing a mask etc. but roller coasters are fun to ride. The park's funfair-y nature has actually become a draw.
  4. Above from a tripadvisor comment. The park is only allowing ~2K guests atm (~1/10 of max capacity). On a FB post comment they said in 1 to 2 weeks this would gradually be raised. From the BBC report the divisional director mentioned they can still make money/ a profit just from current guest numbers which begs the question why the park looks so bad/ haven't had a new ride yet when they clearly make bucket loads of money (2000 guests pre-COVID 19 is 15-20 min queues if people are equally spaced out across rides. This means the park usually has 8000 guests on days with ~1 hour queues on rides which is the majority of summer).
  5. I'm not sure if I heard this right but they said some rides won't have many changes? They mentioned Swarm would be different to say Stealth being loaded every other row. It's weird the park isn't socially distancing on certain rides but are on others.
  6. To be fair though the Junior Inverted at B&M quality is like getting a Lamborghini for an 18 year old. Too expensive for a park's needs realistically. Also, all companies start somewhere. Arguably B&M are in a better position than other companies as they've got the basic components of a roller coaster "correct" (safety, backups, smooth, comfortable, easy to access, low maintenance, very high uptime and very customisable etc. and is most likely why they've built more gigas than Intamin) so getting into the launch market you'd expect something along the same wavelength. All B&Ms are super expensive (why Thorpe are reportedly not getting another) so to get a B&M launch over Intamin or S&S shows a calculated decision by Sea World park.
  7. POV of the fully built ride
  8. Did some quick calculations: Thorpe are open for exactly 95 days (as of time of writing). Their reported limit (2012 LC12 planning permission) is ~ 20,000. (Realistically that is completely full queues on every single ride) Taking a 1/4 of that (realistic limit to allow some semblance of social distancing + profit) = 5,000 people max a day. 95 * 5,000 = 475,000 people if they max out every single day (including the days which we all know won't be busy in Sept). The park'll get just over a quarter of their reported attendance in 2018 (1.8 mil). I mean we all know the park isn't planning on any major investment any time soon some interesting numbers up top cos there's nothing else to talk about.
  9. Shows how much Brits are itching to just get outside after the extensive lockdown procedures (reddit post below). Results in 2 trends: In the financial sense more visitors for national leisure attractions such as theme parks as people less likely to travel abroad = good for new rides and for the next few weeks at least they can expect a high enough number of people packing them out. In the covid-19 sense how many people will actually follow the new safety rules imposed by parks given people already disregard park rules (e.g. no q jumping - there's countless other examples) pre-covid? The government have already said they'll reverse the decision to open the latest wave of businesses if people don't adhere to social distancing. What will the parks do if almost all their guests don't adhere to social distancing? It'll be interesting to see what measures they have in place to ensure adherence to rules. https://www.reddit.com/r/Wellthatsucks/comments/hfijlc/bournemouth_beach_yesterday_in_england_zero/
  10. Impressive though that they'll be spending ~2 years building it
  11. Glad to see the forum is a hive of activity again
  12. Reporter rides Icon with mask (starts at 3:24 mark in video). As it can be clearly seen, face masks/ other coverings and roller coasters do not mix or potentially even give the safety one would assume it does from spreading coughs/ sneezes etc. seeing as it simply doesn't stay on in the required position for maximum effect. Therefore, one wonders as to the purpose of wearing masks on these rides (also considering they're a potential choking hazard) and as pretty much the entire forum agrees on, what protections from someone sneezing at the front of a train can parks afford to those restrained at the back. Granted the reporter claims the mask was slightly loose but not every guest will have a tight-fitted mask. I think the biggest shame is that not a single park in the world commissioned a scientific study as to the effectiveness of spread of COVID-19 from sneezing whilst a ride is travelling at various speeds in motion (because it'd come out as negative for parks?).
  13. They're losing all money from the revenue of the £55 walk-up visitors (which I think is the main reason for the price hike as a fair number of people walk up during summer based on how busy that outlet outside the entrance is from when I've visited). They know they're going to have a significantly reduced visitor rate overall this year (excluding the already reduced visitor number from missing out on the first half of the season). F&B prices have been lowered across the resort as well. Not only that their financial reserves/ buildup for future plans have already been depleted massively by the crisis. So whilst I think it is overpriced (the park opens ~8 hours a day on average, 1 hour queues per ride during the busy part of the season gives ~8/9 rides a day leading to a price point of ~£5 pp for only the rides which quickly adds up to anyone that's paying for >1 person e.g. parents) it is understandable (though I'm not planning on visiting this year which is probably why I don't have as much of a problem with the price hike as I'm sure even I would if I were). Also that ride count average is going to go even further down due to restrictions (on top of what were already sometimes patchy operations) making the ticket price seem even more expensive. Also, confirmation of theme parks to be allowed to reopen from 4th July so that's good. (yay!) https://www.mirror.co.uk/news/politics/theme-parks-funfairs-outdoor-playgrounds-22238762 (sorry for linking to The Mirror). I doubt the trend of being completely sold out is a trend that continues (as the first days of 2019 last year were reportedly extremely busy which very quickly died down once summer arrived). Let's not forget certain people at this point would be happy to merely stand in the queue line for a ride hence imo high ticket sales.
  14. Guessing this is the cover up the parking lot/ shed to the right of the bridge which IMO has always been an eyesore when you entered so it's good they've done something to address it. Also looks like the park are pushing for the "brighter" and "fun" route . Increasing prices when the economy is heading towards a recession and people are poorer is probably not a good idea too. I feel the (current management's) direction is pushing towards is a more amusement park-y entrance (and when looked from that perspective the dome doesn't look so bad). Who know's what'll happen to themeing of rides of the future. Also I love the way the new Infinity restaurant looks - it looks premium and high end. Missing from @TPC'S comment above: The park reportedly lowered prices on some F&B offerings. They ARE still running rides presumably so they're not dormant for lengthy periods of time (engineers, not ride staff apparently) EDIT: I'VE EDITED MY COMMENTS as I progressed through the video which is why JoshC's quotes look slightly different to mine (in case you're wondering why there's a discrepancy. Treat below quotes as written by me).
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