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  1. The last paragraph of that article, dated over 2 years ago, reads:
  2. Ivsetti

    Your Thorpe Park

    S&S Sky Swats seem to be quite scary. Maybe one of those to replace Slammer
  3. Based on my last visit, there seems to be very little difference to the park in summer vs. the park in FN mode bar the later opening times and mazes (which at least are better than last year). The same very cheap-looking Poundland quality figurines and body bags etc. are the park's attempt at changing this (same as last year). They don't really come across as what you'd expect to find in an "award-winning" event. Currently walking around the park, many areas feel like FN is not running and this is something the park should definitely look at changing (the Amity Highschool thing is quite a good example of transforming the Stealth plaza to a more Halloween-inspired area). You'd also expect to DBGT to have more scare actors during FN's than what appears to be a ride host flicking your leg a few times whilst you're watching the VR. In short, this reviewer summed it up quite well: My overall rating: 6.5/10
  4. Ivsetti


    Reviving a dead thread: This ride has been closed since the 19th Sept.
  5. Or preferably if they actually followed up on their claims we'd have something that's decent to ride/ go through... I haven't tried CF yet but am basing this on TWD:TR's marketing vs. the actual ride experience.
  6. Ivsetti

    Logger's Leap

    Today isn't 1st April
  7. I do hope Thorpe management have thought about replacements for rides that look like they're nearing the ends of their lifespans and considered replacements especially given the lack of space for expansion and SBNO rides that stick out just doesn't look good given the already high ticket prices. Rides to me when I go on them/ walk past them that look like they'll kick the bucket in the next few years are: Tidal Wave Samurai Quantum Zodiac (I would've said Vortex last year but this year it seems to be running almost like new) And lastly Colossus and Rush look like they may not survive the next decade.
  8. Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/rollercoasterjerk/comments/d4p1xl/ready_mix_concrete/
  9. Well some of their major rides are getting quite old and nearing the end of their lifespan. Maybe they're planning on removing them and focusing on "experiences" like DBGT? What if we don't get any new rides at all on the next LTDP and the park focuses on bringing people through other means such as escape rooms or something?
  10. I highly doubt they get 1.8 million a year. I think it's more like 500K to 1 million.
  11. Video from an ex-employee about working at the park: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pEngv9dS8P8
  12. Your attention in the Stealth queue line and surrounding areas: Thorpe Park is pleased to announce that Stealth is back in operation! Conversely, Saw: TR seems to be closed today.
  13. Found this on TripAdvisor:
  14. Ivsetti


    For me I feel Merlin focus too much on boosting attendance figures and perhaps forget about retaining them as well.
  15. Those speakers look the same as those on The Swarm which are extremely quiet
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