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  1. Ivsetti


    For me I feel Merlin focus too much on boosting attendance figures and perhaps forget about retaining them as well.
  2. Those speakers look the same as those on The Swarm which are extremely quiet
  3. Dwindling visitor numbers means this July/August is unusually quiet which whilst bad financially for the park is great for going on rides loads of times like I did recently. Operations were excellent. Most staff were friendly and nice.
  4. Yes but with only around 15 people actually posting anything
  5. Fright Nights 2019 logo. The other thing that must be said is if this "Big Top" maze (I'm not a fan of scare mazes so didn't try it) even were to return in 2019 wouldn't be as good as its previous incarnations for the sole reason the people who'd be running it wouldn't be the same so-called "specialists" as those upto 2017.
  6. 3 dead and 25 injured from that accident: https://www.buzz.ie/news/two-dead-26-injured-65ft-ride-collapses-theme-park-india-332428?
  7. Well if engineers have just finished what should have been finished in the winter I presume they need to train the daily maintenance engineers and also rides staff etc. before they can open the ride to the public.
  8. Pigs might also fly before we leave the EU I guess
  9. A member on the Towers Times forum spotted this being painted on only 1 of the Colossus supports: Perhaps the park are hinting re mazes for Fright Nights, new rides or is this merely maintenance work that needs carrying out (also juicy)?
  10. Good thing they didn't do a manual override of the train on the lift hill unlike certain theme parks
  11. The background music to the Teacups ride while the ride is moving: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IFJkMc122F4 "Ooh Err Missus" by Ian Hughes. When the ride is stationary I believe it's either the Amity or AB Land area music that plays.
  12. The Swarm feedback point attached to the side of the shop says hi
  13. Ivsetti

    Logger's Leap

    I thought this ride was going to have an auction of some kind last month?
  14. If we're going down the "profit" route, 1 full price ticket of £55 won't even cover the running of Depth Charge for a day to show just how expensive it is to run this park.
  15. Speaking of horrible playlists, Thorpe have released this "Bounzezilla" album. As I haven't actually been to the park yet, I don't know if it's the Bouncezilla "theme music" or just a random collection of songs. https://open.spotify.com/playlist/0g38IuDlBpmVpOcQpETBXn?fbclid=IwAR3oKhsCDfFiO85bg9SNVJkRofTUigvlibVa3hEHrpuGYh8PqWzU697dMgM
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