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  1. New parking system that the park's social media says the park will aim to implement for 2020.
  2. In case you're unaware but Merlin Entertainments has officially been taken off the LSE. The June recommendation of Kirkbi, CPP Investment Board and The Blackstone Group to take over the company in a £4.8 billion takeover bid was officially approved by the High Court this month.
  3. Ivsetti

    Thorpe Park 2020

    Perhaps the winning roller coaster they pitch will be the next coaster at Thorpe Park?
  4. Ivsetti

    Thorpe Park 2020

    To me it feels like they're beginning to lay out and implement their LTDP. 2019's teaser at the end signified all the events. The 2020 end of video spoiler looked like something being typed so not too much of a leap.
  5. Potential HPWW coaster track being transported to London?
  6. It actually says something when even the police hate the park so much to the point they're telling staff there about intruders that "We don't care, let them go"... It says something about the staff environment there and more importantly the security situation which could cause concern for one's safety whilst at the park if relations with emergency services are that poor.
  7. I believe this is running arm until the end of the season
  8. It's October half term and it's Fright Nights. And there's barely anyone in the park. Seems after last year shambles many people aren't returning this year and we can safely say if this trend continues this week whatever Merlin tell us visitor numbers at the park genuinely are dwindling. Which is a shame considering this year is much better than last year.
  9. IMO the park really could benefit with being flexible with opening hours (e.g. on an unexpectedly busy day, extending opening hours). AFAIK the lights on B&M trains are rechargeable battery powered (that get recharged whilst the train is in the station) which means it costs the park very little to turn on. I completely agree with all your other points though.
  10. I doubt Thorpe Park would do that unless they absolutely cannot get the ride to work so at least there's solace in that thought
  11. Congrats Thorpe it's open. About a few weeks before you have to completely take it apart again 🙄
  12. Things like the theming, the major illusion of the train and preshow are actually pretty good. When you're in the queue, despite being able to see the surroundings quite clearly it feels as if you're in a bubble and the rest of the park doesn't exist so it has really good atmosphere right from the moment when you walk in. IMO what lets it down is that there's nothing really scary about it , it doesn't flow and for me this is because there isn't any coherent story that's explained for the ride you've just spent over an hour queuing for and it seems very rushed (at least when I went in it this year). Looking at the half-torn posters on the building etc. and reading on here you can piece together what the story is about. Overall it seems like a better version of the London Dungeons but it seems the £35million was spent on the wrong areas of the ride experience (what good is setting up the presumably extremely expensive illusion of a train suspended by chains if it isn't even referenced by any of the cast?). I still quite like it and it isn't as bad as people make it out to be but it's definitely not hit the mark regarding the scare factor it promises. When I went in for the first time all my groups' VR headsets etc. were working and the ride didn't shut down once whilst queuing which are another 2 major problems people also have with the ride so I can't comment on that. Overall: 4/10
  13. The last paragraph of that article, dated over 2 years ago, reads:
  14. Ivsetti

    Your Thorpe Park

    S&S Sky Swats seem to be quite scary. Maybe one of those to replace Slammer
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