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  1. Ivsetti

    Nearby Development

    It's not about that, it's because any future builds or late night events Thorpe Park makes or host could potentially be rejected on the grounds of noise and being an eyesore by the new residential complex especially as the neighbours around the park are already having an increasingly strained relationship with the park. Just because they're established doesn't grant them any right in anyone's eyes to ignore neighbours concerns to whom Thorpe Park MUST ensure minimal disruption occurs even if they're new neighbours. I for one would be completely against the residential complex as it could cause the island behind the swarm to become obsolete by virtue of being to close to any potential residential development on the old Cemex HQ for any thrill attraction-related construction. Also this planning request was out for a fairly long time (couple of months), why's it only being reported now?
  2. Ivsetti


    Although I'm not sure what purpose it serves guestwise as it usually opens at ~10/11 am anyway so I'm not sure what purpose draining the lake would be except possibly hinting that they're planning on retracking the ride? It seems Thorpe are really trying to become better this season so good on them! I hope they're beginning to get out of the rut they're currently in! Edit: Or potentially hinting the ride is also either a) Only held together right now by elastic bands and string and they don't want it SBNO because 3 major rides SBNO (slammer, Loggers and Colossus) even if not their fault would be extremely shameful for a self-proclaimed "international" park
  3. Ivsetti

    2019 Season

    Having looked at Trip Advisor reviews etc. a clear trend between M£rlin and non-M£rlin parks is present with non-M£rlin parks doing much better in reviews even when things like ride breakdowns occur at both parks. Obviously, I'd like to see Thorpe Park, in particular, to break free of this negative spiral and launch itself up into a positive one (this may take a few years though as there's A LOT that needs sorting out). Merlin itself also needs someone fresh to take the reigns because its current strategy isn't cutting it anymore.
  4. Ivsetti

    Your Thorpe Park

    I'd do slightly more expensive events (similar to FN's) during Summer and Easter and what not to get those numbers up and to soak up some of the increased queues during these periods. I'd spend some money on things that people would share on social media: Roaming Actors and Trafalgar Square type entertainment on the Stealth Plaza and in Angry Birds Land. Replace the Enterprise with a Bertazzon Matterhorn (as thrilling and also just as suitable for young guests and don't have to wait 30 mins to get 0.00001 secs at the completely upright position). Above events will be focused on target market (11-23 y/o thrillseekers, more event focused 21+ y/o's and families with slightly older children). Keep a tidy and clean look of the resort + clean-looking attractions. Spend money identifying causes of ride-breakdowns and how to avoid those. I'd capitalise on the proximity to the airport and London (8+mil residents!!!), be inclined to push towards people using public transport to get to the park and figure out how to get London's and surrounding areas' residents to the park. Close DBGT and sell off the parts or have a good look at it and see what can be done to improve its experience (I.e so that it actually works). Find ways to bring non-thrillseekers to the park (esp. through above events, tame rides etc.) Once my gate figures are up I'd then capitalise on replacing an existing attraction (namely Colossus) to place a new roller coaster (atm a new ride on virgin land isn't what the park needs I feel) and I'd also want to replace Vortex with a KMG Inversion 24 and replace Fabbri Aladdin's Carpet Giant with a Mondial Super Nova. But primarily, at this point in time (2019) I'd be looking at ways to push gate figures up and keep them up particularly focusing on current trends where people are being increasingly frugal with their money so things like events and marrying that with the unique location of a thrill-seekers paradise like Thorpe Park should mean even a fairly lower-cost event done right that can be marketable coupled with the bullet-pointed improvements above should hopefully make people consider coming to Thorpe Park increasing gate figures to a high enough level that a new coaster will have an impact (at the minute I feel people nation-wide are almost forgetting about Thorpe Park especially with the lack of marketing in recent years and I fear a new coaster won't have the impact it could have). If we're going for IP's I'd also look at a Marvel/ DC comics one that ties in with one of the themed areas below (being upbeat and wholesome is what the people want IMO). Attractions wise after increased gate figures I would focus on finding a way to make each themed area distinct from the area next to it and adding a unique "experience". I'd also aim to find ways to link it to an "Island" theme. Themed areas of the park for me are: "Horror": Saw, Samurai, DBGT and TWD:TR etc. area ("Experience": Saw:Alive is good enough at the moment but replacing it soon is probably a good idea) "Lost City": Colossus, Beach, (this area's theming needs work on) (Experience: Area needs sorting out first) "Little America": Stealth, Tidal Wave area (Experience: ?) "Area 51/Other Dystopian Title": The Swarm (Experience: No idea how you'd fit it in but an enclosed Laser Tag arena) "The Jungle": Nemesis, AB Land, Detonator, Rumba Rapids etc. area (Experience: "Zombie Hunt" was a fairly good idea as are the challenge stalls in ABL, replacing IAC with something good) At the moment Thorpe Park doesn't feel like a proper theme park due to clashing theming being incoherent and too close together and this needs work on. Right now it just feels like a mix and match of disjointed theming (horror ride TWD:TR next to the upbeat AB Land?) and feels more like a fairground (at least THEY can get their rides to work though) than a "nationally-recognised" theme park. Also, Merlin is neglecting Thorpe due to their own massive struggles and for me the future doesn't look bright for both Merlin and Thorpe Park.
  5. Ivsetti

    Logger's Leap

    If Thorpe Park are closing Loggers Leap that area could provide amazing near miss scenery with plenty of air time hills for a new water-coaster targeting both thrill-seeking teens but also having a low enough height restriction so families can enjoy the ride: https://www.intaminworldwide.com/project/divertical/ This would bring the water rides count to 4: -Tidal Wave to get super drenched -Storm Surge to get slightly wet -Rumba Rapids to take in the scenery/ waste time -Loggers Leap Replacement combining an Intamin Water Coaster with a vertical lift hill (I.e. a smaller version of Divertical at Mirabilandia - 1.3m height restriction) and a flume ride's meander through scenery Thorpe Park's future investments however should fit in with their target audience which for me are: -Teens and Young Adults -25-30 (arbitary numbers plucked from a hat based on the kind of people I see walking around the park) y/o during events (e.g. FN's) -Families with slightly older children (with families with young children going to closeby CWOA/ Legoland) Rumba Rapids should ideally be made much more thrilling and wetter. Perhaps a consultation with Intamin to update the ride for a modern audience? Or it could be closed and made a new events area or a new flat ride area (when area behind the Swarm's coaster opens new flat rides will be desperately needed).
  6. Ivsetti

    Fright Nights 2019 - General Discussion

    I'm presuming either this means they're expecting a huge surge in guests from somewhere or they want to spread guest numbers out so they don't have a massive concentration of guest numbers over ~1 week or so (last year looking at the queue times even 1 week before Oct half term queue times were at most 30mins dropping to 5 mins during the last hour of the day indicating the park was fairly quiet especially on weekdays). Also begs the question when blue services FN day will be if it's even going to be held this year. I think some of those dates are going to revert back to closed dates.
  7. Ivsetti

    2019 Season

    You forgot to include a not in that.
  8. Ivsetti

    2019 Season

    #ReplaceTheLeap #InvestInCanadaCreek
  9. Ivsetti


    I like how everyone assumes new trains aren't a viable option when they haven't checked the Intamin website: A little further up they also wrote this: I feel so sorry for Intamin and I doubt they'll (want to) make another ride at the park soon of this ride type. Link: https://www.intaminworldwide.com/project/Colossus/ Just want to point out it's a generic description of Multi Inversion Coasters on the website and that it's not specifically describing Colossus. Also interesting to see that the theoretical pph is the highest of all coasters in the park.
  10. Ivsetti

    2019 Season

    Today's attempt at riling up the masses to buy a season pass. Needless to say, certain people weren't impressed at being called "thick". Still, I hope other departments are doing better than the social media team.
  11. New Adventure Island owner right here
  12. Ivsetti

    2019 Season

    Thorpe Park Mania: Thorpe Park: Thorpe Park Mania: It's clearly not the lols, I view it as Thorpe Park taking negative feedback head on and telling guests that their complaints are being worked on. Winter Update series showed them reducing the "tired" look of the resort (which a lot of people complain about here). I also read somewhere about this winter (I think it was a Trip Advisor response) them working on making changes to reduce queue times exiting the car park. That said, it is a weird way to tell guests you're working on their complaints as it doesn't come across as professional as it could have although I think that's because of the image the park try to portray themselves as on social media. I'm guessing improvements will be revealed on opening day in March. Kieran doesn't seem to understand how much rides actually cost. Does anyone know what the fifth problem was?
  13. Ivsetti

    2019 Season

    2nd best thing said on TPM 2019 after Wubbybubby's. Varney wants to manage Merlin as if it were a small company. Problem: You've got to know everyone and everything in the daily operation of your small company. You can't do that with a large company. Effectively, you get the above problem with each sub brand's management focusing on a strategy from Merlin higher-ups that may not necessarily work for that particular sub-brand. In terms of profits, Thorpe DO focus on investing in attractions but due to a lack of clear direction - public want more family attractions but Thorpe want to be a thrill-seekers paradise which is a smaller section of the UK market - it's often just throwing money down the drain for additions that a few years later become obsolete like Angry Birds Land. I still like the chocolate taste!
  14. Ivsetti

    'I'm a Celebrity' Maze

    Thorpe Park have supposedly closed IAC without warning. They're also apparently recruiting actors hinting about special "acting" for the 2019 Birthday Celebration season. They've been keeping the IAC building a secret during the Winter Construction updates but I doubt it'll be a SBNO thing. Currently, the Rangers don't have a lot of places they could be situated at. Catch my drift? Edit: I should probably finish watching each JS video before I write things on here because he already stole my ideas
  15. Ivsetti

    2019 Season

    Going to break my self-imposed temporary post ban to just comment on this one. The main reason Cadbury does well is that their product is actually good and we associate Cadbury = nice choccies (eating a creme egg whilst I type this lol). Also, you get a consistent product. The problem with actively associating Merlin with any attraction to the GP (Nick Varney has often stated this is something he doesn't want to do) is that if a member of said GP has a bad day at say Thorpe Park and they see "Merlin" at the resort and then they see "London Dungeons" also associated with Merlin on an advert, take a guess who're going to expect a disappointing day at the London Dungeons in line with their disappointing day at Thorpe Park and subsequently not want to go to the LDs? I mean, we enthusiasts already make the connection Merlin = M£rlin, if the GP do it that would harm business significantly. Effectively, not doing your proposed marketing scheme means a bad experience at one Merlin attraction doesn't affect a person's decision to go to another Merlin owned attraction. Also, not all Merlin attractions are the same quality which the GP will catch on to rendering your proposed marketing scheme void in terms of getting the GP to go to more Merlin attractions.