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  1. https://merlin.csod.com/ux/ats/careersite/5/home/requisition/2712?c=merlin Any one of you wanting to be Alton Tower's new Divisional Director? An opportunity so rare it feels that link is worth more than gold.
  2. Just found out today that Thorpe Park's new divisional director is called Helen Bull (found through LinkedIn) and she started her role in December 2018! She has the following experience (so clearly very entrenched in the Merlin way of running things):
  3. True. This does seem like a much more plausible explanation than due to "vinyls" falling off.
  4. So another major H&S hazard. In my opinion the only reason they have the darkened sections is laziness and to hide the fact they hadn't decided to re theme the corridor from X:NWO to fit the new TWD:TR team.
  5. (From a review of someone who visited on the 8th of April). When cheaping out comes back to bite you and probably explains the major downtime of the ride during quieter days (this week and last week).
  6. https://www.reddit.com/r/perfectloops/comments/bb9twl/a_infinity_loop/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=web2x Would be pretty cool to have this as the 2019 logo. Another interesting thing is that the GameFX VR segment is from a company called "Player Ready" based in Truro in Cornwall (245 miles away from the park)!
  7. The Daily Fail yet again expertly stirring up the masses over nothing. One of the biggest comments was "have backup generators" which is silly to invest millions in loud, unenvironmentally friendly and extremely polluting diesel generators for an event that rarely occurs and isn't needed. If power is lost halfway through a ride I presume the parks have thought about something as obvious as this happening and have plans in place to get people off the rides and give them refunds if the outages lasts long enough (thinking back to the 3/4 times it happened at Thorpe last year - they need a new electricity supplier or something).
  8. Is it just me or is this ride swinging higher this year compared to last year?
  9. If you haven't been yet this season they have a new 60 second opening of the day countdown similar to the one used on BBC News: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dl_79qCdDzo
  10. So the event was basically what most people thought it was. Was VR £5 for all the VR experiences or £5 for each? Another positive thing to note, those who left negative reviews are being asked to talk to the park regarding their negative experience during a visit to the park (found on trip advisor): Props to the park for taking some time to talk to guests properly instead of leaving a cut and paste response. Signs of more positive things to come from the new management?
  11. Ivsetti


    Imagine a world without roller coasters and thrill flats. That'd be terrifying.
  12. https://live.themeparkguide.biz/ GameFX pictures revealed in the press event. "Simpsons Hit and Run: Possibly the best game in the event."
  13. New management at the park started this year I believe. The last MTDP was released in 2010! I highly doubt the park will just abandon the concept of MTDPs (it's like a fast track for planning permissions) so it's becoming abundantly clear 2019 will be used as a year for the new management to "settle in" and finalise their MTDPs for the next 5 years. So even if a 2020 coaster planning permission won't be released (Project 2020 I believe was a plan from the previous divisional director who has now left hence why I think the coaster aspect has been delayed/scrapped) we can still get excited for the release of the MTDP in the next few years (if we're lucky, even at the end of the year) which will tell us what to look forward to (and why it's not what the park needs).
  14. From: https://www.thorpepark.com/media/535642/bidding-farewell-to-loggers-leap-fv.pdf It is interesting though their self-description focuses on families: "unmissable events for the whole family to enjoy!" and then has this tagline: "THORPE PARK Resort is alive like no other and is the UK’s must-visit destination for families and friends alike to share endless fun and create all important memories." Also, in the GameFX "eSport" event will be a £5 additional fee to enter. That feeling when a small-time gaming company and Youtubers can create a better advert for social media than a multi-million pound theme park.
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