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  1. @Trooper Looper which scenes would you like to be replaced with Emily Alton ones. What would you like the new Emily Alton and Snowy scenes to look like.
  2. Hi if there were 5 elements of The Haunted House/Duel you would like to remain following the current refurbishment what would they be? I hope the indoor queline,Dining Room and Gholish Garden remain. My dream would be these scenes are adjusted to support Emily Alton and Snowy being the primary characters. I’ll be overjoyed if in March Duel reopens as a tour through the Dollshouse you pass before boarding the ride.
  3. @Trooper Looper I’ve completely deleted the screenshots from page 9. I won’t repost them. Could you please post the edited versions you put on Towerstreet?
  4. I don’t know how to edit out our email addresses. @Trooper Looper could a Admin or Moderator please do this for me. I’m panicking I’ve got pawn sites all over my email inbox. I’m concerned I’ll be labelled a pervert. Sorry Admins please don’t ban me from this Forum. This was a genuine mistake. Please don’t label @Trooper Looper a troublemaker. If you give anyone a telling off let it be me. @Trooper Looper I wish I had edited out my personal details. What was me trying to be kind and share exciting information backfired.
  5. @Trooper Looper please be assured I wasn’t implying you were to blame. If anyone’s at fault it’s me. I should’ve edited the screenshots prior to posting them on Thorpe Park Mania. BTW @Trooper Looper thanks for editing my personal information out of the screenshots on Towerstreet.
  6. I have received a lot of spam. Disturbingly I have been signed up to a website of indecent nature. If anyone who is part of Thorpe Park Mania is responsible can you please undo your actions and apologise. I feel so stupid for not editing out my email adress.
  7. @Trooper Looper if Bubbleworks was still at Chessington I would’ve said this was John’s most passionate ride. I was overjoyed to have a personal reply from John. I’m 23 and have idolised John since I was a Young Kid.
  8. @Trooper Looper please do share this information to Towerstreet. Thanks for asking for my permission. Feel free to do as you please with this information. I wonder if the theming from The Invitation has been returned to the Garden scene?
  9. @Trooper Looper just because these parts of the Trommel are outside it doesn’t mean they’re being removed. I think these Theming pieces have been temporarily removed to allow the Trommel to be repaired. I wouldn’t be surprised if these pieces of theming in addition to the bits featured in The Invasion are returned inside by the new year. John said everything I like about the Original Haunted House will remain. John also said together with a huge amount more. I think the huge amount more will be scenes dedicated to Emily Alton and Snowy. I think the scene that replaces the Mad Professors Lab will be designated to Emily Alton. Next year will be an exiting season for English Theme Parks. Not only is Duel being refurbished and Nemesis Sub Terra reopened but Chessington are opening the long awaited World Of Jumanji. This is just what’s happening within the Merlin Parks. Non Merlin Parks are also having exciting changes. Blackpool Pleasure Beach is gaining a Big Wheel in addition to the opening of the refurbished Valhalla. Meanwhile Funland Hayling Island are refurbishing and retheming their Log Flume. @Trooper Looper what do you think Duel’s new name will be? I think the ride will be renamed Emily Alton strikes back.
  10. As @Benin pointed out I have already revealed my source to be John Wardley. Now it’s out in the open I’m highly optimistic about the Duel refurbishment. I must admit I think the Duel refurbishment will be the best in the history of any of the Merlin Parks. John seems like a lovely gentleman,extremely passionate about his work. I am overjoyed that the Zombies have lost the Duel and have been sent to the crypts. Am I the only person who cannot wait for Emily Alton and Snowy to have bigger roles in The Haunted House/Duel?
  11. @Benin oh fiddlesticks I have relived my source previously
  12. Rocky Express wouldn’t look out of place anymore than the Retro Squad Rides do at Alton Towers.
  13. I’m delighted to be able to say that all of the original Haunted House theming that predates Duel will survive the refurbishment. This confirmsfu that the original set pieces seen in the queline for The Invitation will/have been reinstated . My source that is the most credible around inferred that all the hideous Duel theming is going to be removed. My source is very optimistic about the future of this Alton Towers classic. Unfortunately due to confidentiality I cannot disclose who or what my source is. I don’t know if Emily Alton will have a bigger role. However I was reassured”everything I like and remember about the original haunted house will remain, together with a huge amount more. I deem the “together with a huge amount more” sentence to be important. Personally I think this means Emily has repossessed Duel,evicted the Zombies and will appear a few times. @Trooper Looper I know you like myself are fond of this Alton Towers classic. I hope my hint at the future of The Haunted House fills you with optimism. @Matt N I know your also intrigued about the future of The Haunted House/Duel.
  14. There were birds eye view photos of Alton Towers posted online a few days ago. It appears Enterprise has returned to its location and is being reassembled. Personally I think this could be Zodiac relocated from Thorpe Park,as Alton Towers’s ride was beyond saving. If Zodiac has been relocated to Alton Towers the recently disassembled Rocky Express from Old Town could move to its location. There was talk of Enterprise relocating to Thorpe Park as spares or a replacement for Zodiac. Despite this plans can always change.
  15. @Matt N you are clued up on Theme Parks do you think Blackgang Chine’s new ride will be one of those in my list? Matt is it a realistic possibility for Cliffhanger too end up at Camel Creek?
  16. Hi does anyone know what’s happened to Cliffhanger now it’s departed Blackgang Chine? I hope it has been bought by my local Theme Park Camel Creek in Cornwall. Camel Creek’s signature Rollercoaster has been incredibly unreliable and will likely be scrapped. Cliffhanger would be a great replacement. I wouldn’t be surprised if the replacement for Cliffhanger is Enterprise from Alton Towers,Spinball Wizzer from Alton Towers,Rocky Express from Thorpe Park,Apocalypse from Drayton Manor or Floom Of Doom from Funland Hayling Island. Please can you all share your opinions and hopes for the future of Cliffhanger and it’s replacement? I hope the replacement is one of the rides I’ve listed. All these rides are/were too good to scrap. I wonder if a new ride will replace Blackgang Chine’s new ride that collapsed earlier this year? https://www.google.co.uk/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=newssearch&cd=&ved=2ahUKEwi0-P7uyNP7AhWl8rsIHVHUCVYQxfQBKAB6BAgJEAE&url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.countypress.co.uk%2Fnews%2F23016285.isle-wights-blackgang-chine-new-ride-horizon%2F&usg=AOvVaw1GDugKuyd-77RkaaijnEZt
  17. I am certain Rocky Express will reopen in a new location of Thorpe Park. The builders are being carful while removing Rocky. If the ride was being scrapped the builders wouldn't be dismantling it so tenderly.
  18. @RobF do you know where The Black Buckaneer and Monkey Swinger came from?
  19. Hi I know Chessington purchased The Black Buckaneer and Monkey Swingger second hand. Does anyone know where these rides were previously,and how old they were when Purchased by Chessington? If there’s any other second hand rides at Chessington can you please let me know which ones and where they were before.
  20. I expect to see Rocky Express refurbished and relocated to Amity Beach. To be precise I think Rocky Express will be located in the area formerly occupied by Wet Wet Wet. I also expect to see some track that has arrived for Project Exodus. This is unlikely but I hope Slammer would’ve been removed. Slammers been SBNO for over 5 years.
  21. Why’s everyone adamant that Rocky Express won’t be relocated and reopened? In 2004 everyone was saying The Flying Fish would never going to be relocated. Fast forward to 2007 and The Flying Fish was back in a new location. I think Rocky Express is likely to have the same fate. Firstly throughout the demolition of Old Town Rocky Express has been shielded from damage. Secondly Rocky Express received a major overhaul during the 2020 closed season. Finally there’s a vacant gap where Wet Wet Wet stood. All these factors lead me to believe Rocky Express could be rethemed and relocated to Amity Beach. Should this happen Rocky Express could be marketed as next years new ride. Lumber Jump Rocky Express’s former neighbour was relocated to Amity and rethemed to High Striker. High Striker was marketed as this years new ride. I actually liked that Lumber Jump was rethemed,relocated and renamed to become this years new ride. Rocky Express could easily be relocated. Rocky Express has been relocated before during its time at Thorpe Park. Initially Rocky Express operated in Octopus Garden. When Canada Creek opened Rocky Express was rethemed and relocated to become the ride we know today.
  22. @coasterverse I thought Rumba Rapids had a Plant Room and was sterilised with Chlorine. The water on Rumba always looks clear whereas the water on Loggers Leap looked slightly murky. I think Loggers should have had a Plant Room added. Log Flumes are really inclusive and enjoyable rides.
  23. Is it true that a large factor in the closure of Loggers Leap was hygiene? I remember reading the water on Loggers Leap came straight from the lake without being filtered or sterilised. If this was the case this would explain why Chessington still have Tiger Rock. Tiger Rock (Dragon Falls) is a newer Log Flume than Loggers Leap was. Due to this Tiger Rock has a plant room in which the water is filtered and sterilised with Chlorine. TBH I wish Thorpe had invested in a filter for Loggers Leap. The ride was extremely iconic and popular. Even Princess Diana and a young Prince William and Harry rode Loggers Leap.
  24. @coasterverse it sounds like I have the same wishes for Duel as the manager of Alton Towers. If I were the manager I would be transforming Duel into the Dolls House of Emily Alton and Snowy. It sounds like the Duel refurbishment is extremely exiting. I would say it’s positive that Duel has closed. At least Duel is not being invaded by an IP like Professor Burp’s Bubbleworks. Merlin seem to have turned a corner. I’m glad that Merlin are not relying on IPS. The World Of Jumanji will be Chessington’s first investment involving an IP in 4 years.
  25. @coasterverse I am definitely NOT the manager of Alton Towers.
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