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  1. @JoshC. what will Blackgang’s new ride be? Also where has Cliffhanger been sold too. I presume it’s been sold not scrapped as it’s only 17 years old. Finally what has happened to the Magic Carpet ride that collapsed while people were on it. Do you know where the Magic Carpet and Drop Tower came from. Now I’ve asked about Blackgang Chine can we please get back on topic.
  2. @Benin I think there's a real possibility that Spinball Wizzer will be removed over the coming months. I was reading an article about the closure of Cliff-hanger ay Blackgang Chine. For those that are unaware Blackgang Chine is on The Isle Of White. The final paragraph said Cliff-hanger is being replaced by a bigger and better ride, that will make you feel dizzy just by looking at it. When I read this is instantly thought about Spinball Wizzer. Spinball Wizzer has been on borrowed time at Alton Towers for years. Furthermore, the ride is much bigger both in footprint and hight. Finally, Spinball Wizzer has the potential to make onlookers feel dizzy. If Spinball Wizzer is removed, I think CBeebies Land will have another expansion. I wouldn't be surprised if this expansion is the relocation and refurbishment of Cookoo Cars Driving School. Last closed season rumours of the relocation of Cookoo Cars Driving School were buzzing around the Theme Park community.
  3. Is there an update on the building work that has been seen inside the Pirate Adventure Show Building. Earlier this season it was speculated that a modern version of Pirate Adventure could open. If true, this would be massive news. Prior to its 2015 closure this ride was very popular. The new Piraten in Batavia Europa Park has shown how popular 21st Parate Dark Rides are. It would be huge for Drayton Manor if they brought back a modern version of Pirate Adventure. For those who will declare that due to the fire Piraten in Batavia was easier to work with this is not true. As Pirate Adventure is partially SBNO Pirate Adventure would be a cheap way of opening a new ride. Pirate Adventure has many fans who are yearning for a return Drayton Manor would experience a surge in visitors. The Looping group have already returned an old favourite (The Rapids) this means a return of Pirate Adventure isn't off the cards.
  4. If Wicked Witches Haunt hadn't burnt down, what do you think its future would've been? Personally, I think it would have remained in the same format but become a shooting Dard Ride like Tomb Blaster at Chessington and the closed Duel at Alton Towers. I believe Duel and Wicked Witches Haunt would have been almost identical. I feel the only diffrences would have been the facades, transit systems and vehicles. I'd like to hear what you think the lost future of Wicked Witches Haunt would have been.
  5. Duel is reopening in March following its refurbishment. Additionally Nemeses Sub Terra is rumoured to be reopening after 8 years SBNO. This means Alton Towers will only have 2 less rides next season. This is assuming a new Flat Ride doesn’t replace Enterprise. Blue markings have been spotted around Enterprise’s former location. This could potentially be an indication that a Permanent new Flat Ride could replace Enterprise. It would be amazing if Alton Towers opened a new (permanent) Flat Ride next season. I cannot remember the last time a proper Flat Ride opened at Alton Towers. I believe the last time Alton Towers installed new Flat Ride hardware was 1999. This was Frog Hopper (Raj’s Bouncy Bottom Burp). This ride replaced the short lived Nickelodeon Outta Control in Cred Street (The World Of David Williams). It’s shocking that Britain’s largest Theme Park hasn’t installed a completely new non CBeebies Land Flat Ride in 23 years. That’s my entire life time. Technically Frog Hopper Raj’s Bouncy Bottom Burp is 24 years old. This is as it was installed during the Winter of 1998. I feel like since the opening of CBeebies Land in 2014 all of the Parks effort has been pumped into it. As for the rest of the Park it’s been largely neglected. The only new additions outside of CBeebies Land,since it’s opening, has been The Alton Towers Dungeons and The World Of David Williams. I don’t class the horrible looking Retro Squad as investment. They were used as a cheap way to advertise “new rides”. Being brutally honest they ruin the atmosphere of Alton Towers. It’s pathetic,I would rather the Retro Squad be given back to the Showman and replaced by permanent Flat Rides. It’s bizarre having an highly themed land with a single unthemed ride. I think Funk’ N Flys downtime is due to being used constantly in Britain’s largest Theme Park. The ride was built to cope with a condensed number of riders. The ride was set up to fail when installed at Alton Towers. It’s a traveling ride not a permanent Theme Park Ride. I’m surprised that out of the whole Retro Squad Funk’N Fly is the only ride to have been broken more than working. I am relived that Alton Towers is finally caring about the entire Park. The Duel and Nemesis refurbishments are refreshing. Hopefully there a more changes Park wide over the winter. I think Cookoo Cars Driving School should be a priority. It’s slap bang in the middle of The World Of David Williams. This ruins the constancy of the area. You have the far superior Gangsta Granny ride adjacent to a garish and shortened version of Cloud Cookoo Land. I really hope Cookoo Cars Driving School gets rethemed to The World Of David Williams. My hopes of a retheme for Cookoo Cars Driving School were hightend last winter. The ride was rumoured to be rethemed or relocated to CBeebies land. As much as I dislike Alton Towers focus on CBeebies Land at least the relocation would have made The World Of David Williams more fluid and free up space for a phase 2 expansion. The World Of David Williams is full of potentia
  6. It isn’t just Enterprise that didn’t receive a closing event. Duel closed without a closing event. I think Nemesis has a closing event as it’s the signature Rollercoaster at Alton Towers. In addition Nemeses is the most popular ride within Alton Towers. Alton Towers wouldn’t be Alton Towers without Nemesis. The rides symbolic to Alton Towers. If you asked someone what’s the name of a ride at Alton Towers they would almost certainly say Nemesis. Nemesis is too Alton Towers what Queen Elizabeth was too London. For a comparison Queen Elizabeth had a televised Funeral so the world could pay their respects. You or I wouldn’t have a televised funeral. This is because we aren’t as iconic as Queen Elizabeth was. Think of a closing event like a funeral where people can pay their respects. Although loved by fans Duel or Enterprise were not iconic like Nemesis.
  7. @Matt N I suspect the Mad Professors Lab/Zombie scene is being ripped out. This scene was made purely for Duel.
  8. I wonder if Nemesis will receive new trains during its year long refurbishment?
  9. @Mark9 your not very hopeful for the Duel refurbishment then? I hope the ride is reversed back to The Haunted House,or rethemed to Emily Alton and Snowy’s Dolls House. A eerie Dolls House would make an epic ride. I hope the queline with the armchairs and Rocking Horse and Garden Scene both remain. I would like to see Emily Alton and Snowy in animatronic form around the ride. My only concern with an Emily Alton retheme would be the redesign to the exterior of The Haunted House. The building is as I would mentally picture a Haunted House. It’s old,slightly run down in appearance and atmospheric. I would even like the original carriages to stay with slight amendments to remove the guns and score boards. I think Alton Towers bodged The Haunted House by transforming it into Duel. A couple of scenes are like your in a The Walking Dead Dark Ride. If the “repossessed” means Emily and Snowy have evicted the Zombies I congratulate them. I hope Emily packed their bags and ousted them. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Zombies find a new home at Thorpe Park. They’d definitely fit the theme and design.
  10. I’ve heard that a couple of the original Vampire trains operate in America. Can someone tell me which Theme Park they operate at? Apparently an Arrow Coaster needed trains and a few of Chessington’s still worked. Due to this Chessington exported a couple to America. I heard thease were stored behind the scenes at Chessington for a few Seasons. The rest of the original fleet were unfortunately scrapped. Even though defective I think Chessington should have retained at least one. Vampire is there flagship ride,and accounts for a lot of the Theme Parks success.
  11. What does everyone think the current Duel refurbishment will consist of? I think Emily Alton and Snowy have “repossessed” Duel. I wouldn’t be surprised if riders get to go into the Dolls House and come face to face with Emily and Snowy. I think the original Haunted House theming will remain and incorporated into Emily and Snowy’s Dollhouse. If this doesn’t happen I think the original Haunted House will reserve. Due to the Zombies taking over the Swamp scene I’ll think a totally new scene will be constructed. It’s a great achievement that Emily Alton has evicted the Zombies. The Zombies were in the wrong for claiming Emily’s House in the first place.
  12. @Benin I don’t evnvy who ever has too apply the PollyFilla. It’ll be a long and boring job. As long as you cannot see a discolouration where the PollyFilla is the carriages will look epic. I wonder if Emily Alton is paying for this renovation. I admire her she’s finally evicted the Zombies after 19 years. I cannot wait to see how she decorates and refurbishes HER house.
  13. Looking at a photograph that’s been posted on Facebook the Duel carriages are leaving. I expect their going away to have the Guns and Scoreboards removed. I imagine the same carriages will return without the guns and with a new paint job. It wouldn’t be the first time ride hardware has been sent away. During Forbidden Tomb’s transformation to Tomb Blaster the carriages went and returned. As Duel’s refurbishment is scheduled to be finished by March,I think the ride system will remain but the Theming altered. If/when the carriages return I hope marks aren’t apparent where the Guns and Scoreboards were. This is why I suspect removing these elements is an offsite job. I don’t know but I suspect the holes where the guns were will have to be filled by Mack. Does anyone know how the holes left from the Guns and Scoreboards can be filled in?
  14. @Benin are there any Chessington employees left on this forum? If there are you should them. This may be the only way to getting a reliable,honest and solid answer. I don’t work at Chessington but I wish I did. I think your point is justified and “Scorpion Express is more likely to reopen this year then Enterprise is”. At least part of Scorpion Express is still standing and the area is not overgrown. I really fear for Scorpion Express and Enterprise. If I had to predict one ride that will leave Alton and one that will leave Chessington I would say Scorpion Express and Enterprise. Looking at a photograph that’s been posted on Facebook the Duel carriages are leaving. I expect their going away to have the Guns and Scoreboards removed. I imagine the same carriages will return without the guns and with a new paint job. It wouldn’t be the first time ride hardware has been sent away. During Forbidden Tomb’s transformation to Tomb Blaster the carriages went and returned.
  15. @Matt Creek if Scorpion Express is demolished,I would really like to purchase a piece.
  16. @Matt Creek I think Bob my be bonkers. Your more likely to see a flying Pig than the return of the Runaway Train minus the Mine (Rocks). I’d believe Bob had he said the ride was being reverted with the Mine.Bob probably doesn’t know that the entire Train has been stripped to its bones. Sorry to quench your happiness.
  17. @Mark9 hopefully the fact Enterprise and Hex are still on the Alton Towers website,means they’ll reopen. Incidentally I think Hex did reopen a couple of days ago. As for Chessington’s oldest Scourpeon Express I think it’s reached the end of the line. I’m devastated by the rides removal from the Chessington website. I could be jumping the gun but I think wee need to say choorio. Pun intended. This aging and increasingly unreliable Rollercoaster was rumoured to be leaving in 2019. I’m upset that Scourpeon Express left in a puff of smoke and not in a controlled situation. I’m certain that without the fire Scourpeon Express would’ve crammed in at least one more season. It’s unfortunate that enthusiasts won’t be able to say goodbye to the Rollercoaster at closing down events. The closure of Scourpeon Express would be very sad. Not only is Scourpeon Express a ride that can be enjoyed by all the family, but it was Chessington’s first Rollercoaster that adults could ride. The reason behind this statement is that The Clown Coaster in Circus World also opened in 1987. The Clown Coaster was more subdued than Scourpeon Express,the then Runaway Mine Train,. @Mark9 I was probably in the last billion people to board Scorpion Express. I was rode Scourpeon Express on the 29 of June and the 30th. Less than 6 weeks later my beloved Scorpion Express would be destroyed by fire.
  18. @EmilyLovesVortex I was just about to post the same thing. We must be telepathic. The likelihood of Scorpion Express returning is remote. Merlin don’t remove rides from websites unless they’re being removed. Scorpion Express has been extremely unreliable and is an ageing ride.Furthermore in 2019 there were rumours that Scorpion Express and Seastorm were both closing. Fortunately Seastorm won’t be going. Due to the ride breaking itself it’s had a major restoration. It would be a complete waste of money if Chessington repaired Scorpion Express only to remove it soon. and is an unreliable ride. The removal from the Chessington website and App is even more poignant as Duel at Alton Towers is still listed. Duel has been confirmed as closed in its current format. This more or less rules out a retheme of Scorpion Express. It’s sad if Scorpion Express has taken it’s final passengers. It’s a true Chessington classic and their eldest Rollercoaster. I was only on Scorpion Express on the 1/2nd of July. I remember feeling blessed due to the rides unreliability. Had I known that Scorpion Express would literally leave in a puff of smoke,less than 4 weeks later, I would have appreciated the experience more. The way Scourpeon Express was a tragedy. Fans of the ride will never get to say Choorio to the Rollercoaster. Had fate not intervened Chessington would probably have held a closing down event like Bubbleworks and Ramesis Ravenge had. If Scorpion Express has departed I hope Chessington use the plot in Mexicana usefully. I would like a ride like Vicking River Splash at Legoland Windsor to be built. Including the queline,disused queline,ride area and the former Flying Jumbos site behind Croc Drop the footprints about the same. I will miss Scorpion Express it was good news for all thrill seekers no matter their age. When working Scorpion Express was also a blast during the Summer. I say this as during my ride in July the animatronic Scorpion didn’t squirt water once. being removed is heightened,as desperate being closed Duel at Alton Towers is still on the website. Duel is having a refurbishment,whereas I think Scourpeon Express has come to the end of the line. Pun intended.
  19. @Matt N this adds further certainty to my belief that The Haunted House is returning. If the Haunted House returns I hope they focus the storyline around Emily Alton. It would be great if air effects and leg ticklers are added to the vehicles. Thease effects could simulate Rats crawling over you. In addition it could simulate Snowey the Cat walking around. and Vampires,Witches,Ghosts,Mummy’s and Emily Alton breathing on you. I’m hoping to visit Alton Towers next year to experience the returning Haunted House.
  20. @Matt N the site of this new Indoor attraction is very near to The World Of David Williams. When The World Of David Williams was The Land Of Make Believe this plot was part of the area. On old Alton Towers parks maps you’ll see that The Alton Beast,Wild Mouse and Big Apple were part of this area. I hope this development doesn’t receive objections at the Public Consultations. I say this as the mentioned Rollercoasters closed due to local residents complaining. Hopefully over 30 years later these residents have died/moved house. I think it’s pathetic to complain about noise from a Theme Park. Due to their nature noise is generated at these attractions. If you don’t like noise don’t move in close proximity to a Theme Park. Alternatively move away. It’s the residents that are at fault not the Theme Park. I’m surprised John Broome the then owner of Alton Towers didn’t complain about the local residents.
  21. @Matt N it sounds like this indoor attraction will be an expansion of The World Of David Williams. I would expect a Flying Theatre themed to Grandpa’s Great Escape. My other theory is that the Alton Towers Dungeons are being extended. This could be why work is happening with Nemesis Sub-Terra. My rationale is the Drop Towers could be relocated to the expansion. Many Dungeon attractions have a Drop Tower that simulates a hanging. If Nemesis Sub-Terra had its Drop Towers removed,Alton Towers could add this experience.
  22. If the original Haunted House does return who else thinks it should be called The Haunted House Strikes Back? This name would be appropriate.
  23. @Mark9 next year has the potential to be a good season for Alton Towers. With the “rumoured” reopening of The Haunted House and “rumoured” return of Nemesis Sub-Terra it’ll be great. Both rides are sorely missed. From the message written in the Duel queline,I expect the main characters of the returning Haunted House will be Emily Alton and Snowy. I wouldn’t rule out the building being rethemed to Emily Alton’s Dolls house and the ride taking you around scenes. For instance a playroom that features the dolls house and causes children to become possessed. I like most people believe that both rumours are true. If these rides return Alton will technically gain a couple of new/rethemed Dark Rides in the space of a year.
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