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  1. Am I the only person who is more excited about the Duel refurbishment,than any other project Alton Towers has undertaken? I cannot wait to see what elements of Duel remain,once the likely Emily Alton retheme is complete.
  2. @Matt N hopefully Vampires possible retrack is years away. I’m sure Chessington are working on a plan for when the time comes to rebuild Vampire. Chessington know how beloved Vampire is,so I doubt they’d remove it. Vampire was the UK’s first ever suspended Rollercoaster after all.
  3. @Matt N I’d have to disagree with you for once. Vampire is extremely iconic even more than Nemesis at Alton Towers. Vampire was the Rollercoaster that made Chessington the success it is. Without Vampire Chessington would be nowhere on the scale it is. Although iconic Nemesis doesn’t represent the success of Alton Towers. Nemesis is purely iconic as it was the first Rollercoaster in the U.K to have more than one Inversion (Loop). Both rides were created by the highly successful John Wardley. In some respects Vampire was the prototype for Nemesis. Vampire is like a toned down and simplified version of Nemesis. If Vampire left Chessington it wouldn’t be the same Theme Park. Vampire is the beating heart of Chessington. Not only is the ride iconic in the success of the Theme Park but it’s definitely Chessington’s most popular ride. The standard que time for Vampire is at least an hour. Compare this to the other Rollercoasters that normally have ques under half an hour,and it becomes apparent just how beloved Vampire is. Personally Vampire is my favourite Rollercoaster at Chessington.
  4. @Matt N I don’t know suspifics but I know a skeleton is in Duel.
  5. @Matt N I don't see and resemblance between the two mentioned rides except the theme. Around The World In 80 Days was far more basic, annoying and stereotypical than Its A small World. Even the Animatronics are worlds apart as Its A small World uses Dolls, whereas Around The World In 80 Days used life size animatronics even if they were out of proportion. Comparing Its A Small World to Around The World In 80 Days is an insult to the classic Disney ride. Around The World In 80 Days lacked any charm, soundtrack or creativity. From watching POVS I can say with certainty that Toyland Tours was a huge upgrade. As for the wall of Doom and Sons those lives on, I think its lovely that Alton Towers has acknowledged their past by retaining this relic. Alton Towers must have thought a lot of Doom and Sons as this wall has survived 3 rethemes. Further features of Doom and Sons remain at Alton Towers. Numerous aspects of Alton Towers's original spooky attraction were relocated to Duel. I hope the Doom and Sons elements still feature in Duel when the refurbished ride reopens next year. The main aspects of Duel I would happily see go are the features added for the Duel retheme in 2003.
  6. Was the Dino Safari Ride system sold on? Drusillas Park recently opened a new ride area. In this area is a ride that has a uncanny resemblance to Dino Safari. Obviously, this is excluding the theme as Drusilla's ride is themed to the Jungle. I presume the ride was second hand as it took less than 6 months to construct. I know Merlin, the owners of LEGOLAND, have a history of selling unwanted rides. Because of this my suspicions are raised. A major thing to mention is that the Dino Safari ride system that was previously stored near the Hotel disappeared in the last couple of years. If Dino Safari is now at Drusillas Park, it's refreshing to know the rides still entertaining guests. I like it when Parks purchase second hand rides rather than new ones. Not only is scrapping a perfectly working ride a waste but it saves the environment. Building new ride hardware involves creating more plastic,Metal,Cables etc. Everybody knows that the more plastic in this world the greater the damaged caused to the world.
  7. @Matt N If the new Legoland Rollercoaster will have this theme, I think it should be built in Lego City formally known as Traffic. Having a mildly thrilling transport themed Rollercoaster in Duplo Vally will look wrong. Considering Duplo Vally is primerally aimed at younger guests the placement is even more obscure. I suppose Duplo Vally could be condensed with half being rethemed to Lego city. The new Lego City could be a spiritual successor to the original l that is now Heartlake City. Following this retheme the current Lego City could become traffic once more. I've always thought the renaming of Traffic was ludicrous. When I think of Citys Shops,Eaterys,and entertainment venues come to mind. I certainly don't think soley of Transport. If part of Duplo Vally is transformed into Lego City, I think the remaining area needs an overhaul. I certainly think the broken theming on Fairytale Brook needs to be repaired. Additionally, I think the water squirters should be reintroduced. The surprise of getting wet added an element of suspense and fun.
  8. Are any remnants of Around The World In 80 Days concealed in The Alton Towers Dungeon. By remnants I mean scenes,animatronics or walls. I watched a few POVS of Around The World In 80 Days. Personally I find this ride more creepy than the Dungeon. The animatronics have oversized heads and freaky audio. Bloody hell some of the audio is more haunting than the scripts for the Dungeons. In current times Around The World In 80 Days wouldn’t last 5 minutes. Some of the scenes and animatronics were incredibly stereotypical. Most notably the American scene with the dramatised American accent. The character even blew America up as some Americans do. For instance Americans make their country sound bigger and better than others,I.E England. The ride would definitely have been closed for a couple of reasons primarily it’s perception of Racism and secondly for traumatising riders. This ride reminds me of some of the attractions in America. The American scene of Around The World In 80 Days definitely had an America Sings vibe. I wouldn’t be surprised if the same narrator voiced the America Sings characters and the Around The World In 80 Days ones.
  9. @Marley I would like Vampire to be refurbished rather than removed. Vampire is my favourite of all the Chessington Rollercoasters. Vampire is too Chessington what Nemesis is to Alton Towers. Due to this I think it’s likely a retrack will be arranged.
  10. @MattyMoo this doesn’t add to the discussion. Everyone knows Emily Alton and Snowy are fictional characters.
  11. @Benin which social media post will get Emily fans really excited? What channel is the video on?
  12. @JoshC. Emily Alton is the ghost/Doll who inhabits the Dolls House in the queline. Snowy’s Emily Alton’s pet Cat.
  13. Everyone will be pleased to know John Wardley is involved with the Duel refurbishment from the start to the end. You never know Wardley may return Duel to the original Haunted House.
  14. @Benin this is the one area of Thorpe Park I don’t want Rocky Express relocated to!!!
  15. @Mattgwise which part of Thorpe Park will Rocky Express be relocated too?
  16. @Mattgwise this was my first thought when I saw the photograph. The ride is 100% intact and in remarkable condition. While the other rides in Old Town have been removed Rocky Express hasn’t. I’m expecting a relocation to another area of Thorpe Park over the closed season. I wouldn’t be surprised if Rocky Express gets the Flying Fish treatment and is refurbished and relocated. Earlier this year the manager of Thorpe said Wet Wet Wet had been removed,as they know what guests would like to return. Reading between the lines I think Rocky Express will be relocated to the area that Wet Wet Wet vacated. As well as this I think the entire beach will receive a major overhaul or be removed. My theory comes from the fact a new Play Area was installed while the rest of the beach was left untouched. If Rocky Express returns it’ll be the icing on top of the cake. I’m already thrilled about the following. Duel at Alton Towers is receiving work,Nemesis Sub Terra is reopening,a possible new Flat Ride is opening in place of Enterprise,the opening of The World Of Jumanji at Chessington,Chessington’s new Jungle Bus and the reopening of Valhalla at Blackpool Please Beach. I almost forgot to mention that Blackgang Chine on The Isle Of White is getting a new ride.
  17. @Benin you clearly didn’t read the sign that was put in Duel’s exit corridor. It was 100% written by Emily Alton. The writing was identical to Emily’s. As you should know everyone has there own unique writing. Furthermore an equation was written on the sign. Emily Alton wrote an equation on the easel inside her Dolls House. The sign even said “this is my House”,this is another teaser that tells me Emily Alton and Snowy have “repossessed” Duel. If you add up all the little teasers an Emily Alton retheme is obvious. I am literally on cloud 9. I’ve long wanted Emily to be heavy involved with the ride. John Wardley one of the people involved with the refurbishment knows Duel means as much to Alton Towers visitors as it does. Wardley is behind all of Britain’s best rides. I know that Wardley will retain all of the original Haunted House scenes. Before a Duel refurbishment was announced Wardley was sited in and around the ride. On each sighting Wardley was accompanied by a book. The book contained used and unused concepts from the original Haunted House. Even Merlin Magic Making. I suspect Alton Towers have learned their lesson from retheming The original Haunted House without the involvement of John Wardley. To be truthful the Duel overlay ruined The Haunted House. The Zombies were annoying and tacky looking. Fortunately I’ve seen a photograph of the mad Professors Lab (final Zombie scene) in a skip. This is another big clue that points to the return of the original Haunted House or a complete Emily Alton retheme.
  18. @MattyB what was the indoor section of Mr Rabbits Tropical Travels replaced with for the rest of 2000 and the 2001 season? Can someone post a photograph of the section of queline that remains. I wonder what happened to the pieces of Theming that survived the fire. I know the Witch that stood above Wicked Witches Haunt is stored in a staff only area. I hope the Witch is transferred to Alton Towers and used in the Duel refurbishment.
  19. People keep complaining about Duels lack of closing event. Maybe the fact Merlin didn’t organise such events is a good sign. Normally closing events are held when radical changes are ahead. Duel may not warrant a closing event. This could be because much of the rides infrastructure and scenes are staying. I expect there will be radical changes,however I think they’ll be an equal number of elements that won’t change. There’s already a photograph of the Zombie scene in a skip. As of now it’s pretty obvious that Emily Alton and Snowy have “repossessed” Duel. Sometimes Merlin don’t need to officially announce what’s coming. An example is that everyone knew that Project Amazon at Chessington would be Jumanji Themed. Low and behold Project Amazon was revealed to be The World Of Jumanji. I’m getting deja vu with Duel and a Emily Alton retheme. If this retheme turns out to be an Emily Alton refurbishment I’ll definitely visit Alton Towers next year. Next year is going to be the most existing year in Alton Towers history. I’m pleasantly shocked that Alton are likely opening 2 Dark Rides. Obviously these are the refurbished Duel and Nemesis Sub Terra which has been SBNO for 8 years.
  20. @Matt N if Drayton Mannor reopen/reimagine Pirate Adventure I think it'll be next season. Both Alton Towers and Blackpool Pleasure Beach are opening refurbished Dark Rides. I expect Drayton Manor would like to compete with them. Reopening Pirate Adventure would also be a cheap and quick way of opening a new ride.
  21. @Inferno it does look promising. All the teasers point to Emilly Alton and Snowy "repossessing Duel. I hope Emily and Snowy remerge with a bang. When you look through the holes on the construction fence a video plays. This video is of an attic full of spiders, at the end a creepy looking doll appears. Most importantly there's a hand holding the Doll. I believe this hand to be know other than Emily Alton's. I know the refurbished Duel will be extravagant as John Wardly is involved. All that needed to be said is that Wardley was involved, this immediately smothered me with optimism. Imo Wardley is the world's best ride designer. The reason Duel was a cheap downgrade is because Wardley wasn't involved. For Wardley to come out of retirement shows his commitment to Duel. I know Wardley's favourite creations were the original Haunted House and Professor Burp's Bubbleworks at Chessington. These rides were hideous following their so called "upgrades" because of Wardley's lack of involvement. The new Imperial Leather Bubbleworks so S**t that Wardly disowned and declined to ride it. I hope Merlin have learnt their lessons from Imperial Leather Bubbleworks and Duel hence the requitement of John Wardley. I have faith that Emilly Alton's version of Duel will include many of the beloved scenes that survived the Duel retheme. I would be overjoyed if Emilly has evicted the Zombies. The Zombies had no right to invade a world class Dark Ride in the first place. If I were Emilly, I wouldn't have even allowed the Zombies to write a tenancy agreement. Hindsight is a marvellous thing and I think that's why Emilly has retook control of her House. @Inferno I wish Emilly,Snowy and the best of luck redecorating the ride. I hope Emily chooses to still allow riders into her Drawing Room,Playroom and Dining Room. I hope the attic seen when looking through the hole in the Constuction fence is teasing the scene that'll replace The Man Professors Lap (final scene). @Inferno what elements of Duel would you like Emilly and Snowy to leave and what would you like them to redecorate?
  22. 6. The ride opened in 1984. I think it's officially older than nearly everyone on this forum. Not exactly brand new when it got burnt. @JoshC.Wicked Witches Haunt Opened in 1994. When the ride initially opened it was known as Phantom Fantasia. This ride although still horror based offered a different experience. Wicked Witches Haunt technically only operated for 5 years. I class this as brand too fairly new. I’ll check out Wicked Witches Haunt’s clone At Europa Park. It’s comforting that Wicked Witches Haunt lives on even though not in England.
  23. Yesterday marked the most existing aspect of Duels closure. Construction walls with speakers and interactive videos have been put up. Along with this you can dial a phone number for teasers about the refurbishment. I saw a video on Facebook that showed a Doll in one of the interactive videos.
  24. That is indeed true. In Making Thorpe Park by Chris Atkinson, it is said that John Wardley allegedly wanted to give the ride a Bubbleworks-style revamp. @Matt N how could a Haunted House be transformed into a Dark Ride in which you ride in boats. I John Wardley would have refreshed Wicked Witches Haunt into a clone of Duel. Some of the Wicked Witches Haunt scenes were the same as Duels. For instance both Dark Rides had the same spider scene. I think it’s a shame that a fairly new Dark Ride was destroyed by a careless smoker. I hope the person who threw their fag into the undergrowth of Mr Rabbits Tropical Travels got fined. This ignorant guest cost Thorpe Park thousands of pounds. More strikingly the smokers actions prompted a change of target audience. The main reason I wish Wicked Witches Haunt was still around is that Derren’s Brown’s Ghost Train wouldn’t exist. Don’t get me wrong I’m an avid fan of Derren Brown. In fact I went to see him live last year. The only good consequence of the fire is that guests are now only permitted to smoke in designated areas. Without this devastating blaze Thorpe may still allow smoking park wide.
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