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  1. I experienced it twice this season and honestly I’m kinda just okay on it. I do think it has a kind of narrative going, but honestly it’s not something I’d do again unless I was visiting with people who have not done it yet honestly this won’t be an attraction that’ll have any lasting impact in 5 years I guess? Kinda like IAC.. also I hate the “you must escape!” Thing going on, it gets boring after TWD and DBGT. It all starts to blur together.
  2. Good 'ol memories. I'm back from the dead. After 3 years acting inside Twisted Clowns I am so sad to see it go! I saw pictures of it being completely torn down around Christmas 2021 and I have to admit it was kind of crazy (usually parts of the experience are kept up year round). So to add some fuel to this fire.. Twisted was certainly ageing I have to be honest, as much as I love the set there it certainly at times showed its age. Though as a Tulleys Nerd I do know a bit of Tulleys History. So if you think about it Tulleys has "redone/replaced" its clown maze in 2012 (Twisted Maze). 2015 (Nightshade Circus), 2016 (Pandemonium's 3D Carnival), and 2017 (Twisted Clowns-2021). So I personally believe another clown themed attraction is coming. Clowns bring something so different to Tulleys and I have loved every minute of acting as one. I really do think that the new maze will involve the characters of clowns to some degree! I'd also imagine they'd keep the vortex tunnell potentially and maybe even bring back the bungee! I personally theorize we'll see an updated clown maze. They've done a clown maze since 2009 so I do doubt they would stop in 2022. I really am going to miss my days in the room going through the mouth in Twisted, laying up against the wall in the checkered room. It truly was a treat to be able to work in there. I will eagerly await the announcements..
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