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  1. Daniel

    The Smiler

    That is the glass floor that is in the smiler shop near the exit.
  2. Daniel

    Fright Nights 2013

    I done brave it alone on my Bloody Valentine on Sunday the 13th. It was a great experience and would highly recommend it. It is a 18+ event and does have some nudity, and they are very hands on with you. I can't say exactly what happens as they said we can't, but it is worth the £15.
  3. Daniel

    The Swarm

    Looks good, but I thought that the fire ball would be a little bigger than that.
  4. Daniel


    I went to Thorpe Park today and Slammer was open in the afternoon.
  5. Daniel

    Tomb Blaster

    I noticed that the snake in the last scene does not move fully anymore. It moves left and then goes back to the middle, and tries to go right but stops.
  6. Daniel

    Tidal Wave

    I wasn't, the time must be wrong on the display.
  7. Daniel

    Tidal Wave

    The neon light looks good like it used to be. They just need to fix the speakers by the fastrack & information kiosk.
  8. Daniel

    Pirates 4D

  9. Daniel

    Thirteen Weekend

    I am doing something wrong here. When I put in a room for 1 person and then 2, it comes up at £396? Also how do you apply your Annual Pass discount?
  10. Daniel

    General Discussion

    I think it is something like:'You keep your booty in boaty, you hear, don't stand up until someone tell you'
  11. Daniel

    Tidal Wave

    They could surely just put some new pipes in, and a new tank to store the gas?
  12. Daniel

    SAW: The Ride

    I don't know why they keep turning down the volume of the speakers, it was fine as it was. Annual Pass day was the best for the volume!http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KD73LUlbzOY
  13. Daniel

    Nemesis Inferno

    It looked great on the ride today, it's just a shame that the pipe has started leaking again and so there is hardly any mist at the beginning of the tunnel:
  14. Daniel

    SAW: The Ride

    I could not even feel the air from the 'guns' today. These effects need to be in time with the ride really not to early/late. Saw is still having the same problems which I mentioned above, and the BOSE speaker just above the second car in the station is not working. The queue line TV's however where louder today.