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Ministry Of Sound @ Thorpe Park Meet

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Because, as most of you know, I have the belief that, if you dont say anything, it doesn't get fixed. I dropped a partial complaint over at both Thorpe and MOS sites. The following is what I said.

I'd like to complain about the MOS 90's night at Thorpe park (17-07-2013). Actually I will start by saying what was good. The Venue was excellent. The Staff were good. The lighting was good. We stayed over in the Crash Pads (we live up north so we made quite a trek to come to the evening). Even with the sweltering heat it was cool enough to dance without being too uncomfortable which was excellent. The first hour (from 11 to 12) was brilliant. Then the music gradually went down hill. It felt like the DJ only knew about 20 songs from the 90's. Castles in the Sky was one of the many that he played 3 times that I noticed. And this wasn't playing samples but playing most of the song. The 90's were full of excellent dance music yet instead of playing more of it, your DJ played the same songs over and over again. I sat outside at around 1 am, having a break and the standard topic in the area near me was the lack of musical knowledge of the 90's that this DJ had. I went back inside and then started noticing all of the repeats. At one point he deemed Katie Perry's Fireworks a 90's anthem. What was odd was as soon as he played the 90's stuff, the crowd seemed to eat it up. A few riffs from Nirvana had everyone in the area around me going mental, yet we had only a few riffs before he played a modern remix of something that we thought was from the late 2000's. For a world class name like your own that is seriously damming. If the DJ had kept playing the varied mix he played in the first hour I would have given the night a 10 out of 10. But the one thing that MOS are renowned for, the music, was a let down. I hope that you can take my comments and address this for future nights as it would be a shame to tarnish your name with a lack of knowledge by a single person.I'd like to complain about the MOS 90's night at Thorpe park (17-07-2013).
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2 versions. You choose which you read. short version. socks drive, friends wait, wet and smelly shower, habanero beer 4 X 2 swarm NI beer more rides bright light bop beer bop beer that's not 90's b

Hey guys Full stretchy trip report to come, in the mean time here's a group photo and a link to the other picks I took (even though I didn't take many) https://plus.google.com/photos/10641830

Jolly Ho - You've arrived back here for Part 4 of 5 of the official Ministry of Sound at Thorpe Park Trip Report. So yes this part became rather delayed by a weekend whilst I braved the medieval world

2 versions. You choose which you read.

short version.

socks drive, friends wait, wet and smelly shower, habanero beer 4 X 2 swarm NI beer more rides bright light bop beer bop beer that's not 90's bop beer I like farmers 3 Swarm NI lunch drive.

Long version

Panic wracked by brain as I ran through the house like a tornado on its way to a wedding. 'Noooo' I shouted into the air, falling to my knees. 'There has to be socks somewhere'. But no, all of the sneaker socks had chosen that morning to venture forth on the pilgrimage that 50% of all socks take part in. The one that takes them from their homes and partner socks and out into the great unknown that is beyond our planet. In despair, I looked at the clock. Time was up. I had to go and pick up Matt & Coaster sock-less and hope that one of them would need to visit Tesco as well before leaving.

In a worlds first move, Coaster was actually ready when I pulled into his drive, 7 minutes late (that lateness due to the great sock hunt and a slow moving tractor called Norrice.) we loaded up and were away, with a brief interlude at Tesco where I rectified the sock situation I nearly purchased a water pistol, but was dissuaded by Matt who, I believe in a roundabout fashion told me that I wasn't old enough to be trusted with water projectile weaponry.

The journey down to Thorpe was long, it seemed I was driving forever as we hit traffic jam after traffic jam, but in no time we were driving through the beautiful village of Stains, windows down, Ha-Ing along to a 10 minute version of The Smiler soundtrack. I'm not sure if I should be worried by this, but the 'masseeeeve' of stains seemed to take it in their stride, smiling and nodding rather than looking confused. They are obviously down with the music of today!

So moving swiftly onwards Coaster, Matt and myself decided on having a beer and a bite in the ever speedy Bar360. Whilst waiting for the mania bunch to join us, and before we were served, there they appeared with the ever jolly Peaj, leading the way. We fed and drank, and drank and fed. One min, no we didn't, we drank and chatted and laughed and looked at our watches. Then drank a bit more, and laughed a bit more and rearranged the furniture and looked at our watches. Then we drank and nattered and sniggered and looked at our watches. Then suddenly, as if by magic, our food appeared. It was pointed out that 45 minutes is quite good for Bar 360, meals can occasionally be weeks late.

So we did some rides and had a laugh, and then it was deemed that we should go and chill off a bit on the Rumba Rapids. As we entered, Sam (I think) asked one of the staff to 'turn on the hose'. I didn't know what he meant by that but as we left the station a non gushing hose was pointed out to me. Nothing happened so we started boo-ing. Then with the roaring sound of a nuclear missile, what felt like the whole contents of the lakes rained down on us. We were wetter, and smellier than the wettest smelliest thing ever.

After this we ambled, chatted met and re-met some new friends then bade the mania chaps and chapesses a brief so long. (Well actually I think I picked on all of the mania group who were too young to come to the MOS night, canting that they couldn't come tonight but we could, that's the same thing really.) and we went to check into the Crash Pad.

So the crash pads. What did I think? We expected them to be roasting. Metal boxes in the weather we were experiencing could only be roasting. They weren't though, we opened the door to a cool, fresh room. Next preconception. Space. Standing space was exceptionally scarce but with mat chilling on his bunk and me on my double bed (which was surprisingly spacious) and Coaster wandering aimless there was plenty of room. The TV didn't work but we didn't come for telly.

So we showered (not advisable if your shy as the frosted glass door doesn't really conceal much) and then headed out to the hungry horse pub, which is on the next roundabout (about half a mile south - out of the exit of Thorpe and turn right) of the park. Food was good, the pub staff were jolly, the habanero chicken skewers were excellent and Sam turned up just as we finished. The world was fine.

We drove back to the park after Sam picked on my car (evil man) and headed back to the crash pads, where I changed my T shirt for the 'stretchy says beer' one and then headed into the park. We had done X twice and Nemesis Inferno twice by the time we met up with the mania bunch who were staying for the evening at the drinks bar near swarm. Since everything was Walk on, Sam and I took the front row, far side. We then partook in some more beer and on to X. The coolest thing in the world was Ricky checking his beer in at the baggage hold for X and the lady working there not even looking twice. It was the norm. Brilliant! We then went to stealth, that was also walk on (stopping for more beer). Around the world they say England is a nation of drunks, well tonight at least this part of England was.

Can I just take this moment and point out that everyone that I spoke to, agreed that beer and coasters mix extremely well and I think that parks should do this more often. Just please remember to open all loos. I passed at least 3 people using bushes because they couldn't find an open one. When I said passed I meant walked past. I have never 'passed' a person. That would be painful.

Anyway, where was I. Ohh yes, we did a few more coasters and then congregated near the queue times board. Before going in. I have mentioned the new queue time boards in previous narratives, but I have to say. At night they are soooooooo bright. It became quite a fun pass time to get people to come and talk to you when they were in dark queue time mode and then watch them screech as the MOS logo appeared in all it's whiteness. With the last rides of the day completed, we headed towards the main dome.

Word to the wise. Wear sensible foot ware if you are going to come to one of these events. High heals just wreck your feet. No I wasn't wearing my high heels. I was in sensible shoes. I was wise. (Yup not a common statement about me I know).

So we walked/hobbled up to the dome and what surprised me was how quiet the noise levels were outside. With doors wide open and sound spewing forth it was about the volume of your average beer garden. Quite impressive since as soon as you went inside the levels sky rocketed. What was also quite impressive was the lighting rigs. The beam splitters (laser like effect creators) were brilliant, creating ribbons of light that waved through the air to the beat. The music was good too. We all split off in search of alcohol and re-met, ladened with bottles or pints on the dance area, where I proceeded to repeatedly douse Sarah in beer. My excuse is that no matter how much she shouted at me, she looked too sober and needed beer ;).

So we drank and danced and bopped and sang along to the tunes we recognised and scowled at the tunes we didn't and all was fine in the world. suddenly they played Katie Perry's- fireworks and that was the point when I realised that all these tunes weren't 90's anthems and in fact the whole evening was a sham. "That's not 90's I proclaimed" and the fish-meister and piano-genius both agreed. This moment is being called Perrygate by those people in Thorpes entertainment department who have talked to me. Ad it was this point when we started hearing replays. Castles in the sky was played a second time and then a third it was only later I found that it was released in 2000! I have half the mind to report them to watch dog.

There was a simple solution. They sell this wonderful medication called Beer, where the more you have, the less you really care about what era the DJ is playing and instead set adrift on memory bliss(91) into a universe where nothing else matters (92). You see, I chose not to choose life, I chose something else(96). I chose a land filled with little fluffy clouds(90), Hollywood burning(95) a land ranging from 9pm till I come(98) when all that's left is Deliriums silence(99).

I'm not saying that the music was terrible, fresh prince went down a storm, in face every time he played a 90's anthem the place erupted. Nirvana went down a storm as well. What we wanted was more of a surge of these storms.

The night went on, and the place slowly emptied and one by one the mania guys headed off. Suddenly it was 2:45 and I was standing at the back of the done with a water bottle on my hands, rehydrating myself in the cool breeze that rolled in from the open back doors. Coaster and Matt ambled over, both tired lads. So we went and stood outside for a while which is where this extremely drunken girl walks/falls over to us. I like you. She slurs at coaster, who looks uncomfortably at her. He's a farmer, Matt announces, obviously trying to get Coaster in trouble. I like farmers she said. Are you all farmers. We then spent the next 30 minutes being slurred at. At 3:15 security cleared us all out and Matt, Coaster and I headed back to the crash pads.

The night slowly drifted by, I rarely sleep when not in my own bed, instead I tend to meditate, so I was quite deeply relaxed, having finally stopped my back from spasming when Matt decided to flush the crashpad, aeroplane powered toilet a 5:15. These toilets basically sound like time and space has been ripped apart and the universe needs to repair itself. The Big Bang has nothing on this sound. Needless to say I was back instantly in the real world. Coaster quite amusingly banged his head on the pad roof.

7:30 I quietly got up and headed over to grab some breakfast on my own. The guys were both snoring gently to each other so I thought it would be rude to wake them. Breakfast is served at Bar360 and the place was heaving when I arrived so much so that the maitre-d seemed shocked to see someone at that time of the day. It was 8:30 when other people started arriving for food. Talking of food, the breakfasts are continental style. There was toast, croissants, cereal, yoghurts, a rather nice fresh fruit salad (that I personally had 80% of the whole puch bowl) and assorted fruit juices and hot drinks. It doesn't sound like much, but it was perfect to sate my stomach.

Suddenly Sam appeared at the window looking just a little delicate. He was working on Swarm today, what a way to wear off a hangover. So on his advice I went and got my camera and headed out to find this 9:15 ERT. I went out of the done and met closed gates everywhere. There was a guy brushing nearby so I said "where do I go for the swarm ERT?" He looked at me as if I where an alien. "ERT?" I said, "where?" He looked confused. "You can ask inside" he eventually announced. So I went inside, there was a lady just inside the dome, looking splendent in her Thorpe uniform. "Where do I go for the crashpad Swarm ERT?" I asked, trying to sound as queens Englishy as I could. "The crash pads are down there, swarm isn't open yet" she replied. "No, I said" the ERT?" I said. "I don't think we have one of those" she answered then rushed off. I looked around dejected and then I spied a congregation of staff. Surely one of the, would understand basic English. "Where do I go for the ERT - Early Ride Time for the Crashpad stayers?" I asked. It was then I realised that the general staff didn't know the ERT acronym as as soon as I said early ride time they all lit up, and directed me to a closed gate. Wait there, they told me and there I waited.

Matt suddenly appeared, a bit like the shop keeper from Mr Benn, is young Matt, always appearing. And 5 minutes later, after a minor issue with staff radios we were let in. 3 rides on swarm, one at the back, one in the middle, one at the front was a perfect way to wash away any lingering cobwebs of hangover. I then went back to the crashpad whilst coaster (who had also joined us by now) and Matt grabbed some breakfast. A quick refreshing shower and a pack if my bags coincided perfectly with them finishing eating. At 10:00 we checked out of the crashpad s. This is where Thorpe did the stupidest thing possible. They asked me to fill in a customer feedback iPad thingy. At 10:30 I completed the collection of essay answers, ignoring the heckling from the staff there and Coaster & Matt. You will be happy to note that I, on this form, explained all about 90's music and Perrygate,

We loaded up the car and headed back into the park. We had just enough time for a blast on Nemesis Inferno and lunch at the Calypso BBQ, before ending our time at Thorpe. We left the park as we entered, to the Ha's of The Smiler. By 6.30pm I was sat at home, exhaustedly cooking something to eat having dropped Matt & Coaster at Coasters farm. It was a truly exhausting weekend but one that I thoroughly enjoyed. I would like to thank each and every one of the Mania guys for making us feel so welcome and for all of the laughs and japes and bops and even hugs.

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It has been a long time coming but the storyboard is complete, the drunken captures have been taken and Episode 8 of the Maniacs Adventures is about to hit your screen :pardon: So brace yourselves for Part 1 of 5 of the Official Trip Report of the Ministry of Sound @ Thorpe Park - 90's Style! (As a personal note there has been some great trip reports from you guys on this event).

Today Colossus is on 1 train operation, so for the under 18's it was a must do first ride :rolleyes:.


How many people can you spot from TPM in the last 2 photo's? You should be able to see 5 on the train :huh: It's like playing Where's Wally - TPM Style!


Having no queue Rocky Express was the next point of call and TopsyTurvy15 & J.S217 get ready to chase that Indian :aggressive:


Rocket & Peaj however are more interested in annoying them throughout the ride by Poking them until they scream :diablo:


Matt Creek feeling left out looks absolutely disgusted :bad: he has to ride Rocky Express when he thought he was here for the club night


Due to the extreme heat even this early in the morning :help: the group take shelter in the shade of the Rumba Queueline.


Phill Pritchard, Rocket & Towers Nerd Matt get ready for an unusual soaking on Rumba Rapids :o


The waters look very rough today, but both boats are full of smiles :D


The meet organisers of the day Stretchy & Peaj give a bigs thumbs up to the extremely wet Rumba ride :good:


Detective Luke_A is back! If only he was old enough to be present in the mystery of Part 5 :( Other smily faces include Matt, Topytuvy15 & Pluk.


And here we are the end of Part 1 already, sometimes they just finish really quick don't they? But don't worry in approximately 24 hours you will have Part 2 to enjoy your lunch time hour with :yahoo: But I will leave you with these thoughts. Why does Peaj make people Ill? What is the quickest way to cool off without queuing for a water ride? And are the Maniacs starting up a new shoe range? hmmm yes that's got you thinking!

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Great start, definitely missed off loggers though, my hair on Rumba definitely isnt just greasy :D

Are you sure?! Great pics there - that was a hot day (if I remember rightly) - looks like you all had a brill time :)

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Hello all you wannabe munchkins and I congratulate you for coming back to Part 2 of 5 of TPM's Official Trip Report @ The Ministry of Sound - Thorpe Park Style B) For all those that questioned Stretchy looking soaked from Rumba Rapids and wondering if Tidal Wave followed beforehand, the water was ALL from Rumba, Tidal Wave happens later in the journey. So let's pick up a sandwich for your lunch time read and get stuck in....

ScaryCoasterBoy, Saskerina, EC!, Luke_A, J.S217, Matt Creek & TopsyTurvy15 (Who has finally sorted out his greasy hair ;) ) are enjoying the sun.


These same people then prove they are brave enough to take on THE SWARM, bar a couple of cry babies :unsure: as Phill Pritchard scared them off with his sun hat.


Only being able to handle 1 non-wet ride at a time in this heat - To save queuing - Matt Creek, Matt @ TN, 'Plus 1' Chris & Peaj wait on a Tidal Wave :clapping:


To have a spin dry, Stretchy & Matt Creek take a on a Storm that started brewing in this teacup :mellow:


Just look at this action shot, Peaj is really concentrating on getting that teacup spinning :excl: Whilst J.S217 is having a Jolly Good Time...


Until sitting all by himself in a cup with Coaster Crazy @ TN gets too much for J.S217 emotionally :blush: That Heat I tell you breaks people down!


Storm in a Teacup comes to an end & Peaj is satisfied on his spinning abilities. However it's too much to handle :bad: for TopsyTurvy15, Rocket & Phill Pritchard.


Starting to get ready for the Ministry of Sound, The Tower Nerds - Matt, Coaster Crazy & Stretchy say a temporary goodbye at Detonator :(


This is Detonator :tease: for those who don't know what that is....


With only 1 ride to go before the night activities :ph34r: These 5 prepare their new range of footwear for the ride. But who are they & what are they preparing for?


Well you will see what they will be going on in Part 3 which is going to be released around lunch time (oh not again!) tomorrow. But what is R1C4Y protecting? How do you go about getting a free ORP? Who will start glowing in the dark once the clubbing begins? This next part is a nice transition from Day N Night, so please don't go away singing that club classic from 2007! <_< This is a 90's event!

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So the sun has been out and the Ministry of Sound is edging closer forward. Your about to experience what the Ministry of Sound event is like before too much drink comes into play. I think you'll find you just bumped into Part 3 of 5 of the TPM Official Trip Report at the Thorpe Park Ministry of Sound Event. Apologies if this is something you were trying to avoid, but your here now so you might as well join in :P

Before the evening section, due to the heat, Peaj enjoys cooling off by the Tidal Wave drips :pardon:


However the day time part of the event comes to a sudden close when EC! keeps getting prodded :angry2: by this enormous dog.


Moving swiftly forward, during the 'interval' TopsyTurvy15 & Peaj get UV'd up and enjoy braving THE SWARM over a pint :drinks:


To see how well they glow a trip to X - With it's lovely laser lights - gets them ready for the party spirit :yahoo:


During the night when riding Colossus, we find that no staff man the photo's :diablo: so here's a sneaky shot of a screaming R1C4Y & Peaj.


11PM came too soon and the ride's start to shut down so off to the dome we go and wow have they transformed the place :ohmy:.


Just look at Stretchy's, Phill Pritchard's, Mr. Fish's & Saskerina's amazement when they first entered the transformed Dome :lol:


With people dancing and going off to the toilet, Circles start forming around drinks that need protecting as R1C4Y kindly demonstrates :good:


Making sure the drinks stay protected, Pluk for once has a genuine reason to start a fight :aggressive: over any trespassers that came our way.


As the night progresses, drinks in hand - the TP Maniacs & Tower Nerds start to turn into possessed :crazy: dancing demons.


And so I bring part 3 to a close, just before the drunken antics and bad dancing :help: are about to begin. But how good are Mr. Fish's dancing skills? Does UV Paint & Sweat make a good combination? What was the starting point for Matt Creek when, before it became too much for him in the morning? As this journey has now finished it's daytime run and has turned to night - It is only fitting that the next two parts to this report is released at night time ;) - So prepare yourselves for the wait and at some point tomorrow evening you will see how us Maniacs like to P.A.R.T.Y!!!!

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Jolly Ho - You've arrived back here for Part 4 of 5 of the official Ministry of Sound at Thorpe Park Trip Report. So yes this part became rather delayed by a weekend whilst I braved the medieval world at Warwick Castle and tried out the Summer Nights over a pint - Please accept my apologies. However enough about life we want pictures that show people drunk :crazy: that's what your really here for at the end of the day ain't ya....So moving swiftly forward!

Coaster Crazy at Tower Nerds welcomes you :good: to the clubbing at Thorpe Park - 90's Style!


Rocket finally enjoys his first legal drink ;) whilst Phill Pritchard really soaks in the atmosphere


With two drinks in hand :drinks: TopsyTurvy15 is really starting to rave it up whilst Matt from Tower Nerds looks on into the distance


After spilling his drink Matt Creek gives Topsyturvy15 an evil look :angry2: which in turn makes him glare at Saskerina so he can pass the blame.


So nothing else is spilt - Matt Creek decides to have a good go at drinking his pint ^_^


Getting into the spirit, Pluk, Peaj with his face melting away :o & Topsyturvy15 make the club glow!


Mr. Fish really gets his moves on to start attracting :wub: the ladies over to him.


Stretchy goes cross eyed :wacko: whilst Mr. Fish proves a point that he can dance and hold beer.


In retaliation :aggressive: Pluk shows Mr. Fish how you hold your drink whilst you dance the night away.


As it has become custom in one part to include a panoramic photo, this just seems the perfect opportunity to show off how the dome is transformed :D


So I leave you with this thought whilst you have all gone to grab yourself a drink as you can just feel the party spirit whilst trawling through this penultimate part. Who towards the end of night shows their true colours and transforms their demonic form into an alien? What antics happen after the partying is over? And how will the official group photo for this trip turn out? All will be revealed after an evening theatre trip tomorrow evening where we will conclude this journey into the partying sensations of the maniacs :friends:

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Looks like you all had a great time - though Mr Fish and his dancing really shouldn't be seen in public :lol: - I call it "dad dancing" but apparantly where he is from they all dance like that. Or maybe everyone does dance that way - I dunno :P

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Good day to all you fine devilish :diablo: Maniacs, and it appears you have stumbled across the last part 5 of 5 of the TPM/ TN meet to Thorpe Park's Ministry of Sound. A bit later than I would of liked due to dodgy internet connection within the early hours of the morning, but here you have it - Which I suppose is quite fitting as the end of this Part will be 'The Morning After......' So let's take a look at what happens.

The Ministry of Sound is really starting to show off it's light displays with this rainbow of colours :wub:


Matt Creek continues to drink into the night :drinks:


But soon finds all the drink consumption is too much for him to handle :bad:


On this note we exit the ministry, leaving Stretchy who transforms into his true form :tease: when he thinks no one is looking.


Arriving at the Travelodge TopsyTurvy15 takes it easy on the sofa after all the partying getting ready for bed :lazy:


However Pluk is still up and ready to party :yahoo: and opens up another drink.


Plus with the noisy Mr. Fish, Peaj & Saskerina on the bed - The party continues even later into the night :clapping:


The next part is too rude to be shown on a family friendly website :help: so all I can say is that it involved a Chocolate Orange.


The morning after these last 5 survivors off TPM are back at Thorpe Park, but for once not to go and spend the day there :ninja:


To finish this off all so nicely :D Please brace yourself for the rather wet but fantastic OFFICIAL GROUP PHOTO of the trip.


And there we have it - The Ministry of Sound event is over for TPM this year. I for one loved the event and would highly recommend it to people. I was originally thinking with it coming from a Theme Park it would be a bog standard job but I was proved wrong and would be a regular attender if it was a local club near me. The empty queue lines leading up to the event and being able to carry and drink your pint almost everywhere on park made the atmosphere seem so relaxed and enjoyable. My apologies for getting a bit stroppy for an hour or so just before the club, I was just having a tired childish tantrum :angry2: after the long day at that point - No excuse but need to get it out there! Most of all the group of people we have coming to these events this year are fantastic. None of these would be possible without YOUR involvement so a big Thank You for everyone that makes these meets what they are. So I bid farewell until the next trip report the STEALTH ICE CREAM PHOTOSHOOT, coming to you sooner than you think!

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The next part is too rude to be shown on a family friendly website :help: so all I can say is that it involved a Chocolate Orange.



Also, my morning after face. Oh dear! I clearly needed that BK I destroyed in the park moments later, and the cheeky detonation.

Great night, great report. :good: When's the Ministry reunion?...

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