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Worst funfair ride you have been on


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I think its called Miami trip 3... Its the only style of ride that genuinely makes me feel like I'm going to be sick - plus this particular one has horrible restraints which don't allow you to rest your arms down on your lap and you have to hold them up on the restraints, plus it lasts far too long!!

I can deal with the normal miami what have lap bars but the ones that have over the head bars are horrible so I know what you mean!
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Worst for all the wrong reasons - I went on a ride at a travelling fair at Frimley Lodge Park once called "The X Files Experience" - it was a ghost train of sorts. Absolutely awful and cheap, but I guess the fact the murals of Mulder & Scully on the outside with the names underneath the wrong way round should've been a good warning sign :lol:

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