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The Six Flags Thread

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I have been to two Six Flags parks and one Cedar Fair park and honestly I really hope Cedar Fair stick to their guns, both chains run their parks so differently anyway I think it would be crazy for Cedar Fair parks to go under Six Flags rule.

Six Flags parks in general I feel just are tacky and lack charm, Great America had brilliant coasters and food but the operations of the place and overall charm was non existent..

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So this is late, but earlier this year (months ago) Six Flags landed themselves in hot water with enthusiasts at Over Georgia. Now I am not one to back enthusiasts who are entitled, but..



So the camera and loose items policy is kinda annoying, but meh not too serious I guess.

But that loose leg on Superman kind of seems a bit dangerous to me?

Six Flags got a lot of flack for it, and I honestly think it is for a good reason. I am not sure how vital that leg flap is, but I do think having that leg flap not be locked, and then none of the staff noticing the leg flap was not locked on the lift, or in the station is kind of poor.


It makes me question whether New Texas Giant's incident was completely Six Flags's staff training as well.. Maybe Gerstlauer were 100% correct to blame Six Flags.

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