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Official Legoland TPM Meet 2015 25-05-2015


What Day/s can you attend Legoland?  

14 members have voted

  1. 1. What date/s can you attend Legoland?

    • Saturday 2nd May 2015
    • Sunday 3rd May 2015
    • Monday 4th May 2015
    • Saturday 9th May 2015
    • Saturday 16th May 2015
    • Saturday 23rd May 2015
    • Sunday 24th May 2015
    • Monday 25th May 2015

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Right for those going tomorrow, a message will be sent out to all those attending shortly.

If you wish to participate in the game please get back to me with the answers to the questions will take less than 5 minutes for what should be quite a long game.

Those who say why your on the attending list when your not attending it's because I have a message someone saying that at one point you were. Will get the right people amended off the list!

Cheers Y'all

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My pics from today. :)


As I arrived a little late, I was punished with the relentless water bombs of SQUID Surfer!



Then we embarked on a voyage into the mysterious lost city of Atlantis! Peaj intended on running in with his shades - guns and blades-a-blazin'...but CWOAfanMalcolm wasn't too keen on the idea, judging by his face.



...but we were later informed of a terrible invasion in Miniland! The residents would see it as a gigantic behemoth MONSTER unleashed to cause havoc and destruction...but this is what we saw. (*quack*)



 Little did we know, we had our own monster to deal with - right here in this very (well themed) castle!



...and to (almost) end the day, we were given one last challenge; to be sad and pathetic and be proud! (In all fairness, Mia's Riding Adventure WAS a good fun ride!) :lol:




Thanks Peaj for organising yet another fantastic meet! :)

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Part 2 is now officially here from the Creaky Legoland Vlog



You should continue using that camera Matt, the quality looks better and there is a lot more stability and less SAW joltiness...

I'm definitely planning on using this camera more often now as I'm so far impressed with the quality of how everything has turned out on the videos with the yellow probably being a spare and used for social bits. 


Assuming my other camera is a gerst, what type of ride would this one be? 


I wonder if that makes my first camera [ from my early days] a pinifari?

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