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Plopsaland de Panne


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I don't think we have a topic (I searched) for this park yet, and we're gonna need one...


Why? Because it's getting a wooden coaster next year, is generally fab, and is only 45 minutes away from Calais!


I visited yesterday and was lucky enough to get to chat to two management staff and try and coax SOME information about the planned wooden coaster for next year... Unfortunately we couldn't, but found out some interesting information about the park and the Plopsa brand (they own 5 parks, including Holiday Park) in general...


As for this year, they're theming up their Teacups to a new IP of their own (Studio 100 own the Plopsa parks, so they are filled with their own IPs), called Princessia, which involves a 25m tall castle, a new restaurant and some sets... Once they get permission to build, they'll put planning in for the coaster...


Here's some concept art:








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Blimey, that looks stunning! And all for a set of Tea Cups! Is there any indication when all that theming will be finished?

Visiting here in June, and mostly can't wait for Anubis which looks fab :wub:

Also, can we expect a trip report for yesterday's trip in the near future Benin? :)


You MIGHT be lucky with June, it's in the hands of the council, though they're pretty much ready to go...


No TR I'm afraid, haven't even done my Italy ones yet, and I didn't take my camera anyway... The offices were offices, just covered in a lot of concept art (which I've seen online anyways)...


Anubis is so worth the visit :wub:

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Plopsaland is fun, although I confess I didn't find much to do. There's some delightful theming though and the woodie will really help.



Especially if it's a Great Coaster... *shifty*


It's not gonna be amazingly tall, I think 30m was the highest point, mainly because Plopsa don't want to spread the families across the park a la Towers... I wouldn't be surprised if they've seen what Efteling have done with Joris and the 1m minimum on certain seats and taken that on board in some regard...

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The disco slide plays Abba :wub:


The park does need another dark ride in addition to Forest of Plop, and the shows in the Theatre are immense if on (the Theatre itself, is a thing of beauty)... The staff don't feel too confident on that front though of building another big scale dark ride, of course, that could easily change in the future, a Wickie dark ride would be faaaaab...


Should also mention the hotel that'll open in 2/3 years too... Especially since they've talked with Europa about hotels...

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That's a lot closer to the Fog Lume than I thought it would be...


The best thing to know is that Plopsa's concept art tends to be realised it full, looking rather forward to this, though surprised it's completely taking out the Batflyers if the station is located as per the art...




EDIT - If there's a reason to follow Plopsa on FB, it's because they post stuff like this:






That train concept is rather adorable :wub:

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Some interesting developments at this park, that castle themed teacup ride is already looking really nice.

That layout for the woodie though :wub: looking very exciting and I guess this will be replacing the Bat coaster which is a bit of a shameless those rides seem to be extremely rare now however I hear their throughputs are awful.

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