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No Limits 2

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Welcome to the Project X design challenge! The contest that lets you show off your NoLimits 2 coaster design skills for a chance to work with a real coaster manufacturer to bring your design to life!  The goal of this contest is to allow you, Yes You!, to design a real coaster for a real project currently under development at a top secret location in the U.K. 


This doesn't sound right to me. Can find nothing else about it anywhere and it's simply not how coaster design works. I call some fanboy moron stinging people along, happy to be proven wrong though.

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That's not necessarily true. I've witnessed John Wardley myself say that he has used No Limits to create concepts for rides. It's a programme that coaster makers use too, and is a favourite tool of the physics person for companys such as B&M and Mack Werner Strengel.


Competitions like this have been held before too, not necessarily by independant companies, and they may not have carried through as thoroughly as some of us would have liked, but Chessington themselves did a competition on retheming areas. 


It also states that the winners design will be changed to be appropriate for an actual park.


Finally, I'd like to point out that at the IAAPA this year there was a small family park company who had a new design in partnership with GCI. It was literally a amtter of a guy wanting to make his wooden coaster for his new park unique, so he opened up no limits and made a wooden rollercaoster boomerang thingy, sent it off, got the company to refine it and now it's being made. This CAN happen and it does!


Sauce: Pesto.

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Okay then so assuming there is some legitness behind this and a park in the UK is looking into a new coaster and this competition is being run along side it, which park?



  1. The coaster must have orange track and white supports.
  2. The coaster must have a vertical lift hill and a minimum of 3 inversions.
  3. The coaster must be built on top of the building included and go around the perimeter of the park.
  4. No part of the coaster or supports may extend outside of the edge of the building in any direction.
  5. The observation tower ride and building object may not be moved, rotated, scaled, or altered in any way.
  6. The inside courtyard of the park must be kept as clear as possible of track and supports for inclusion of additional rides.
  7. Maximum height of the coaster is 150 feet or 46 meters from ground level.
  8. The coaster must be capable of running a minimum of 2 trains.

So basically by the sound of it this park has already decided on the coaster it wants at heart and are looking at alternatives? Still haven't a clue what park it could be though. 150 foot is big for a non Merlin park, no where really has an observation tower, and it has to be capable of running at least 2 trains so it isn't Drayton or Mingo. I call Gullivers.


And whilst No Limits is often used by designers to come up with ideas for coasters, I highly doubt it would be put down to the public. If the park are looking at building it any time soon then they'll have plans in place so track can be fabricated (many companies have long waiting lists). Will be interesting to follow!


Anyone here thinking of entering?

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This ride is most certainly for a smaller park. It may say 2 trains but the ride itself is a maurer x-car being only 1 or 2 cars in length. The height sounds good but it has to be built on top of a building 6m tall so its only really 40m tall. Also something to note is that whatever this place is its on a beach with a main road behind it. The length of the ride of what they are after, despite not saying anything, is between 600m - 1000m. Also the criteria may sound pretty open but when you open the file its amazingly restricting. 


Yes I do have a few ideas I may enter. 

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The observation tower is a space saver. It could be any size. Like a 138m tall observation tower on a pebble beach or it could potentially be a drop tower by river in London. All we really know is it's a ride on top of a square building in a place that doesn't have a vertical lift coaster already.

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