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Jack F

Fright Nights 2015

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Really not getting all the hate from MBV. Today I had two run throughs and both I'd rate above 8/10. It was well paced, good actors, lasted a good amount of time and wasn't rushed through. Lots of scares as well with good placed actors. Plus I just love the big giant balloon things.

Maybe it has improved today, yesterday it really was awful.

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So, there's all this negative s***storm surrounding the Big Top. Of course, as stated, its majorly to do with the opening. So I watched both the pov videos today and thought: that looks crap. But I didn't put the sound on. I just watched Ride On Reviews one with the sound up and it looks great! Not exactly scary, but it's just manic in the second tent, with actors running everywhere and going crazy. Can't wait!

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Went last night and here is my favorites in order best to worst

1. The big top- really nice to have something different.

2. Containment- a completely ew experience I loved it.

3. Bloody valentine - liked it it was much lighter inside o I could actually see. Actors amazing.

4. Blair witch - Same as last year in my opinion.

5. Saw Alive - Just as predictable as ever.

6. Cabin in the woods - Was my fav for the last two years but this year it was way too dark and the scenes looked a bit worse for wear. Too few actors compared to previous years.

That's my opinion. Though I do criticize cabin the only good this was that I was the first guest to step into it yesterday yay.

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First ride was saw and I got there at 10:04 and the queue took 25 minutes, not good for the start of the day.

I'm now queuing for X and I'm at the baggage hold, it took 30 mins to get here.

For the start of the day the park is packed, don't think I'll be doing too much after 12

I hope that Thorpe keep the lionsgate contract but have an entire new lineup, even saw alive should be re-done.

I think a slender themed maze in the current BWP site would be amazing!

Both saw and X seem to be running great today, let's hope the mazes are the same. Having a look at Q times:

Saw: 30

Stealth: 30

Inferno: 45

Swarm: 20

Swarm backwards: 20

Colossus: 50

X: 30

Detonator: 20

The park is buzzing! Heading for the swarm!

Change of plan, Rush is empty!

ModEdit: Quad post. Impressive. Merged.

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For those interested in containment...


It was a great concept but didn't work well in practice.
You enter in a group of ten, get short...well actually quite a long winded explanation telling you to go in and find the codes to unlock each room.
Before you enter you're given a stopwatch and a pocket watch, with no explanation as to why. We then find out each room has its own seperate timer that lasts 5 minutes. 
The first room you have 4 roman numerals on each wall, and 4 different patches of wall that were made of different materials. That was pretty much it. We swiftly failed this room after trying to the numerals as the code in different orders and got nowhere.

The next room there is an actor inside who doesn't speak, you have to find various things in the room that trigger the actor to do things. Eventually you need to lead her into unlocking a giant safe, that takes you in to the next room. This was probably the only room that I enjoyed.

The next room there's a crazy dentist, who just sort of shouts abuse and creeps around. in the center there is a tank like thing full of syringes, and you use gloves to pick them up and root around, we found a couple with numbers on them, but with no order on them we had no idea what the order they were supposed to go in for the door lock, if they were even for the door lock at all. Eventually I think we just started hammering in random combinations and it randomly opened

The final room didn't even have a keylock in it that we could find. There was another actor in here that didn't speak but made a few bangs and such, On the ceiling there were loads of dangling pull-cord style light switches, but again there was no discernable rhyme or reason to the room, and either the actual puzzle was beyond our capability, or it was just far too cryptic. Eventually the actor just opened the door and kicked us out.

Finally as we failed we were given a wristband which is supposed to make the actors chase you. In theory its a great idea. In Practice it was a pretty stupid idea, considering you can't see it with any long sleeve top on.

All in all, to be honest I felt cheated out of my £10. It was more frustrating than fun, we were given zero instruction outside of finding the code for each room, It was never explained what the pocket watch and stop watch were for, and most of the time the rooms were too dark to see anything. Its a very steep price point, especially for something so cheap to operate. They're making £100 every 10 minutes off of this thing...


If you're curious, but not sure whether its worth £10, don't waste your money. Only do this if you really really want to. It would be worth it for maybe £3-£4 but not £10.


As for the rest of Fright Nights, I don't need to repeat what most have said. But I will say I'm firmly in the dissapointed camp when it comes to the Big Top. When I went in there probably no more than 8 actors in the whole attraction, and I refuse to count the 2 actors by the bridge as actors, since they literally do nothing. All I could think of was how great CoS was compared to this. The theming was dreadful and sparse, the atmosphere was non-existent and the copious amounts of "dead space" ruined any immersion. 


Operations were also their usual shambles, obviously Tidal Wave and Samurai are out. MBV e-stopped after 30 minutes, the ops on Slammer locked themselves out of their cabin and had to close for 20 minutes, The Swarm, Colossus and Saw all had prolonged down time. TBWP was shut for almost an hour because, according to guest services "A bunch of kids were hiding in there and wouldn't come out" 


And generally every maze host look so depressed and fed up. I feel so bad for them, and this is just the first night...

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