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So this was officially announced a little while back; slight differences to what was posted previously:







Key stats:

3 launches (including swing launch)

Maximum speed of 72mph

95 degree drop

Maximum height of 178ft

2 inversions


True testament to how much roller coaster engineering has developed recently that rides like this are possible and becoming more of the norm.

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*blows cobwebs


Trains are now on track for Pantheon. So guessing that translates into expecting hype building footage of the coaster testing real soon.


It has also been confirmed (well a while back actually) that this will indeed break Tarons record as the fastest multi launch coaster in the world.


It's quite amazing really how forgotten this coaster has been amongst the mix of new for 2021 coasters especially compared to the other two major new intamin coasters Kondaa and Velocicoaster. This looks to be a terrific coaster for the park and looks to give them that "stand out coaster"

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And we finally have some testing footage!!


I personally feel of this and Velocicoaster, this looks to be the more thrilling of the two. Velocicoaster ofcourse looks to be the overall best experience when theming and all that stuff is factored in, but this certainly looks to have the thrill factor of the two with that spike,top hat and outer bank turn plus the high speed turns after the top hat and indeed between the outer bank and stall.


Another terrific looking Intamin 

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Its good to see the return of the Intamin, I just hope they are somewhat reliable. Hagrids looks amazing, but seemed like a never ending nightmare for Universal.

Both Pantheon and Velocicoaster look like top tier rides. I do think Walibi Belgium's mega coaster looks better than both tbh. But all are probably going to be top tier rides, when they are open anyway.

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Sorry to bump, but Drachen Spire has been cancelled, and BGW's 2023 project is now looking like it'll be an enclosed coaster replacing Curse of DarKastle. BGWFans has now done their expose on DarKoaster, as it's been coined, and it looks interesting! Here's the link to their site: https://bgwfans.com/2021/project-darkoaster/


If you don't want to read, the basic gist is:

  • Intamin Family Launch Coaster based entirely within DarKastle's building.
  • Physical track itself contains 2 launches and various twists and turns.
  • However, the ride is made longer by a very interesting trick, that has never been done before on any coaster. When the ride hits the final brakes for the first time, a switch track will suddenly come into play and fire the train down an s-bend that connects it back up to the start of the ride. As such, the ride does two laps, and this is facilitated through Intamin's new rapid switch track technology.

Here's a video mockup that BGWFans did in NoLimits:


What do we think? I'll admit that I'm a touch surprised that they haven't incorporated any trick tracks (e.g. a drop track), but I think it looks like it could be a really cool ride! That double-lapping trick in particular is a phenomenal optimisation of space, in my opinion, and I think it could open up many possibilities in terms of upping the capacity on coasters that do two laps!

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Chop your legs off. Not only will you fit within the height limit but then you're eligible for a RAP.


As with most things, rides are ergonomically designed for the "average" person. Those outside those points (especially 6'8, that is stupid tall) will get missed off as you truly cannot cater for every single body type or size.

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I wonder what proportion of adults are taller than, say, 6'4", and how comparable that is to people shorter than 1.4m. There's obviously Health and Safety issues that can be present at both ends of the extreme scale. 


I'd certainly have thought that with lap restraints now common over OTSRs, taller people will have the opportunity for more (comfortable) rides. Hopefully that ends up being the case in the future.

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