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I'm surprised this isn't a topic so thought I may as well create it.

This park is currently home to 3 B&Ms, and arrow looper, 2 Zierer coasters, a Premier Sky Rocket II, a predictable drop tower (you can say otherwise if you've ridden it) and some other rides I cannot be bothered to mention.

This is said to be a very beautiful park which I could't agree more with after seeing images and videos.

I'm not an expert on this park and I've never been so there's no point asking questions aimed at me (unless you're not a roller coaster fanboy/girl).

1 more thing;

There's something big coming...

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Yeah. Looks like a great park. If six flags is Thorpe Park then Busch Gardens is Alton Towers.

It certainly isn't a concrete island swarming with chavs.

The similarities between this and Towers are plain to see:

Both have dive coasters

Both have inverts

Both have track drop coasters

Both have impressive landscaping and gardens.

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Old rumour mill is churning out stuff about this being a Mack spinner like Cobra's Curse but on a larger scale. 

I think to be teasing the ride this early saying how it's going to be big and amazing I reckon it will be a B&M.


My bet is that I will be a B&M wing coaster as they could really use the terrain to their advantage and make a better Wild Eagle (not with the same name).

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BGW Fans the real MVPs here.


Absolutely mental - 4 launches, 300ft odd drop, airtime. Packs so much into what is a reasonably short layout in fairness.


For those who can't be bothered to go through the whole thing...


(launch 1 in section 3, then the remaining 3 are semi shuttle in style in section 9, and also has an airtime hill in it)


This is very much like Parc Asterix's Intamin coming in 2021, but more about size than inversions and airtime I think.



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