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Some details about Walibi Belgium is the above article:


  • The park lost approx €15m during Belgium's lockdown. Like some parks here, they hadn't yet opened before the Lockdowns started, and only opened on Wednesday
  • The new Intamin Mega is a €25m investment in total, and the ride is on track to open in April next year
  • That is of course part of a €100m investment plan of the park. This plan was to take place between 2018-2023, but the park have confirmed this will now be finished by 2025. I don't think that's totally down to Covid either, as plans for last year and this year had been delayed 
  • Compaigne des Alpes, the parent company who own all Walibi parks as well as Parc Asterix, took out a €200m loan during Lockdown
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The colours Colossus should be

I'd be umm-ing and err-ing about whether to make a thread for Walibi Belgium, but their new coaster is intriguing me more and more, so figured I may as well...   Pulsar, opening in early June, is a

A couple of nice aerial shots, sourced from looopings... It appears as though the splash zone is a platform just off the main path which is nice.     Also, a video o

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Screenshot_20201115-171502_Instagram.thumb.jpg.b2cfe5c7358668663b5ce54f73e705e6.jpgScreenshot_20201115-171517_Instagram.thumb.jpg.1a4f80551295f104cc1688c8110c19e3.jpgTrains now on track for the new Intamin mega coaster. 


The rumoured name for this thing going around seems to be "Mata" and the theming will be heavily african inspired.


This aswell as the new Plopsa spinner seems to make Belgium must do next season.....assuming this blasted pandemic and the restrictions that come with it ease off ofcourse 

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48 minutes ago, JoshC. said:


I've heard the rumours about Mata being the name, but some people seem unconvinced. I'm not sure it's the best name out there, so hoping for something else.


I dont see anything the Mata with that name at all...


*crickets chirping


Ok I will leave

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To think that this is the same company that gave us the abomination known as Rita!!


Next year looking all set to be intamins year with this,Velocicoaster and Pantheon all scheduled to open. This very well could be the best of the lot!!


Whether it tops Untamed for my top euro coaster remains to be seen should I be able to get out there, but certainly looks like it shall put up a fight.


Cant wait to hopefully get to ride it!!

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Lol Rita isn't even the worst coaster Intamin have built.


Every company has poor coasters, Intamin have had to buck their ideas up with the emergence of RMC and Mack particularly (is it any wonder the new Intamin trains have a stark similarity to the Mack ones?).

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Maybe I am jumping the gun in what I am about to say, but so far the coaster has looked somewhat sluggish in its testing videos.


Ofcourse it may well be different in warmer weather and indeed with riders onboard, but given its been testing a few weeks now, I would have expected it to start to quicken up a little by now.


Still looks a solid coaster though!!

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This literally looked to be one of my most anticipated coasters to get on in Europe for 21. But I have to agree it has seemed a bit sluggish and yes whilst coasters warm up and get faster I am not so sure the more I watch it. It is still going to be fantastic but think I am now more hyped for abyssus whereas it was the opposite until very recently. 

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