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Possible Expansion


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1 hour ago, planenut said:

I understand that over the next two years there will be some promising developments. Two majors. The new island is slightly smaller than other footprints, but the region referred to above is worth watching.


Remember it includes the section behind as well, it's still actually pretty big, you can fit the whole of saw, vortex, zodiac and pizza hut on it :P




it's a shame they can't just fill in the whole lake section surrounding the 2 islands as it would pretty much double the size of the park,



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I'm suprised they havn't filled in the lake that loggers goes round, compared to other parts it's only a small width entrance that needs blocking off, they'd have a really nice area then.


Does anybody know how deep the water is?  I remember the original RMC plan was to fill the quarry but it was cheaper to flood it, there's a couple old RMC sites near us and they are really deep, one even does deep water diver training it's so deep.

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