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Hyde Park Winter Wonderland as Thorpe Park Resort


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Dr Archibald VR Ride as Peanuts Haunted House (both like traditional ghost trains)
Waveswinger as Charlie Brown's Wind Up
Flying Machines as Flying Ace
Flying Balloons as Flying Ace Balloon Race
Christmas Tree Ride as The Great Pumpkin Ride
Penguin Party Dodgems as Joe Cool's Driving School
The Yeti as Linus Launcher
Racing Coaster as Lucy's Crabbie Cabbies
Reindeer Ride as Peanuts Road Rally
Santa's Workshop as Peanuts Turnpike
Sleigh Ride as Snoopy Vs Red Baron
The Snowman Coaster as Snoopy's Junction
Santa's Flying Sleigh as Woodstock Express
Chilly Willy as Woodstock Whirlybirds
Cars 500 as Peanuts 500
Little Ben as Kite Eating Tree
Jolly Roger as Sally's Seaplane
Circus Circus as You're In The Super Bowl, Charlie Brown (both thrilling with decent theming)


The Snowman Cinema as Angry Birds 4D Experience (both cinema attractions)
Snow-Moblie Dodgems as King Pig's Wild Hog Dodgems (both dodgems)
Jumbo Circus as Angry Birds Flight School (my made up ride)
Jumper Jumper as Bad Piggies Rise 'n' Swine (my made up ride)
Super Trooper as Mighty Eagle (my made up ride)
Big Air Bungee as Angry Birds Slingshot (my made up ride)


Pirate River as Loggers Leap (I pretend the snow slide is the log flume)
Winter Wonderland Express as Rocky Express (identical rides)
Santa Land Express Train as Canada Creek Railway (both train rides)
Blzzard as Slammer (both has two arms with a gondola on each side)
Break Dance as Calgary Stampede (a legacy to Rodeo at Chessington)
Wilde Maus XXL as SAW - The Ride (both multi-car coasters)
Haunted Mansion as SAW Alive Horror Maze (both extremily scary)


Snow Jet as Stealth (both fast at last minute)
No Limit as Tidal Wave (makes impact as the gondala first flips)
Avalanche Waltzer as Storm in a Teacup (both dizzy flat rides)
Santa's Spinning Coaster as Storm Surge (both spinning rides on tracks)
Ice Rink as Amity Beach (think like Xmas in July)
Clown Coaster as Flying Fish (both single train coasters)
Helter Skelter as Depth Charge (both slides)



Euro Coaster as Nemesis Inferno (both suspended coasters)

North Pole Maze as I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here! Maze (both mazes)
Pirate Ship - Mr Monkey's Banana Ride (both pirate ship rides)
River Rafting as Rumba Rapids (both rapids rides, and I pretend the Autodrone dodgems is the rapids)
Hangover The Tower as Detonator (both drop towers)
Traditional Carousel as Chief Ranger's Carousel (both carousels)
Barrel of Laughs as Derren Brown's Ghost Train (both facades look old fashioned; BoL is Medieval and DBGT is victorian)


Munich (Olympia) Looping as Colossus (both identical, as ML is themed to Olympics, that were invented in Greece, and Colossus is themed to the Greek Mythology)
Air Maxx 360 as Rush (both swing outwards, but AM360 goes beyond Rush's limit, spinning and looping)
Star Flyer as Zodiac (both spinning rides, but as Zodiac tilts, the Star Flyer lifts)
XXL as Vortex (both look identical, as XXL is bigger than Vortex)
Xmas Party as Quantum (both look identical, in different ways)
Air as Samurai (both look identical, in different ways)
Giant Wheel as Eclipse (both look identical, as Giant Wheel is bigger than Eclipse)
Ice Mountain as X (both indoor coasters, with disco lights and lasers)


Barvarian Village as The Dome
The Magical Ice Kingdom as SEA LIFE Centre (my made up attraction)
Winter Wonder View Tower as iThorpe View Tower (my made up attraction)


Alpine Thriller Coaster as The Swarm (ATC is a rip-off of Shambala at PortAventura, that opened in 2012 with The Swarm)
Airwolf as The Swarm: Air Attack (my made up ride, and I pretend the Flying Circus top scan is the Airwolf)
Hollenblitz as The Walking Dead - The Ride (both indoor coasters with scary facades)


Alpina Bahn as Knightmare (my made up ride, another Bruch roller coaster, as Knightmare has no inversions back in Japan and Camelot, but NOT at TPR)
Kamikaze as Doombringer (my made up ride, both swing and loop in opposite directions)
Top Spin No.1 as The Rack (my made up ride, works like a top spin, as The Rack is a Wakiki Super Wave Flip)

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On 4/12/2019 at 8:07 PM, Coaster said:

What's going on?

My new angle of imagination of course. I think outside the box. Just like Anakin Skywalker. He always thinks about in his head, and does things outside the box, when he was a Jedi. And nobody knew quite such a hobby, how to frighten Obi-Wan Kenobi.

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