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TPM Awards 2019


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It's the most wonderful time of the year - it's the Thorpe Park Mania Awards!


As ever, we are using SurveyMonkey to collect the results.  If you've never used it before, don't worry - it's dead easy!


We've condensed things down a bit this year, to spice up the competition...



-Best UK Park

-Best UK Coaster

-Best UK Flat Ride

-Best UK Water Ride

-Best UK Dark Ride

-Worst UK Ride


-Best International Park

-Best International Coaster

-Best New-for-2019 Attraction (can be in the UK)

-Most Disappointing Merlin Moment 2019

-Best Looking Attraction for 2020

-Best Manufacturer



-Best Member

-Best Team Member

-Best Quality Posts


-Most Knowledgeable Member

-Most Dedicated Member

-Most Sarcastic Member

-Most Likely to be Banned in 2020


-Funniest Member

-Biggest Fanboy/girl

-Sexiest Male

-Sexiest Female

-Storm Surge Award

-Member you'd like to see more of


And here's some clarifications in case any of the above are confusing...

You don't have to vote for all the categories if you don't want!

Please you forum usernames rather than real names - makes things easier

For the park awards, feel free to vote for parks / rides you like the look of the best (especially the case of International Awards, where members might not have been on many / any foreign rides).

Storm Surge Award:  Vote for the member who you think reminds you of Storm Surge or should be awarded a Storm Surge for their efforts in TPM.

Member you'd like to see more of Award:  Vote for the member who you'd like to see post on the forums more often / see at meets / generally get to know a bit better!


These are of course meant to be a bit of fun, so just enjoy the ride!  


Link is HERE!


Voting will close Wednesday 18th December, 8pm, with winners announced at a point after.


Any questions let me know.


Get those votes coming in!

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