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Thorpe Park - Fright Nights Meet Up

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Thorpe Park Fright Nights Meet UpDate: Saturday 27th October 2007Meet up Time: 12pm [Midday]Meet Place: Depth Charge Benches.Opening times: 10am-10pmAny other info: Costume optional!Thorpe Park's Fright Nights are rolling around again, and TPM are having a small get together! We will be meeting at Depth Charge benches, and then probably take a meet up photo, and then proceed to wonder around the park.Please, if you want to be added to the 'definatley coming' or 'maybe' list, you have to post so I can put your name on the list!We aren't going to buy your food or entry, and you have to get to the park yourself as well just in case any one was wondering. And if some of you are a little new to the forum, and a bit worried about us, don't be! We are all kind nice people, however weird we may be online!Looking forward to seeing all of you!Definately coming:SebastianMark9Alex0rJoeJadey!JamesCringlepie.MarcMaybe coming:Phillip CaudellSheepie+ + JayHollyTPDAAAAAANEDIT: I would say PM me but somehow I don't see that working...EDIT2: Who the hell thinks they can edit my post...not mentioning any names *cough*Cringl0r*cough*
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Well it doesn't usually bother me, but as we all know that this day will probably hit capacity, it will be unbearable.I'm only going as I want to see people, and that's a good job too seeing as we'll

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