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I guess so yeah. But in the same way there's a possibility I could go on to win an Olympic Gold medal in the 100m.

The £18 million is going on theming to fully enclose the ride so it feels like you are actually at THORPE PARK whilst at Flamingo Land. Evidently, it isn't cheap to recreate the back of XNWO's buildin

They'd never get one of those, given Zamperla don't make wooden coasters...

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Don't S&S have any other restraints?

Were you hoping for something like B&M?? What they have are unique to them and very 'free'. S&S believe that it's pointless covering riders 'in cotton wool' making them feel totally secure, thus giving us their unique and comfortable restraint system.James, that is correct, following the lift hill and nippy turn around, the cars will move directly into the 112% degree drop.Nick Buckley, Flamingoland's Operations Director, on Steel Hawg Vs Mumbo Jumbo:"Steel Hawg is actually 111º - the 120 was an early design, and the S&S marketing people weren't quite as up to date with the engineering people when that coaster was launched. Ours will be 1º steeper than Indiana beach."
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I went last year and it was a great day out. First of all we got the Passes to skip the Queues using phones and got on Kumali 20 minutes later. For an inverted coaster and being young (I'm new to forum and I'm only 14) I have to say I was quite scared, It doesn't look that high until you get to the top of the lift chain, and it felt like it was going on forever. But then when it dropped I felt completely safe and liked the ride. The boomerang half-loop inversion was awesome but by the end I was almost falling out the seat which really terrified me :o Bigger restraints would be appreciated =D The On-Ride videos are also a great idea, I can't wait to get one on Saw.Then we went on Voodoo the pirate ship and it's much better than any of the others I've been on in the country. Followed shortly by the River Splash ride. Other than a big stop half way through it was a good ride, and watching all the animals was a great experience. The drop was good but Loggers Leap, Stormforce 10 and Tidal Wave were better in my honest opinion.Then my group went on the Vortex-type ride but I'm sad and have a huge fear of swing-rides after going on rush last year. They all said it was a good ride and it definitely made them all dizzy, so I suppose it's a must go-on if you don't mind them. Velocity. For me the best ride in the park, the feeling of being launched off in that awkward position was great and the photos were all quite funny, though it woulda been better with a nice inversion :D The wild mouse was pretty much Rattlesnake but without the theming but some of the drops were still fun: Note - Don't sit on the right when you have a heavier person on the left unless you want to be squashed. As my friends (again I don't like drop towers either) went on the Upwards Launch tower I watched and laughed when they got off and they all felt sick. I was also told that the lapbar really didn't feel safe when it launched and for a split second one was positive he was about to die (lol) Other than those we just went on them again but Velocity broke down when we got on for the second time. There was an inversion ship which was quite fun and also a Ripsaw kind of ride which I don't think went upside down but it was shut for most of the day so we didn't get on it :/ And I'm annoyed because I really want to go on Mumbo Jumbo =[ But Saw looks better tbh :L I don't know why I did this but just for anybody who plans on going there just to say which are the best rrides for adrenaline junkies :D Oh and the zoo is good as well ^^

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I can't stand the Slammer shoulder restraints, they give me back and shoulder aches. I once dislocated (:P) my shoulder on Slammer but it feels better now....I mean I can't feel any pain. I wonder if it's permanently numb.

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