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19 hours ago, Martin Doyle said:



Trains for the all new Guardians of the Galaxy coaster over at Epcot!! (Guess this means the OG Tower of Terror is safe)


Disney still hoping to have this open in autumn of 2021 but looking increasingly likely it will now be early 2022 for obvious reasons. Should make for a decent edition to the overall resort and finally gives Epcot the roller coaster it was always crying out for.


Heres hoping capacity is not that much an issue given the queues we are usually faced with at Disneyworld




Which is really interesting because Epcot was never designed to be a traditional theme park, more about the relationship between humanity and the world, technology etc. It's been throwing away its identity for over a decade now.

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Because nothing says happy new year like a 5 hour queue for Test Track!

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2 minutes ago, Benin said:

That the same World Showcase getting a Ratatouille ride?


I suppose they COULD get away with it given its going into the France pavillion....though It would have been better off at the movie themed Hollywood studios. Even then it would be pointless given theres already TWO trackless dark rides there.

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A little update (probably been a few months but who's counting??) in relation to Rise Of The Resistance.


Disney have now updated the boarding pass system for the ride. Now guests are able to reserve their space on the ride via the "My Disney Experience" app as opposed to getting to Hollywood Studios early (A potential social distancing nightmare given the amount of people who was rocking up before the 7am release)


The ride now does two releases of boarding groups. One taking place at 7am and the other taking place at 1pm but with the 1pm release, guests are needed to be physically in Hollywood studios.


Now, given it's a lockdown and as a result I get bored easily, I decided to see EXACTLY how quick the passes go from the time they are released. Well, a staggering 5 seconds from the moment the "join" button appears at exactly 7am (12pm our time) the boarding passes for the ride are all gone!! Yes, the park is limited capacity but even before the pandemic and Disney was at full pelt this was an issue.


Now, the boarding groups has been a thing way before the pandemic started and it seems Disney have no plans to introduce a standby queue anytime soon. Personally, I would hate to be somebody who pays good money and travel hours to hopefully experience the ride just to then rely on pure luck to board the ride. On top of that, as you do not get a choice of boarding group, you then find yourself in a situation where if you are allocated a high number boarding group then you need to pray to whomever you worship that the ride does not encounter a single hitch. Which given its a highly advanced new ride is an issue. Obviously it will stay the same whilst the pandemic is still going, but I seriously do question at what point will Disney decide to bite the bullet and give it a proper standby line.


If it's a case of "waiting for the popularity to die down" and then they will do so, given Flight Of Passage is still drawing obscene queues 3 years post opening, I can not see ROTR dying down anytime soon given the hype surrounding the ride itself AND the fact it appeals to the massive Star Wars fanbase. 


*apologies for the "ringtone" soundbar blocking the time!!received_125619402745787.thumb.jpeg.ea059792eb08ee1c2cd64f54b70fe13f.jpeg

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