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  3. It wouldn't be Fright Nights without a chainsaw man chasing you out of at least one of the mazes!
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  5. Not seen restraints/seats like this poor is this a knock off ride ?
  6. It’s possible or possibly they will do their own take on something with chainsaws - looking forward to this year!
  7. New video with 100% facts, no opinion.
  8. A great read! Am very much looking forward to getting to these parks in the future starting with Toverland in a few weeks.
  9. It looks like a Texas chainsaw massacre maze is happening that's lions gate IP the 3D movie was back in 2013 that was distributed by Lionsgate thorpes surely still got its Lionsgate IP last year as I thought that ended as saw alive is not operating this fright nights.
  10. It would be nice too see a change, always used to have a good variety! Just noticed the church and grave yard in the bottom right!
  11. That picture is this year's "key visual" for FN I believe. Note the different 'characters', including: -Zombies -Monster -Ghosts -Chainsaw man Maybe they've learnt after last year that having 100* mazes with the same scary thing (zombies) is a bad idea? *possible understatement
  12. Another tease has came in on twitter
  13. I have not been in previous prior to FN 2017 so FN 2018 was my first time, I attended the event and big top showtime was not my cup of tea is a scare zone/show it is the maze, I am most excited for if it back I have not had the chance maze for. A free flow maze than being on one route like platform etc, I also heard about cabin how mad that was in it's day Vulcan peak was the worst maze of last fright nights Plus I wanted the challenge as I like challenging things for it to be hooded which I have been waiting for I was not expecting any of the jumps I did scream so much that I had to rest and recover from the maze in old town lucky enough I was not walking, to where saw was which I did plan to go on as there were clowns on jumpsuits chasing guests in to old town, just outside the old town burger king where I was resting opposite near the gents. I did have a very bad cold the day I went as I just caught it from someone the day before but managed to make it through the day, not let my mate down as we booked the tickets hopefully this year's fright nights I hope to experience it when I am feeling 100% without being it was nasty for me after saw the ride because I was nearly about to be sick on the floor on the coaster train.
  14. Cant even change the font type from previous years, just adds to the constant reminder of the better fright nights:
  15. Big Top is not coming back... but whether they try and shoe-horn the legacy of it into proceedings this year remains to be seen.
  16. Fright Nights 2019 logo. The other thing that must be said is if this "Big Top" maze (I'm not a fan of scare mazes so didn't try it) even were to return in 2019 wouldn't be as good as its previous incarnations for the sole reason the people who'd be running it wouldn't be the same so-called "specialists" as those upto 2017.
  17. I can picture it now Walk through this abandoned log flume, sat derelict for 100 years, come face to face with the lost souls of loggers leap. Will just be an actor with a torch. Basically the loggers version of platform
  18. The Dutch park’s are definitely amongst the most progressive currently out there and show us what attractions should do. Untamed sounds great and regardless of whether it’s a Steel Vengeance beater still looks a great attraction to the park and superior to the old woodie. I'm guessing Condor wasn’t so bad? I’ve heard lots of enthusiasts slate this thing as one of the worst major coasters out there. Shame the queues don’t look great. Tover Land looks lovely and I hope they continue to progress. Hoping for a visit next month if all goes to plan. Efteling is one of my favourite parks. Everything about that place is simply charming and magical with so much to see. In the four years since I first visited, the place has gone from strength to strength.
  19. 3 dead and 25 injured from that accident: https://www.buzz.ie/news/two-dead-26-injured-65ft-ride-collapses-theme-park-india-332428?
  20. JoshC.

    The new Germany

    Those Walibi queue times made me wince. I find Walibi a lot like what Thorpe could have been like if things had turned out slightly differently. And I don't mean that in a bad way either. But I get the 'amusement park' vibe you mention. I've never quite liked Dwervelwind as much as most; had a couple of uncomfortable rides on it, and never really got amazing spinning on it. But it's really cute and still a decent ride; excited we're getting a Mack spinner in the UK with Paultons now.. It still amazes how small Toverland is in terms of visitor numbers (they're still like 4th/5th most visited in Netherlands) and age, yet it's still got this massive B&M and stunning huge new area. They're really a park that has a hugely bright future, and yeah, can only echo your view of just go!
  21. Coaster

    The new Germany

    Pleased to read that you enjoyed Toverland, I absolutely love that place.
  22. When I say to people I'm going on a holiday with a week of rollercoasters, they ask what do I like about rides. At first I said it was the rollercoasters and all the different rides but as I've grown up it is completely all about the immersion and escapism. And nowhere is escapism more true in the Netherlands which has seen massive park expansions in the last ten years. Theme parks are fully upping their games and as I've wanted to revisit Efteling and take my first trip to Toverland, 2019 seemed like the right time to take a visit.. so... Walibi Holland We had a game plan here, to hit Lost Gravity first and all the other rollercoasters before trying out Untamed. This plan fell completely apart when both Untamed and Lost Gravity delayed opening. So instead we tried Goliath first Goliath . For those that know me, I'm not a massive fan of the earlier Intamin rides. I don't have a high opinion of Expedition Ge Force and as much as I like Millennium Force it isn't a ride with much content. Goliath was a pretty pleasant surprise. It's got a lot going on but weirdly has a lukewarm reception in coaster circles. Lots of air time, two big helixes, a pretty amazing turn around after the large hill where the train turns to its side to corner. I was pretty impressed with the ride staff too who ran a very efficient ride. For those that have been on EGF, the loading takes a long time. Here, the staff were fast and the trains never stacked. This gained a 61 minute queue through the day but luckily we only queued 10 minutes for both of our rides. 7/10 El Condor The true highlight of Walibi Holland is the stunning El Condor, the worlds first Vekoma SLC. Now we only queued 10 minutes luckily for this but later on in the day this had a 90 minute queue. It was as rough as expected and if you have done an SLC, you know exactly what to expect. 4/10 We took a walk round the park as the parks Rock and rollercoaster clone now had an hour queue as did the Vekoma boomerang. Lost Gravity and Untamed still weren't open so we took a ride on the kiddy coaster and the Vekoma Madhouse which was very cheesy with its early 2000's sound effects. The ride was good though, the same as Hex really just a bit less themed. I enjoyed this surprisingly. It was after having a little look around that we saw that Lost Gravity was open. We queued 97 minutes for this.. This is a more extreme Mack then most with thrilling inversions, good air time and a very different layout. Think of a Gerstlauer eurofighter but with even more aggressive drops. Later on in the day we took advantage of the single rider queue (majority of Walibi Hollands rides have them) and got on in about ten minutes. The outer seats on this are slightly rougher then your average Mack ride but it is very good. The main queuing cattlepen. 8/10 And wallah, straight after it was over to the now open Untamed. This ride reminds me of the entirety of Margate with large love letters all around the queuing area and on the rides main lift hill. One issue with the queue is because it's mainly a dirt pathway, in the rain everyone just gets a bit muddy on their trousers. It also has no cover so we just end up soaked by the time we got to get on. In the sun I can imagine it might be a bit much. The ride is absolutely fantastic. I genuinely find it incredible that this company just installs hit after hit. When people hype things up to a degree, I normally try to keep myself controlled and not read into the praise. It makes me glad that I can come to each ride with a completely open mind and just enjoy the ride for what it is. And Untamed was outstanding. Everything I value about rides sits in this attraction such as the great drops and air time, the insane pacing which particularly at the end of this ride is non-stop and breathtaking. For me it just lacks the length of Steel Vengeance but is worlds above Goliath at SFGA. 10/10 and easily a top five rollercoaster. Rest of the day was just trying to lap up the other rides and get some credits such as the Vekoma Boomerang which was far above others of its type. And so, Walibi Holland is an interesting park. I'm not sure if I'm particularly bothered about getting back as to be honest its not so much a theme park as it is an amusement park. It's clearly going from strength to strength and its future is fully secure with Untamed being one of the best rides in Europe. Toverland With no exaggeration, Toverland is one of my favourite parks in Europe. Considering the park only opened in 2001, it has gone from strength to strength to have one of the best rollercoaster line ups and themed areas I could possibly want. This is what a theme park is to me, beautiful areas and rides that look beautiful, ride well and a place where you can just relax, sit back and just immerse yourself. Fenix Fenix represents the last of the B&M's in Europe for me to ride. I initially completed this on Flug Der Demon last year but then this and Valkyria opened. Fenix is quite unlike all the other B&M wing riders I've done. The others are pretty... slow is a fair assessment. But this one absolutely zooms through its layout and is by far the fastest and most intense wing rider I've done. We managed front row on both sides and also near the back of both. The main drawbacks is the initial start of the ride is just a bit empty box. They've attempted theming with an ice dragon head breathing smoke at you but this start is 'lacklustre'. Once you finally get going though, what follows is an intense start with great air time, massive helixes and an enjoyable ride. 7/10 I love a list so.. 1. Gatekeeper 2. Flug Der Demon 3. Fenix 4. Raptor 5. The Swarm 6. X-Flight Troy Excellent GCI. When people criticise Wicker Man for being too short I sort of understand it, especially from people who have ridden Troy. It is an action packed thriller of a woodie that has a long length and great air time moments. Dwivelwind 8/10 Wow. What a ride this is. We managed eight rides during our day and each one was better than the last. This thing spins like absolute crazy and is so re-rideable. Very much a big surprise and a highlight of the trip. And the final main ride of the trip is the Booster Bike which is okay but pales into significance to the other rollercoasters. To get an idea of how beautiful this place is though, here's a few photos fro Avalon which I adored and could have spent hours in. What an enchanting and magical place. So yeah, Please go. We also went to Efteling and Disneyland Paris which were both excellent days out. I love Efteling so much, its a real gem of a theme park and Baron 1898 just makes me squeal. Love it. Many thanks.😃
  23. All of these accidents are honestly dreadful. The pendulum/after burner ride accidents seem to all be a result of buying poor quality models and not being operated and maintained safely enough. There seems to have been a lot of ride accidents in the last few years, however I put that down to the likes of social media and phone ownership increasing significantly as opposed to more accidents actually happening.
  24. Sounds like an American version of Blackpool Pleasure Beach from the report, albeit with better maintained wooden coasters, more classics and a crappy version of River Caves. Should try and get out to this place one day, but probably as a road trip thing.
  25. As Matt says, there were hiccups at the beginning of last week due to sensors and the speed of approach to the offload. Somewhat annoying when I had not checked as to availability prior to my visit. (I should do the housework at this time of year)
  26. Looks like the same (if not similar) to the other one that happened... Even down to the failure point...
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