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  1. I am disgusted at the treatment and respect for people round here - I have been ever since I joined.In the last few days I have reported TPM.co.uk and this forum to a websites operating agency who constantly monitor the operation of websites such as these. They are now monitoring the website and forum for 120 days, looking for suspicious, abusive behaviour. They're also looking for any illegal copyright or disclosed information. If, in those 120 days of monitoring, something suspicious or criminal is found, the agency may contact anyone here - or they may not. However, it does warn of police involvement if any criminal activity is found.I have the contact details saved away from a computer of mods, admins and abusive members. These details have been given to the website operating agency.I am not going to reveal any details about the agency monitoring this place.This information is not a threat to anyone.TPM don't have to worry about banning me from this hell hole as I will be taking a break from here for a while as of today - I will be back.
  2. A green Rita track? Please no, don't do anything with it, it's a lovely colour.
  3. Renée Zellweger in Bridget Jones' Diary...there's something appealing about her in that film.
  4. Blimey, even I can't manage that! The Saw station smell is nice, it's one of the first things that made me smile when I was queueing for my first ride. With Colossus' station, I love the way the music "bounces" off the walls.
  5. It seems to me that of all the differently-named restaurants they've had in there over the years, the food has always been horrible.
  6. Would I say I am obsessed? Hell, yeah! I'd be made not to. I am the Theme Park bloke after all.To TPDan and Mark: Why am I surprised you two are not obsessed? I'm only having a joke with you so please don't get all serious on me.
  7. Has anyone here tried food from the Fried Chicken Co this year?If you ain't, don't next year. It's rank. Seriously.
  8. Those parts must be tiny and very hard to spot then, I can hardly tell the difference there.Professor Burp's Bubbleworks fans here will remember the Fairground music used around the Cola Coaster, it's still used now with the annoying ducks. Before the main tune actually starts, there is a section I like for about 5 seconds, yet you can't seem to get that on the net. The version you can download has a different start. One day I'll actually make a ride-through where I join all the tracks up over each other, in sync.
  9. There is 1 "official" Vampire tune and 1 "unofficial" - the official one has 5 church bell strikes in it, as where as the unofficial one, available to download from places like Reride, has 7.
  10. That looks cool. I want a copy of the animated one, but it's in Flash.
  11. Hmm, looks like there's going to be some roadworks going on near the park, resulting in some road closures.More information: http://www.altontowers.com/plan-your-visit/how-to-find-us/
  12. Yeah, I don't think the Vampire music suits Thorpe in any shape or form. So you mean the version you can download from Reride?
  13. I heard that during this year's Fright Nights, Chessie's Vampire music was played at Thorpe Park - is this true?
  14. And so is Wild Asia.I know it's supposed to be World of Adventures, but there's no need to milk it, what with Mexicana and Mystic East already.
  15. You can download it at the Thorpe Park section of http://www.musicofmerlin.com
  16. CrunchieDime bar or Curly Wurly?
  17. I've just noticed my post total has dropped slightly - has more pruning been done?
  18. What is the main theme for this year's Halloween Hocus Pocus? I know previous years have had Scooby as the main selling point and that it wasn't that last year.
  19. The revolving room confuses both body and mind.
  20. Theme Park bloke


    Hang on, I'm confused here. Firstly, over what lake will the rollercoaster be built? The Colossus lake? The one next to Stealth? And where is the hotel going? I know it's been given the go-ahead, and despite the hotel being a hot conversion here, I'm still none the wiser as to where it's going. Also, if they got ride of X:\, yes it would be missed, but I wouldn't be too bothered. Has anyone thought that even though it's only been in the park on round 2 for 3 seasons, the Fish might go for good and never come back again? Impossible. Everyone who followed the Stealth construction can back me up here. Stealth was a "one-off" for the park - as we know it's the tallest thing in the park. Wait, it's the tallest thing in the area and can be seen from Thorpe village, Coldharbour, the M3, the M25 and according to some, the top of Peeking Heights @ Chessington (although I can never see it). There is no way in a million years that Runnymede Council will allow another coaster the same height or taller than Stealth. I mean, what sort of coaster will they do? Stealth's pretty simple: up, over and down, and it's overall width doesn't take up much room. If they built another coaster at that height it would take up a lot of room as most of it would be that height. See, what have I being saying for months, peeps? They might have already released the MTDP but are keeping it under wraps from getting out all over the web. People forget that all the parks do know we discuss things that park staff wouldn't usually discuss with everyday visitors. Nope, infact they're right at the other end. Hmm, B&M's are average rides. Are you forgetting they brought us a classic back in 1994, namely Nemesis at Alton Towers?
  21. I assume this is the situation you're in? JLC is a legend in his own right. I was reading recently that he intends to be out of TV within 3 years, so around the time of the Olympics, I wouldn't expect to see him on TV as much - shame really. :blink:But has he lost all that weight and trimmed his hair and beard? I saw some pics of his new look and thought "OMG!" in horror. Then again, he's lost 3 stone this year and he must have been self-conscious about his weight, something which is personal to him and we, as his fans, forget. No. I'd be the same. Text her. No reply? Call her.A new rant now and I hate motorbikes on the road, especially when you're in slow traffic, and they feel the need to come past you to the very front, especially on hatches in the middle of the road.Why the hell do they think hatches are there? I know they're smaller than cars and they squeeze through gaps, but if they can do it, why can't I, as a driver?
  22. I'm a culture vulture, and culture is what Alton Towers has. There's not many parks like this in the world which have a historic building within the park. And what makes it stand out from the other parks is that it's so spread out. Some people complain that Alton's too spread out, well without the Sky Ride, it can seem a long walk from one area to another (like Hex to Nemesis). But then the fact it's spread out so much makes the park the place it is. When I was there recently, the Sky Ride obviously was shut, I could've walked from Hex to Forbidden Valley through the gardens, but for the first year, I didn't. I walked through Katanga.Another reason I like the park so much is because you can't see or hear the road, unlike the other 2 parks down south. Thorpe may hold some record breakers, but just remember, Alton does too: The Corkscrew, Rita was the first rocket coaster within Tussauds' park back in '05, Oblivion and the world's first drop, Air the flying coaster, Nemesis the world's most intense rollercoaster back in 1994.BTW, is Nemesis still regarded as the world's most intense rollercoaster today?As I've said before, I have returned from Alton Towers (from my recent trip) with the view that it's the cleanest, well kept, most politely-mannered park out of Alton, Chessie and Thorpe. I even saw some several Merlin staff being shown around by some AT staff, probably their first visit!
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