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  1. Happy birthday!

  2. Stuz

    Thorpe Park Opening Trip 2014

    Will anyone be at Thorpe on the Sunday also. It's a long way for me to come you see just for a day.
  3. Stuz

    Thorpe Park Opening Trip 2014

    Can you put me down as a maybe, I'll try my best to make it. It's been far too long since I last saw you guys.
  4. Stealth Owl and myself are planning a trip to the 2 parks mentioned on Saturday & Sunday August 11th & 12th and was wondering if any TPM members would be wanting to join us. We both really enjoyed the meet with TPM back in march and it would be great to see some of you guys again. We will be visiting Fantasy Island on the Saturday, travelling for an overnight stay in Hull Travelodge on Saturday night, and then onto Flamingo Land on the Sunday. If anyone wants to join us, please comment below.
  5. Stuz

    The Best B&M Coaster in the UK

    1. Nemesis - 18 years old and still one of the finest and in my opinion, the most intense coaster this country has to offer. 2. Nemesis Inferno - Not quite the original Nemesis but seems to be getting better with age. Having the best rides I've ever had on it this season. 3. The Swarm - One of the best themed coasters in the country (if not *the* best) and that inverted first drop is just fantastic. 4. Oblivion - Awesome drop but the rest of the ride could've been so much more. 5. Air - Seems to be popular with the general public but like most enthusiasts, it does little for me.
  6. Stuz

    Favourite Thorpe Park Ride

    Favourite ride at Thorpe Park - Stealth, closely followed by Nemesis Inferno.
  7. Stuz


    Here's a rant that I'm sure most of us have had these past few weeks. When are we going to get some decent summer weather!!
  8. Stuz

    Thorpe Park: "Open Season" Official Meet

    Fantastic trip report Mer of what was an awesome day. Thanks for posting it.
  9. Stuz

    Thorpe Park: "Open Season" Official Meet

    Well it's about time someone posted some pics from Sundays meet, so here goes..... Group Picture! Hope you like them guys.
  10. Stuz

    Thorpe Park: "Open Season" Official Meet

    Yes Han. A few of us had cameras so sure there'll be a few pics turning up in this topic soon.
  11. Stuz

    Thorpe Park: "Open Season" Official Meet

    Well I'm back home now, 200 miles away from Thorpe Park (sadly). I just want to say a big thank you again to everyone who came to the meet today and made me feel so welcome. I really had a fantastic day and I can't wait to do another meet with you all soon.
  12. Stuz


    Big thanks to Mark and to Thorpe Park for the ERT, really enjoyed it. It was great to meet some of you as well.
  13. Stuz


    I'll be there about 9 - half 9 in the morning.
  14. Stuz


    Matt, it's the new food outlet next to The Swarm.
  15. Stuz

    Introduce Yourself

    Cheers Sidders. It certain has, I can't wait to go on it this coming Friday.