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  1. Bring back the Safari High Dive Show... easy fix. It's funny how around 20 years ago Thorpe Park predicted what will happen to the arena site in the future... 👇 Photo taken from https://www.flickr.com/photos/trainsandstuff/
  2. Oh- holy...wow, Chessington. I'm all for updating, I'm all for refurbishing - what I do not understand is the consistency of vile s**t that Merlin regurgitate into UK 'theme' parks. All Merlin seem to have in storage are fences or dilapidated walls. Their parks just look like a ****ing discontinued Wicks paradise. (that's me done now for another few years).
  3. Isn't there a theater production going ahead for 2016 regarding The Hunger Games? (has this already been mentioned? I really should keep up) Thorpe are the kind of park to jump on a bandwagon. Thorpe Park and originality don't mix. They ballsed up Swarm because no one in marketing has any imagination and need rehashed ideas. Step forward. Ten back. But hey! Something 'new' non the less.
  4. Ever heard of little things called 'pockets'?
  5. Is this park slowly turning itself into a Dockyard theme park?
  6. Christ.... this park just get worse. Apparently there's a market for crap, so Thorpe Park are making the right decision.
  7. And by that you prove my point to how disappointing it is being British. We put up with second best, we don't like to try and show pizazz, our modesty is our downfall - for such a thriving, educated, influential country we just cater for the dumb. We cater for the Butlins lover, for the cruise ship goers, for the Tesco valuers. We don't like to show off and that leaves people with imagination, with a sense of pride left in a boring void. Our greatest architects, artists, writers are pushed out of this beautiful country because their vision doesn't match the boring, pointless minds of the masses. The sooner we start to influence the sooner we can enjoy something nice. This doesn't cater for me? uhm, so I DON'T have a family is what you're insinuating? I'm sorry to point out that you're wrong.... but you're wrong. I have a family, I have cousins and nieces - I won't just visit Thorpe Park and say to them 'okay little ones, you run off in there and I'll stay outside' - I have to go in there with them and there is nothing for me to be excited about. Please don't use the boring excuses of 'it ain't for you', there is ALWAYS something for everyone - I just happen to have a bit of taste. Excuse me. Marc, I agree that you shouldn't judge by just sitting here at home, with a mug of tea and a slice of pizza and slate something I've clearly not seen in the flesh. But, (there always is one with me) all I can see are fibreglass models, plastic signs and B&Q paint. There really isn't much else, tucked away, hidden, out of sight - is there? ((a rant about a crappy theme park and their insignificant investment - dammit, rain! I need to go out!))
  8. Thanks for the respectful reply Josh. EVENTHOUGHYOU'REWRONG! =p I genuinely believe that a theme park should immerse you into a world, something out of the ordinary and into a place that makes you forget about life. A theme park needs to give you a sense of adventure and amazement. Fibreglass models, painting over old themeing and flat signs doesn't give you that. Here looks like a glorified supermarket. I'm sorry but I doubt I'll be in the land of Angry Birds - I'll be in a land which has a vague nod to Angry Birds. If I were to paint a room blue it doesn't make it an underworld adventure. Does it? Also, do you know when 4D cinemas were cool? 15 years ago! Unimaginative use of 15 year old ideas.
  9. Heh. That's funny because Merlin sure like to think they are on par with Disney. It looks bad but I'm not going to bother with it too much - there's nothing in that small area that will appeal to me so I can avoid it, ignore it and focus on the rest of the dump park. Still, I'm amazed to the level of imagination and taste people have thinking this is 'nice' - 'nice' is too much of a compliment. Since when do we praise half arsed work? Lazy. I really believe that on a shoe string budget you can do a LOT more, but money in the pockets is the only concern for Merlin and Thorpe Park. I won't go on, I'll get swamped with 'well they didn't build it for YOU! Nuuuhh!' & 'Y U COMPLAIN?' - if people like lazy unimaginative work then hey... good for you! I'll just go sit by Tidal Wave and cry for what could have been.
  10. ....sheesh, don't smile too much mate - you don't want people to think you've made a great 'investment'. >_>
  11. What use is a democracy when you're forced to vote just because we have 'the right'? When this country is in dire need of intelligent, progressive voters I'll vote - but for the time being I consider myself lucky that the ConDems aren't making any *significant* changes to my life. I have a job and I live very comfortably. UKIP and it's blind, jaded and backwards followers are being mislead by scare tactics. UKIP have no real solution to any of their questions, just a bunch of closet racists making noise. There IS a way forward to make Britain our own, but shutting the world out isn't part of that solution. It's a shame that people are so fickle.
  12. Has Merlin gone into administration or something? Local schools in East London dress up playgrounds better than this.
  13. Nice to see progress is happening, shame its for this... I'm I right in thinking there are doubts that it'll be open in time?
  14. I've highlighted where you've gone wrong... =P
  15. Delicacy does not mean that in the slightest and nothing at Thorpe Park is a delicacy or 'rare'. It's mediocre fast food. Your standards need to be set a little higher I'm afraid =/ As for the advert. Uhm, okay? I guess?
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