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  1. There was a couple of Pigeons flying in and out of the exit on Wednesday, literally flying right at people including me and my friend. On another note, I have come to the conclusion that the disabled lift is scarier than the actual ride, with the blood all up the walls and the fact it feels like it could give way at any second The member of staff that came down and got us said she hates using it.
  2. Ahh I see. I was too busy hobbling up the stairs/ramp and getting my breath back to notice.
  3. Lewis.


    Overheard a conversation between two members of staff today about the sick bags. Apparently they were abolished due to costs. The staff proceeded to joke about management and what they'll cut next, it was quite funny.
  4. Lewis.


    Rush started the day running both swings but by about 4(ish) the one nearest the control booth was down. I may have imagined this but the other swing felt a lot more forceful.
  5. Rode Swarm 3 times today, my first ride was rather uncomfortable due to the rain but I still enjoyed it. It doesn't feel half as fast as it is, but it is a very fun ride. Not amazing but by no means terrible. The You Me At Six song really creates a good atmosphere as you walk ono the island, but as others have said it does feel very open and isn't totally immersive. Still no fire effects. I developed a little bit of a schoolgirl crush on one of the ride ops, I can't remember his name though
  6. Anybody got any idea why the entrance is also being used as the exit? It was very awkward squeezing past people on our way on/off the ride today...
  7. This. When I go to a club, I go there to socialise, dance and have a laugh. If me and my friends want to get smashed off our faces, we have a night in with a bottle of vodka. For me and many others, Thorpe is miles away from home. I wouldn't want to get that drunk with a 2 hour journey home, because I would want to get home.
  8. Lewis.


    My friend was trying to tell me Colossus went 80mph and did 10 corkscrews today when we were in town. I tried to correct her but she was having none of it
  9. Lewis.


    EDIT: After playing it a few times, I effing love it! Also loving the new Paloma Faith tune, 2012 is shaping up to be a very exciting year for music!
  10. Lewis.

    2013 Changes

    Guys, I think I found some more concept art...
  11. Lewis.

    2013 Changes

    I genuinely thought you were talking about X: No Way Out and had posted in the wrong topic there for a minute Benin :PRegarding the restaurant being built there, is there much point with the BBQ place being literally a stones throw away? Unless they move the BBQ place over there and build a new ride/attraction in that space, it's quite a large area isn't it?
  12. The one and only time I rode Saw in the front row I found it to be a lot smoother, and maybe even more forceful but that might just be my mind playing tricks on me as it was a couple of years ago. The ride to me isn't unbearably rough, neither is Colossus... But they're both still a pain in the neck (and ears) more often than not.
  13. Does anybody know where the disabled entrance is? I'm guessing via the fastrack queue like Saw?
  14. Lewis.


    They've actually managed to make it more difficult to get in and out of?!?! If this is the case then I don't see myself riding a lot in the future, I struggled enough with the last restraints :glare:It's a shame because, despite the various dents in the side of my head and leg cramps Colossus has given me over the years I always had a soft spot for it.
  15. I'm just glad they're getting something new, whatever it may be :)All they need to do now is bring back the backwards cycle on Galaxia and it'll be a party!
  16. In the six years it was there I rode it twice, and both times it tried (almost successfully) to neuter me.I'm not going to miss it. I'd love a Move-It though, I always enjoy those!
  17. Lewis.


    think this is the most I've ever enjoyed a Gossip song. It's so pretty.
  18. It's taken me about three years to realise how out of place Saw looks at Thorpe. It's quite an embarrassment really. If I was in charge, I'd tear the thing apart, scatter a few remains around The Swarm area and build that woodie!!!
  19. The text bouncing around looks very cheap and tacky. But apart from that it's quite good... Exactly the sort of thing I expected.I have no idea when my first trip to Thorpe will be this year, but these adverts have got me very excited!
  20. Lewis.


    Get little belts of hysteria every time I listen to this song, a sign of good music.
  21. Lewis.

    Your Thorpe Park

    2012:. Swarm opens, obviously.. Storm Surge “mysteriously perishes” in a fire mid-season that also wipes out X:/NWO and The Arena. Not naming any names but a headless monk has been seen sneaking around in the area.. During the closed season Neptune’s Beach is torn down.2013:. Neptune’s Beach & Storm Surge area tuned into family-orientated pirate themed land with various “Family” rides and a Sea-Life Centre built slightly underground with a grassy area to sit on above, it will be themed around Smugglers who sell rare exotic fish or something along those lines.. An indoor Top Spin opens in the place of X, similar to Talocan but themed to pirates and treasure and getting trapped by some sort of curse that happens to invert and drench you for no apparent reason.. A family coaster of some sort in the place of The Arena that stretches over to Fungle’s Safari. A spinner or Vekoma Mine-Train.2014:. The Time Voyagers building becomes home to a new motion simulator, themed around an alien invasion in Amity.. The Dome & Entrance bought up to date, The Dome will have a glass roof on one side giving a nice view of the park as you enter it and The Entrance will pretty much be the same… just more “modern”. Also one of those massive tower things in the middle of the dome, giving views of the park and surrounding lakes from hundreds of feet up.. Rumba Rapids themed more like Inferno, with rocks, palm trees, mist effects, sand around the area giving it a “desert island” feel and most importantly less offensive to the eye colours.. Repaints for Colossus, Inferno, Slammer, Samurai & Zodiac. 2015:. B&M Flyer opens on the island behind Swarm, with a big fat sexy pretzel loop. No idea what it would be themed to. I know it’s unoriginal but maybe the whole medieval/oh no I’m riding a dragon thing could work.. Vortex dies, replaced by another grassy area to sit and relax.. Giant Huss Frisbee opens on the new island, as well as a more family orientated but still quite thrilling flat.. This is where I got bored of doing this.
  22. I so wish I could make this, but looking at my dates for my trips to hospital I have my treatment the week after meaning I'll probably be too weak by then :(Gutted!
  23. It's nice paving, The Swarm clearly have taste for sparing it. Honestly, next people will be moaning that the weather's not post apocalyptic enough for them.
  24. Meh, I'm just gonna queue. It's not just the conversation thing (And for the record my social skills are fine )... If I go to Thorpe/Alton/Wherever with a group of friends I want to stay in that group, not be separated for the whole day. I used to be able to do that, and I don't get what's so unreasonable about wanting that. Sorry legs
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