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  1. Went to Thorpe yesterday (5th of June) for the first time since 2013. It was a scorcher so all the rides were running extremely well, Colossus felt especially fast but just as rough as I remembered it. That ride hates me. The park wasn't exactly quiet but wasn't busy either, it was a nice atmosphere. Queues ranging from 5-70 minutes (not that it mattered, I had the disabled wristband as usual which again resulted in some death stares from some - always hilarious) I was highly sceptical about about I'm A Celebrity because eww ITV, but it was actually really fun. We ended up doing it last and it was a great end to the day. You do get the feeling they're rushing you through on parts though, I thought the woman was joking when she said we had 5 seconds to find as many stars as we could! Saw closed all day (Obvious reasons) Stealth closed all day (Engineers were working midway down the launch at some point) Samurai on THE most pathetic setting I've ever witnessed (I even overheard a staff member complaining) Rush had a period of downtime at some point, as did Flying Fish I had a great day, and I can't wait to go again
  2. ‘No compassion’ for disabled boy not allowed on rides at theme park because of his condition http://www.theargus.co.uk/news/12890397.___No_compassion____for_disabled_boy_not_allowed_on_rides_at_theme_park_because_of_his_condition/ It's been a couple of years since I visited any Merlin attraction so correct me if I'm wrong but does it not clearly state in the guidelines that people without the use of their legs cannot ride? As a disabled person I've never felt anything but welcomed by the staff so her shaking the discrimination tree seems a bit strange.
  3. The pier is still offering the £10 wristbands, just incase anyone is interested. It was surprisingly busy down there yesterday considering it was midweek and a school day. I had several giggle fits whilst riding Air Race, it's a really fun experience!
  4. This "hotel" doesn't interest me in the slightest. I mean, shipping containers? Really? We use them to house the homeless people in Brighton! I'd much rather stay at a Travelodge or Premier Inn. The shark will be nice to look at though I guess.
  5. I had my first ride on The Swarm in the dark on Friday. The view from the lift-hill is amazing, the park looks so beautiful all lit up and colourful. It's a just a shame half the lights on the train weren't working, plus no fire or water effects but still, I have a lot more love for this ride now
  6. Lewis.


    I didn't think much of X, I much prefer how it was before. It was quite fun raving-out a bit to the music though. The most entertaining part is walking through the exit to use the disabled entrance, people either shout "YOU'RE GOING THE WRONG WAY" or question wether they're going the right way or not.
  7. Hey guys, this is a massive long shot but I'm gonna go for it anyway. Basically I'm looking for some CS, path/ground covers that included sand and woodchips. I for the life of me cannot remember what they are called and where they are from because I've only recently started playing RCT3 again so any help would be mucho appreciated! Oh also if someone could point me in the direction of whatever it is that makes queue-line fences disappear that would be great. Thanks!
  8. I feel nauseous just watching that. Oh well, at least we're finally getting something half decent to replace The ball crusher Super Booster
  9. There's nothing really to take a picture of, the seats are covered up. I felt sorry for the staff that had to stand at the entrance all day telling people it was closed. It was so hot, I would have melted!
  10. I'm liking Vampire's new (to me) disabled entrance, I was dreading those sodding stairs. None of us got to see our photos though
  11. Fury was closed for an hour or two today during the afternoon. A woman at the entrance talking to a member of staff made me giggle, "Well if it's broken go get someone to f***ing fix it don't just stand there"... Aren't people lovely. On ride photos weren't happening either, I went to view mine and it was just picture after picture of track. The man behind the counter said something about the ride running fast, I don't know how true that is.
  12. Lewis.


    I've never been front row on Colossus, using the disabled pass n' all. It's one thing I'd love to do, ride everything in the front. One day hopefully I'll arrive at Thorpe to find it completely empty and my dream shall become reality, until then... oh well. New roomy trains would be amazing. I hope this happens, even if later than sooner.
  13. Lewis.


    I'm not even that big (Though I do have quite chunky thighs) and ride attendants pretty much have to slam the restraints down for the belt to be able to get in. Then comes the leg cramp, like Matt said I've actually been in agony before during the inlines & brake-run. Other times it doesn't happen. I wish Thorpe would do something, because I do love Colossus. I can see myself avoiding it all together in the future though.
  14. I liked Detonator without the countdown, experiencing pure fear waiting to drop. I love the theme music though, it suits it so well. It's strange I struggle to imagine it being the theme song to a space themed ride. It doesn't make me think of space it makes me think of pirates and fear and 5, DUN DUN, 4, DUN DUN.
  15. Lewis.

    Logger's Leap

    Well, that's a bit awkward. The first half of my post was supposed to be sarcastic.
  16. I'd take KFC and Burger King over any Merlin place any day of the week. Please Thorpe, never let them go.
  17. Lewis.

    Logger's Leap

    Yeah it's not as bad as that horrible massive middle finger to the eyes rope on Stealth guys I will miss the tunnel if it's gone, but I shan't be losing any sleep over it. I'm interested to see what they'll do to the area, if anything.
  18. I've just noticed Stealth is so in style right now, Dip-Dye: The Ride P.S I can't believe someone is actually complaining about a rope. Seriously?
  19. Lewis.


    I love Slammer, it's one of the only rides at Thorpe that's actually ever terrified me. It's an incredibly imposing, aesthetically pleasing ride. It would be a shame to see such a unique and thrilling ride go, but in my opinion it is inevitable that it will go sooner rather than later.
  20. Lewis.


  21. The station area looks about the right size for a shipping container or two
  22. I'm seriously excited for this. Just wondering about the disabled seating though, if we will still be at the back or the last row facing forwards. I could see facing backwards making getting off the train quite awkward in an emergency situation (Say for example if the train stopped on the lift hill) for some people with disabilities which is making me wonder. I hope I do get to try it though seeing as I've never had the chance to ride in the front/left side.
  23. If it wasn't for the severe lack of leg room which always leads to me getting cramps and the occasional punches to the head I'd probably say Colossus. There's nothing wrong with Inferno, to me. It's just a pleasant, thrilling ride. Nothing extreme but by far not the worst thrill Thorpe has to offer.
  24. Lewis.


    I'm literally obsessed with this song. I've been waiting for what feels like a lifetime for No Doubt to return and I'm soooo not disappointed!
  25. Detonator. It's the only ride at Thorpe that still actually scares me!
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