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  1. My sister and I actually found it much easier to shoot the targets and preferred it to what it was before.
  2. If it is Underground themed could it possibly be about Jack The Ripper seeing as he murdered people in the Whitechapel area and that's the code name.
  3. The good thing is that I'm A Celebrity fits in will with Calypso Quay and what's left of Ranger County as its a jungle theme.
  4. For a while now there hasn't been a separate backwards queue and both go into the main queue. They still put times up for forwards and backwards but they are always the same time due to the mixed queue.
  5. The ride in itself I think is actually good and I like to go on it. The only thing I don't like about it is it's location where it is plonked in front of X. Thats not a problem with the ride though that's just a poor decision by the park.
  6. The theme of Ranger County is really similar to Calypso Quay. They might as well make them just one area now that the carousel has gone.
  7. The website is down again, how can I book the tickets for FN?? I have a premium MAP
  8. They have MHFS car out in Nemesis Inferno's shop so I don't think they worry about people climbing on it too much really.
  9. I know this is said every year but I would much rather they spend the closed season on doing up old rides to make them look new again. Although this may not increase visitor numbers that much it would definitely improve the experience that the customers receive at the park. Also, with the ticket prices and other prices in the park being so high it is hard to see as a customer where the money is going as some places, such as Canada Creek, look a bit run down so it may then change the opinions of customers on park pricing strategies.
  10. Thorpe Park 1979


    They have always said that you need to pull the top bar down so it just touches your shoulder but, the other week when I was there the host and operator were insisting it had to be pulled down firmly on you because of 'new rules' which then made the ride really painful. The hosts were going along leaning on everybody's to get them down as far as they could go.
  11. Thorpe Park 1979


    I wish it did 4, at the moment you only really get one full speed. The 1st is getting up to full, 2nd is full, 3rd is slowing down. By having four you would get two full speed ones
  12. What's this about the Flying Fish??
  13. Business Studies = A Religious Studies = A Physics = A Chemistry = A Biology = A ICT = B English Lit = B English Lang = B Geography = B Food Tech = B Maths = B German = E Happy with everything, I don't mind that much about German because I only took it to fill in a gap but wish I could've done better in it.
  14. They had one last year at Thorpe Park in 360
  15. On Alton Towers snapchat they have been putting pictures of a preview building of the Enchanted Village thats opening next year. I will put pictures up later if I have time. I don't think anyone else has said about this yet, I can't see it anywhere.
  16. I like it when the park is empty because its different to how it normally is and you feel like you have the place all to yourself.
  17. There is a big hose near the lift hill to the right. I don't know how long thats been there
  18. It didn't win by much so again shows that even after all these year Nemesis is still really popular
  19. I didn't think that Fright Nights was that good last year compared to previous years. Some of the mazes were better than the ones before but the experience around the park was very poor. The actors that were going around weren't scary at all and there wasn't much themeing around the park. Hopefully this year they will be able to make not just the mazes better but the whole Fright Nights experience better.
  20. Does anybody know what is wrong with Zodiac at the moment? It was closed for a few days during the week and they put a sign at the entrance. I'm guessing it is still unavailable so does anybody know why?
  21. They have also changed the end announcement to say 'please exit to the far side'. Before they always had to block that bit out because it said left or right and was wrong. Again, only a small change but it makes it sound better than them tapping the microphone to hide what it actually says.
  22. Thorpe Park 1979


    The new baggage area obviously wasn't working because it has moved back to the old place.
  23. It fits in with the Flying Fish being surfer themed although it is meant to be in a different area.
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