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  1. BenC

    Wicker Man

    I was lucky enough to ride Wicker Man last Saturday - I say lucky because the ride's availability was like a yo-yo all day. It's a winner. It's not going to win any awards for being the most extreme or "world's first <who cares>" or the fastest or the tallest... but of course it doesn't need to, to be a solid ride. It carries an excellent - and consistent - theme, complete with theatrical pre-show, matched with a comfortable and yet still out-of-control ride. Signature GCI. And the clear, standout highlight is that first drop, which starts tame, becomes more exciting with the
  2. Ha - agreed, it does look rather like Merlin don't want anything to do with it, short of opening up their car park and collecting the fee. The Thorpe logo on the medal would have been great! The Thorpe Triathlon seems more linked in with the park, given that participants actually get to run through it. Not sure a dip in a freezing lake in September is especially appetising though. Now I could get on board with this - some great medal-ware to be had with Disney! Just got to wait for my toenail to grow back first...
  3. I did Something Stupid: https://forum.maniahub.com/blogs/entry/877-something-stupid-thorpe-half-marathon-2018/ And it still hurts!!
  4. Something Stupid: Thorpe Half Marathon 2018 How far would you go, as an enthusiast, to build your collection of Theme Park tat? ... Take out a Wonga loan to cover the cost? Break up with your long term partner so you can free up some space? How about run a half marathon to earn it...? Well, last Sunday saw me do Something Stupid as I found myself running the 21 kilometres of the 2018 Thorpe Half Marathon, all in an attempt to nab the jazzy coaster-themed medal bestowed upon those who manage to get over the finish line. And h
  5. Such a first world problem, but still so annoying! I also seemingly don't learn. Just booked a trip to Blackpool for the end of April, and odds are not on that Icon will be open by then...
  6. This happens to me All. The. Time. Most recently, California last year featured Knotts (Hang Time opening this year), Sea World San Diego (Electric Eel opening this year) and Legoland California (Deep Sea Adventure opening this year) What have you planned?
  7. Completely, 100% agree with all of this. Spot on. Completely, 100% disagree with this. What are you smoking?!
  8. http://x.news.altontowers.com/ats/msg.aspx?sg1=1e46301a5b5269831eae72fb4f47a522 Scroll down to Thorpe Park... we have the "safe zone" tagline with Walking Dead Fright Nights image behind it. Walking Dead-themed 22-year old family roller coaster looking increasingly likely...
  9. It's a very good ride, packaged up in a world-class way. But it's not going to trouble my top ten... it doesn't do much other than twist and turn. #TeamHelix all the way. More intense, more varied. Better trains. And the view! And the in-line twist finale! An absolute joy.
  10. Didn't quite top last year, but not a bad year nonetheless! UK Thorpe Park x 4 Gulliver's Milton Keynes x 1 Twinlakes x 1 Brean Theme Park x 1 Crealy Adventure Park x 1 The Milky Way x 1 The Big Sheep x 1 Animal Farm Adventure Park x 1 Europe PortAventura x 3 Tibidabo x 1 Phantasialand x 1 Movie Park Germany x 1 Plopsaland De Panne x 1 UAE Ferrari World x 1 Antic's Land x 1 Motiongate Dubai x 1 Legoland Dubai x 1 Bollywood Parks x 1 IMG Worlds of Adventure x 1
  11. ^ They sure are. Had the pleasure of riding Manta at SeaWorld San Diego a few weeks ago; pitched firmly as a family ride with the launch(es) just a little over 40mph, and it was still a joy. Smooth tracking, the most comfortable seating, and an completely nonrestrictive riding position. We were the only people in the station; I went round 5 times in a row (Yes, SeaWorld are still struggling with attendance).
  12. Completely agree about the view from Niagara being spoilt @wegloo - the upside is that the drop tower itself offers a fantastic alternative view...! I'd definitely say visit Darien - the coasters (bar Ride of Steel) are a bit meh, but I really liked the feel of the Park overall. Nice place. Thanks @Mark9! I suspect you're right on the Intamin incidents dampening sales... Darien's Ride of Steel alone has had two such high-profile accidents; one from 1999 where a (20+ stone) rider was ejected from the (aggressive) bunny hops at the end, and another f
  13. Canadian Caper As you'll have read in Part 1, my Canadian Caper involved a fairly crazy 2 days visiting 4 Theme Parks across the Canadian-US border in September, thanks to some ludicrously cheap flights from British Airways. And as Day 1 was fully taken up by the huge Canada's Wonderland with its 16 coasters, that left 3 Parks to cover on the 2nd day. With over 200km of driving to cover and a border crossing, the odds of me actually completing the planned itinerary weren't great - but Lady Luck was thankfully on my side. Read on for Part 2 of my Canadian Caper!
  14. Great report! I have never seen an Intamin Impulse Coaster that looks like that one with non-vertical forward track... a bit of research suggests that it was originally a standard 90 degrees backwards and 90 degrees forwards layout, but the ride broke the city's planning restrictions (being over 150ft), so less than a year later Discovery Kingdom had to modify it to be that weird looking thing in your photos!
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