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  1. Work can come later, become a full time enthusiast
  2. At least it means the YouTubers can reopen their construction updates series. Wonder if it’s a part that’s required or an engineering issue comprising safety?!
  3. Omg I was on that escalator yesterday too! Did you go down the abba tunnel or were you heading for the northern / Bakerloo line!
  4. Looking at the POV we better get a log flume in the future to interact with the swamp. The splashdown looks fun too!
  5. TBH if I was there tomorrow I’d probably pay the £20 fast track…. Do we expect the queue to die down seeems like ages since this has been done at Thorpe lol. I remember going for swarm after school on opening day and lapping it as the crowds dies down significantly.
  6. Kinda feel sorry for the club XX people, seems like everyone has already been on this coaster despite them being the first lol. Enjoy your rides everyone hope it lives up to expectations. When are the crowds due to die down next, that’s probably when I will go and try it out, guessing though that will be post summer now
  7. Looks complex but probably for the best. I think one piece of concerning information was left out though…. Overnight queueing / arriving at the park super early do they have a policy or might the team wake up to a surprise number of guests when they arrive that morning??
  8. One interesting thing is that the lights have been on most nights, all the way up the lift hill!
  9. I do wonder if that will perhaps go into Johns Personal development plan for next year….. ‘Fully complete a project themeing landscaping and hardware before opening day’
  10. We wanted to produce something very different for Thorpe Park and the response so far has been overwhelmingly positive. The MD on LinkedIn
  11. Also we are forgetting it will go story…. Ad for generic family product…. Story … ad for map…. Story…. Ad for the new oasis drink
  12. Glitch


    Legoland arrest as woman, 27, is held on suspicion of neglect I just hope it’s not a staff member, they get paid too little to be arrested on the job.
  13. The story is required to add to the theme and lore which then sells tatty merch in the shop. How else are they going to sell wings for you to wear if you don’t know the backstory of forging the wings and jumping off a cliff.
  14. All well and good to say…. But it’s still the same people at Thorpe and MMM. I see that as more of an excuse, like the viewpoint lake being cut? Is that current or old Merlin?
  15. Anyone concerned about the lack of themeing? This is essentially a tin shed rollercoaster… not a chance the landscaping is ready for opening. After strong themes around all of Thorpes previous rollercoasters (bar maybe stealth) I’m feeling kinda disappointed especially looking at what Mac have done with Vultron. Or will this turn into a 2 year project whereby next years new addition will be some added themeing to the ride?
  16. Really hate the influencers going to an experience and wanting to film the whole thing to make ad revenue on their YouTube channel. £80 still seems like an ok price for a track walk, but the entitlement is through the roof. Influencers think they own the parks nowadays….. If the park want professionally recorded content they will come to the influencers directly.
  17. Glitch

    Queue enthusiasts

    Thinking of joining this one at the 1975 gig a full 2 days plus
  18. Glitch

    Queue enthusiasts

    Appreciate this is a bit of an off cut from the usual community but is anyone else embracing British culture and a queue enthusiast?
  19. Wonder how the site looks currently the water coming down the Thames is rising day by day and the road from Staines to Thorpe is currently flooded….
  20. Unpopular opinion perhaps but I think despite the sparkle project the park will still look very run down in places, as it youths have been able to climb over everything for years with no maintaining… Id also question if the new area will look any better than angry birds land did, I expect a lot of printed 2d signs rather than prop pieces, at least with angry birds there was other set pieces.
  21. 16 years later let’s bring back ribena. It’s only fair.
  22. Ok so they are just doing stuff Europa park would do whilst open?!? It’s great but I don’t think they should be proud about having to make a video to say….. yeah we let these things get so run down that now we have decided to give them an uplift. also this list doesn’t include the screen at the entrance plaza should we be concerned. Also I wouldn’t be surprised if Merlin pull the budget plug at any point…..
  23. You going to bring out a poetry book
  24. I think it’s alright and will grow on me. For what it’s worth Merlin got rid of there in house graphic designer probably about 5 years ago now and since then have just been re using old elements in all their marketing etc so it’s nice to see them take a risk with this one.
  25. Seeing a lot of map holders complaining about the down sizing of the Xmas event this year…. well perhaps if you spent money at the Christmas market it would be back.. cheap and cheerful as always the map holders expecting everything for free with their £120 annual pass bought in the sale whilst visiting the attractions bi weekly
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