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  1. I see a big theme and a derren browns ghost train reskin in the coming years to tease / hype the attraction.
  2. You could remake this video for Saw Alive.
  3. (Insert selected IP) The Ride
  4. Uber eats Staines has a new burger shop. Must be a sign.
  5. Samurai's on board audio is actually from popular 2003 film the Matrix reloaded.
  6. The Rumba rapids was once sponsored by Ribena.
  7. Jack’s videos are currently a breeding ground for enthusiasts asking the public consultation to make the layout of the ride longer…….. Sometimes I do worry for the cringe level of the community.
  8. Tbh I could see Merlin doing doctor who theme it relatively cheaply like that Star Trek ride?
  9. Didn’t know the ride rarer admin crew lived in Thorpe always nice to see other locals around. In all seriousness, are we getting a new lake or a splashdown into bog water?!
  10. Could there be another gimmick hiding in the plans somewhere something new and different as well as the tallest in the UK line.
  11. That’s just enthusiasts being enthusiasts. Think they are entitled to everything. Those Karen’s are the ones who have the power to block the coaster and humiliate every enthusiasts dreams. Wonder if Kwasi / Ben Spenser are on board. Good on the park for not revealing too much information just that was required.
  12. Wait so enthusiasts from all around the globe travelled to Thorpe park this afternoon and all they got was a height. Lol
  13. I’m thinking a Matrix themed rollercoaster would be cool. People like the design of helix’s theme right?! I just don’t know where Warner Brothers IP’s sit in the Uk market.
  14. I’d suspect some new fun fair rides for the year.
  15. Does this include vloggers. I am based in Tamworth however I am entitled to get coverage of the event for my YouTube channel. I believe I qualify as local as live with a 400 mile radius of the park and want to record the meeting and all it’s details as an exclusive for the channel. I may even livestream it with the hope some of my fans give me donations to ask questions about if it’s an RMC!
  16. Whatever this ride is let’s hope it can cope with Thorpes capacity for a fast track, RAP and main queue and perhaps even a cheeky single rider if lucky.
  17. I’m thinking it’s going to be family centred. I can’t see Merlin going down the thrill route to cater to the 1% of visitors a year they deem to be the enthusiast, especially when families put so much money on the table. I notice Merlin got a new CFO last year so perhaps he is the person to thank for the investment as I recall Anne Francios being very negative towards rollercoasters being worthwhile investments in terms of ROI. Other than that wonder if the consultations will just be full of budding enthusiasts wanting vlog footage?! Tempted to try and block the thing unless they promise a rollercoaster accessible to those over the dreaded 1.95m height limit.
  18. Glitch

    Rocky Express

  19. I'd say this gets a ghost busters reskin in the next 5 years
  20. Hi, what's the new attraction for 2022? I need a reason to get my friends to go with me however they only like, world's firsts, television and film IP's or a new never before done flat ride. Are we getting any of these?
  21. Odd, is this a distraction from Valhalla
  22. It’s an interesting one. TBH I think Thorpe take the money and run for the 4 or so super peak nights where everything is oversold, at the result of a handful of complaints on social media.
  23. Glitch

    2021 Season

    For me, I only visited once this year for fright nights on Map holders night, well they suckered me in to buy a discovery pass anyway so congratulations on that Merlin. I don’t know if it’s just a thing with my age or height that I just don’t enjoy the park in the same way anymore. So for me Thorpe park hasn’t aged like a bottle of fine wine, it’s the man sitting on the curb with a 3L bottle of scrumpy jacks currently. It doesn’t know whether to be a thrill park engaging broke teens with the adrenaline rush they deserve or a family park catering to every member of the family. For me I want that thrill park as with Chessington and Lego both 30 mins away there is no excuse for another family park. Black mirror was fun but a one and done so meh. Fright nights for me had literally lost its spark. Yes the new maze was good, however 3 mazes at a scare event? At £10 each it’s just not enough for me. Plus the park is infected with those families watching family friendly dance shows and making sure that Timmy age 5 becomes a successful theme park vlogger, it just ruins the immersion of this is a scary event aimed to terrify. I really do miss 2011 fright nights which I think was the highlight for me. Experiment 10 and even the actors in the hazmat suits outside perhaps just walking back to the break room terrified me. The curse and 7, two great marquee attractions, which I miss dearly why not use the tent approach more. The asylum, always the best in my opinion especially when the actors were so passionate and embraced in some cases their own handicaps. Saw Alive, still one of my favourites from a themeing point of view however did this begin the lionsgate and AMC partnerships that in my opinion have done more harm then good? And to top it off we had a rollercoaster being built to heighten the excitement. #LC12. I just don’t ever see the park getting back to being anything as special as it was and I really do miss that and would probably prefer if we could just relive 2011 as a season in 2022, before all the abusing of systems and MAP holders not getting value for money on their £100 a year passes. Basically I’m bored of the park and fright nights now.
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