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  1. Will vikings parts by upcycled for rumba. I’m all for sustainability and recycling it is 2023 after all!
  2. MoS wales so silkstone unlocked can run!
  3. Calm down mate…. Anyone can have a quick chat with silkstone
  4. It’s 4am. The park have left the music on load. Nice for the locals.
  5. Feel a bit salty tbh that they did this launch at a press event. Imagine if they had planned a day, got all the enthusiasts together and gave it the launch it deserved.
  6. Unpopular opinion but I wish Thorpe had some sort of embargo on enthusiast reviews / cameras in mazes say till Saturday so others can get the true spoiler free experience. For me there really was something magical in not knowing what was behind the doors of the asylum or curse because they hadn’t been documented to death. I think Thorpe have one goal with the inviting of z listers, yes they may post about it however the stock photos used for articles across the year with the Thorpe park logo is much more valuable.
  7. Ofc but you’ll have all actors on shift giving it their all. whereas when I go through Thorpe will have actor staffing issues among other things
  8. Yay the press night so we can all hear that the event is the best it’s ever been then go ourselves hand over £50 and find out it’s utter rubbish
  9. There’s a lot of channels because you need a channel as a guise to be invited by friends to a press event
  10. Wouldn’t cost a lot though to rip it all out put some chain link fences in and strobe it all out and then bring back what fright nights was known for….. I would love an anniversary year, when is the next one, whereby we got: Asylum Curse Ex10 Cabin - maybe reimagined with the black mirror theme Actors in animal masks - minus the movie theme Big top Some nod to creek perhaps just a scare zone or a walk down by the still accessible part of monks walk. And some sorta freak show or scary show which isn’t a dance party to top it all off. For me fright nights became boring when it opened the doors to a family audience and the MAP group used it as childcare for a few extra hours in the evening…. You really shouldn’t see prams at this event that’s what Chessingtons for. I was watching Jacks video the other day where he remember the 2013 event I want to say and oh man do I miss those days. Dance parties just don’t do it for me neither do entertainers pretending to be freaks. Get the real thing or don’t bother.
  11. I’m so happy to have a tent maze back. Curse and 7 were two of my favourites back in the golden days of fright nights, more tent mazes please
  12. I think that’s a tad harsh, what they are doing is excellent but when they add up all the hours I wouldn’t be surprised if the pay isn’t the best…. But by having the creative control it shows their talent and can be added to CV’s for future projects later down the line. Fair play to the guys! I look forward to seeing what’s next!
  13. So this is what happens when you get product teams who are pressured to increase revenue every year through the online booking engine. Adding fast track packages and food upsells was standard. An e-commerce shop to get through covid well that was great for the enthusiast who perhaps can’t visit weekly. But now they are trying to ring the last bit of moisture out of the mop back into the bucket. There’s only so many things you can do operationally and this and vip tours of rides would seem to be the last at Chessie.
  14. Does anyone else feel like Merlin has suddenly become very American. I’ve seen Scott has hired president of people and other similar roles. How long is it till HQ moves overseas too from Poole?
  15. https://www.container-xchange.com/blog/shipping-container-investment/ - Invest in your shipping containers now, Thorpe may have a large order coming soon. *Not financial advice*
  16. Is SAW the best IP Merlin have got? Who would have thought we'd still be here releasing Saw Movies..... Whoever decided to pick this IP should be held at the same level of respect as John Wardley.
  17. Bit late on this but yes its nice to see that Jack is allowed to do his updates etc, just unsure if he works for Thorpe or not? Seems to be a sketchy line.... either you do or you don't is this paid for is he part of the consultancy group or is he just a fan walking around. I do feel sorry for the other UK youtubers, why does Coasterstudios get to go on site but Legends like DGOfficial who have been putting in a load of hard work arn't getting any access, seems like access is being gatekept?
  18. Actors touching your knees, oh wait there's no VR so that effect wouldn't work.
  19. Did you get RAP discount?
  20. Needs to be delivered on a closed day tbh, otherwise how would SLK get their exclusive of the work?
  21. Will the ride be accessible to those over 2m tall?
  22. Industrial action is occurring see more information here: https://www.chessington.com/industrial-action/ · Friday April 28 to Monday May 1 · Friday May 5 to Monday May 8 · Friday May 12 to Monday May 15* · Friday May 26 to Monday May 29* Remember to support the engineers, perhaps even join the picket line, and visit guest services for some free fasttrack after you have talked politely to an underpaid member of staff who has been shouted at all day by RAP holders.....
  23. Actors are starting training, I would say it will be a month or so, I putting my cards out there and saying this is the first project which Silkstone and team have been given full creative control on....
  24. Why have they started this event right as the school holidays ends.........
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