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  1. Seems to be becoming a regular occurrence at theme parks. Didn't Drayton Manor flood recently?
  2. Probably good, tbh all the Mazes bar the hayride, clown, prison, chainsaw and mask one, the rest all just blend into one.
  3. the legroom looks beautiful, hopefully this see's the end of those Spinball type torture devices.
  4. Glitch

    2021 Season

    I wonder if this was planned before or after everyone complaining about the plain wall?
  5. Glitch

    2021 Season

    Have TPM considered asking for an easter egg on every new item or attraction placed in the park yet? Its a trend I don't mind for nostalgia or people who have worked on designing the project but really when are we going to stop placing Youtubers names across these things.....
  6. I'd like to see the return of tent based mazes this year, however with Covid I don't see that happening.
  7. I personally would get Merlin to either sell Thorpe, which won't happen or reinvent the theme park into a Netflix exclusive IP attractions. IP's work to make money in merch sales etc, perhaps to the enthusiasts hatred, but I'm just wondering when Netflix will truly get into the Themepark space to compete with Disney or Universal, seems like the next step for them. With a solid budget I'm sure something cool could happen to reinvent Thorpe. Although this will never happen, I'm just dreaming.
  8. Not a fan of the new Swarm audio, would just prefer an extended loop of the Swarm song.
  9. TBH I saw the London resort as being prime real estate for a Merlin Midway hub, if they wanted to expand on their central London offerings.
  10. Yeah, this is sad if true, all I can say is lets hope London resort take a trip to chessington.
  11. Glitch

    2021 Season

    Ah yes, the classic I went in peak time, when the UK is in a domestic days out boom, however still expected the park to be empty. All days this season will be busy as there is demand all year long for domestic activities, so perhaps try mid week instead next time. Personally I like to get to the parks early so I don't have to deal with the security lines, going to the back of the park I'm then able to knock 4 rides out in the first hour or so. The rest of the day, I like to take in the atmosphere and go with the flow. Rides breakdown, its always is going to happen, and upselling of Fastrack needs to unfortunatly be aggressive due to to the abused RAP product and accompanying carer pass which I'm sure costs the park a pretty penny in lost admissions sales each year. On another note: Upselling of Fastrack was intense. Staff obviously tasked with hard-selling Fastrack. At the start of the day, staff were repeatedly mentioning they were expecting 90min+ queues. Where you not expecting this? A peak day at TP will warrant long lines.
  12. Sounds familiar, I guess two roller coasters is cheaper than 1
  13. That's a really good way of thinking, perhaps X themed to Black mirror would of been an excellent attraction. Although I do hate X due to the size of the cards and 2 per train rules.
  14. Glitch


    If anyone is looking to get into the industry this may be worthwhile. IP Executive @ Merlin. Salary is quite low however it doesn't mention any qualifications so it may be good if you want to get your foot in the door at Merlin other than working as a ride op. https://merlin.csod.com/ux/ats/careersite/4/home/requisition/8617?c=merlin
  15. Can't wait for all the positive reviews tomorrow glowing for the glorified mirror maze at the worry for getting pushed off the press event for the 2025 RMC press event.
  16. I'm putting my money on some new wacky RMC concept.
  17. The consultation team probably hated having enthusiasts in the room trying to get the first scoop of ride manufacturer etc when the goal is to get local residents onside. Just like the fixation on will there be an RMC in the London Resort consultations. I think we also have to remember that the teams at MMM and Chessington arn't stupid, I would expect something new and something they can market. If Croc drop is anything to go by on a flat ride, I'm sure that they have something cool in their back pocket. Lets just wait for July before criticizing that they are building a ride with 0 capacity.
  18. Who know's what Merlin may or may not have up there sleeve's, but I'm sure we can expect a UK or World's first in some gimmick or another. Capacity doesn't really bother as I wouldn't go on a peak day, however I don't think Merlin are stupid. This looks from the planning, to be a BIG and COSTLY investment, so I'm sure all elements will be taken into consideration and perhaps even some new technology built. I look forward to following the project and look another Wickerman style structure by the looks of things.
  19. Alton seems to be getting a lot of stick about opening times. I'm sure if people didn't leave the park at 4PM to be home in time for dinner then perhaps we would get more later opening times.
  20. A new rollercoaster – guests will be propelled on a car through banks and turns before coming to a dead end on the track adjacent to a themed structure on the southern part of the site. The car will then be propelled along the same route back to the station located on the north east part of the site. A hard standing ride maintenance area is to be provided adjacent to the ride station.
  21. Go along to the meetings and get the coaster blocked on the grounds of it looks boring. Or even better apply for the open job at MMM: https://merlin.csod.com/ux/ats/careersite/4/home/requisition/8575?c=merlin I wonder what the IP will be selected as? Also new for this year CWOA are offering free tickets to the locals, must want them to agree with the plans.
  22. And how are we supposed to get a good estimation on those until post Covid / the ride actually running at full capacity with staff up to speed on what to do. It's not mean't to be the parks flagship ride, so capacity isn't really a problem, if the queue's long come back later. And perhaps if the queue is too long then the park may look at implementing a new system to improve guest satisfaction in the area. Overall it looks like an excellent themed land, which I would of loved to experience as a kid.
  23. At least try the ride first before criticizing based on one short POV. Do we know that it was underfunded? I'd be great full of a new ride and nice looking area of the park, doesn't look underfunded to me. I believe this project, took CAPEX from other parks budgets.....
  24. I Disagree.... long rain HOTMK Side note, it's a shame that Alton Towers can't play this mix at 9:30 AM every morning before gates opening to get everyone to dance along too and hype everyone up for a day full of adventures. It also works as excellent marketing, in the UK at least if you hear HOTMK what is the first thing you think of?
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