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    Glitch got a reaction from Ringo in Fright Nights 2020 - No Spoilers   
    From looking at the videos here's my takeaways, I will probably go at some point this weekend.
    The event looks really good in terms of scarezones and entertainment, I think Thorpe will continue the maze payment  model from now on as theoretically queues should be lower whilst there is still enough entertainment on park so that you know you are at Fright nights rather than  just being at a park with mazes generating less complaints of log queues for average attractions. 
    My only issue is what is the point of having as enthusiasts and Thorpe alike call it a 'VIP& Press Night', I think the agency have failed here as all I see on social is 1 strictly dancer attend and then post about it. I always thought with these events the aim was to drum up as much coverage as possible however tonight that has only been the case for enthusiast sites.. Take Tulley's for example, I certainly don't think it would be at the same level of popularity if they didn't have a great influencer and PR strategy with the likes of the Zoella vlogs bringing in millions of views yearly.
    So then what is it for? Enthusiast fan pages? Who will already be going and spending there money and have highly engaged enthusiast followers who have already bought their tickets and their maze tickets and so if anything your loosing revenue here as do you think the quality is good enough that these enthusiasts (if your page is invited) will be buying tickets to go through the mazes again.... somehow I don't think so, more of a once is enough stick to scarezones instead demographic. And then it's also shocking to see Merlin working with TPWW but I guess he has the family market. And then we have some influencers who may not have the followers but put a lot of time and passion into creating Thorpe positive content being left off the guestlist, just seems like a bit of a slap in the face to them TBH.
    Perhaps this year it would of been best to have a no camera policy so everyone is experiencing it themselves for the first time rather than making a decision to buy an expensive ticket based on POV's, which I think if anything will put more people off the high ticket price items.
    Just my thoughts, I look forward to visiting over the weekend.
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    Glitch reacted to SteveJ in YouTube Channels   
    All the random fanpages using these allegations to plug their brand with empty "In light of recent events we would like to say..." posts is pretty sad. If people want to support others, use your platforms to retweet or share the stories themselves, comment support on the stories. Or post if you actually have something genuine to add, like some perspective, experience or if you were involved with the people the allegations are about.

    I've seen more fanpages doing these empty gestures on Twitter than the actual allegations. "We at Theme Park World Attraction Guide Podcast are shocked by the allegations" well thank goodness for that, problem solved then.

    On the whole, there has been a lot of real support from theme park  fans which is great to see.
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    Glitch reacted to JoshC. in The Coronavirus Thread   
    All Belgian theme parks are reopening today. 
    I'm rather confused how Bellewaerde managed to open Wakala for some sort of previews yesterday given the rule was that theme parks couldn't open before today. I guess they found some sort of loophole given they have a zoo, but I was under the impression that they weren't opening the zoo only at any point prior. 
    Not the end of the world either way though..
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    Glitch reacted to Matt Creek in Vampire   
    It’s an offer I’m tempting to make, but I might be broken eventually.
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    Glitch got a reaction from Ivsetti in The Coronavirus Thread   
    In all seriousness when will this park be converted into a Thomas land + Zoo.
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    Glitch got a reaction from Mattgwise in Vampire   
    You should get Merlin to hire you and play the organ all day in the Vampire station @Matt Creek, now that would be immersive. 
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    Glitch got a reaction from SteveJ in 2020 Season   
    Interesting to see a vlogger concerned that rides weren't testing during their 30min walk down Monks, park therefore must be far behind Alton Towers in terms of readiness for July 4th.
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    Glitch got a reaction from Martin Doyle in Efteling   
    Looks like an upgraded flying fish.
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    Glitch reacted to Mark9 in 2020 Season   
    Did you know that Thorpe Park Mania used to be Thorpe Parks free PR machine. 
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    Glitch reacted to JoshC. in Efteling   
    With the recent Black Lives Matter protests, Efteling's somewhat questionable representations of race have come into question.
    Monsieur Cannibale is the park's teacups-like ride, and the centrepiece is of a black character, with the ride being that you're riding in various cooking pots whilst he cooks you. A look for those unacquainted: 

    Looopings reported that a couple took signs and posted on social media that "Monsier Cannibale is Racism":

    The park's original response was that only when major maintenance is needed would a change to the ride's look be considered, with it being emphasised that the character is a caricature. However, the ride is now "closed for maintenance" until June 20th.
    This isn't the first time Efteling has come under fire for racist attractions in recent years. Carnival Festival, which takes you round the world with different figures in an omnimover system, came under fire for its depictions of  Chinese and African characters. These have slowly been changed though.
    The Netherlands itself has quite a few issues with racism, such as a blackface sidekick to Santa Claus for many years (I don't know how prevalent that is in today's society, but I know it's still been a recent issue).
    It'll be interesting to see what the response is from Efteling now. Having these sorts of character and depictions be allowed is something that comes from a different time, and now more than ever is the time to move forward arguably. Other parks have slowly moved away from these 'possibly-racist' ideas too (for example, Phantasialand haven't exclusively had black workers in their Africa land since 2017). It's a sensitive issue that needs to be responded to correctly.
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    Glitch reacted to MarkC in Stuff that "Triggers You as"/"Makes You Cringe at" an Enthusiast   
    I don't have time to visit Theme Park's much anymore so buying a fast track package is usually very handy as get to fit everything in. I don't mind spending for the ultimate fast track for fright nights as allows me to get everything done multiple times.
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    Glitch reacted to Martin Doyle in Stuff that "Triggers You as"/"Makes You Cringe at" an Enthusiast   
    People who hate on fastrack users 
    Yes. I personally am not keen on paid for fastrack but we got to accept that it is very much the norm at most parks now and when it brings in a fair bit for the parks, there is simply no way it's going anywhere any time soon.
    If a guest however wants to pay their hard earned money to cut the lines to maximise their own enjoyment on a day out, then its their prerogative. Their money,their decision. Simple as that.
    I can think of more dishonest ways to cut the queues ;) 
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    Glitch reacted to Mark9 in Islands of Adventure   
    I tried to but I got distracted by the shed.
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    Glitch got a reaction from Martin Doyle in Islands of Adventure   
    Pretty sure they will take it all into the design, for example look at all those trees in front of the Hogwarts castle.
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    Glitch reacted to Benin in Islands of Adventure   
    Least you're not the people who think bare coaster track has no place in a "world class theme park".
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    Glitch reacted to Martin Doyle in Stuff that "Triggers You as"/"Makes You Cringe at" an Enthusiast   
    When people defend their favourite parks with things that if any other park did it, they would be right on the war path.
    Just gets on my nerves seeing that. 
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    Glitch reacted to Matt Creek in Rant   
    Things are far from perfect right now for many people. I’ve had several trips delayed/cancelled, life plans on hold and continue to be furloughed for the time being.
    Whilst it’s really easy to just go on a rant and wave about everything not working out, I just try to remember a few things. There are a lot of people in a much worse position, whether they have lost their jobs, battling an illness or have lost a loved one. 
    2020 has been an awful year for almost everyone, but I’m trying to focus on the first 2.1 months of the year which were actually enjoyable. Plus one day, there will be something to look forward to again. For everyone.
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    Glitch reacted to JoshC. in Rant   
    Sorry to divert from the media rant, but...
    I confess when I saw this, I was a little confused. I think anyone who had big plans this year is frustrated/annoyed/upset. And I don't think it's unreasonable for people to have a moan online about it to vent those feelings.
    But then I've seen a ton of drama on social media within the 'enthusiast community' crop up this week. Claims, with evidence, of people being homophobic, racist, bigoted and who knows what else. Digging deeper, I saw many self-entitled people going on and on about how unfair things are, I've seen people making statements like "parks abroad are open, so why aren't our's". Some absolutely crazy things, coming from adults who are all just within their own crazy bubble. It's mental, and a bit disheartening.
    It made me happy though that at least forums like this aren't like that. Sure, TPM has never been perfect, and sadly it's quieter than ever on here, but for the most part these days, it's drama-free and pretty civil. Lords knows I'd prefer that over whatever happens on Twitter and other social media pages.
    I stopped following a few people involved in the crazy drama, so hopefully I won't see any more of it and continue to live in blissful ignorance about the situation forevermore... 
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    Glitch reacted to JoshC. in The Coronavirus Thread   
    The Amsterdam Dungeons reopened today; pre-book only with limited numbers. Here's a fun video:
    Basically, you're asked to wash your hands before entering and don't touch anything unnecessarily. Before going in as well, you're assigned a logo to stand by in each scene too.
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    Glitch got a reaction from Mattgwise in David Walliams World - New for 2020   
    Yay, another shameless plug, to an article I've already read from the original provider AT Social channels!
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    Glitch reacted to Mark9 in Return of Reserve N Ride?   
    In a country that uses logic and understanding, yes. In this country, no. 
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    Glitch got a reaction from CharlieN in Rant   
    Anyone else of seeing blogs from the average Joe enthusiast informing us all how / when the theme-parks will reopen and what measures will have to take place. Almost like their fly on the walls at government meetings. Or perhaps they have the Zoom pass code.
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    Glitch reacted to Benin in Rant   
    You should work from home BUT only if you can work BUT only if you can get there BUT only if you social distance on transport BUT only if you have to work.
    If Labour were making the same mistakes here then people would moan. But then again they've not been in charge for the past 9 years with austerity, public funding cuts and a completely divided country to show for it. Is it any wonder some people want the Tories out?
    Added to this is watching how other countries are approaching this situation. Have you seen the Irish roadmap compared to ours? Vastly more detailed to the UK one where 3 of the 4 countries it was meant to apply to have turned around and gone "nah mate that's nonsense"?
    Only the other day was the end of Cameron's 5 years. Preceded by his "Chaos with Ed Miliband" tweet. Strong and stable indeed.
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    Glitch got a reaction from JoelAllen in Logger's Leap   
    Can Shawn Sandbrooke and his dad please do a restoration of Loggers Leap
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    Glitch got a reaction from PJ. in Logger's Leap   
    Can Shawn Sandbrooke and his dad please do a restoration of Loggers Leap
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