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Fright Nights 2024


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We're just over 3 months to Fright Nights 2024 and we don't have a thread? We're slipping guys...


Nothing is confirmed for the event, so for now, everything is speculation / what you want to see...


My Predictions

  • The return of the 3 mazes Trailers, Survival Games and Stitches
  • Return of Lucifer's Lair and Amity High (in some incarnation)
  • Something new in Death's Doors' location
  • Mysterious new attraction


The glaring omission here is The Crows. I would love to see them return in some way, and I think the scare zone works well. But the simple issue is for now: Hyperia. The area is being used for Hyperia's extra queue. Do the park expect that by Fright Nights, their busiest time of the year, they wouldn't need that extra queue? If that space is used for a FN attraction, where would they sensibly contain people? It just seems like a massive headache. 

Obviously it's difficult: maybe by October they wouldn't need it. But they'll need to make that decision, at latest, by August really. So they've got time to see how it goes. But if they're regularly needing that area over the next month or so, I reckon they have to pull it this year.


As for something new, this is a tricky one. I'm behind the park charging for mazes; I think we've seen improvements in the quality of mazes (at the very least, the budgets have increased). But a 4th upcharge maze stretches things a bit; can the park appropriately staff 4 upcharge mazes worth £10 a pop, as well as scare zones and shows? Might be tight. That's not to say they won't do that though.


However, I'd rather the park try something different. Obviously we saw them do that a couple of years ago with the audio experience which flopped massively. But something that isn't a standard, upcharge maze is worth a shot. Maybe a proper alone experience? Or a more intimate show (like the Exorcism show at FEAR)? Or, maybe be wild, and do a smaller, but high-throughput / constant conga-line, free maze? Give people a taste for the mazes without them having to pay. I don't know, I'm just throwing ideas out here, but I think it's time for something different.

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Must be getting near teaser time, no?


I'm going for the 4 paid mazes prediction - Stitches, Survival Games, Trailers (for it's last year, I reckon) and then a 4th new maze in the old Black Mirror area.

£10 a maze, but book all 4 and its £35.

No Crows this year cos Hyperia M E G A Q U E U E. I know at the moment it's being housed on the Hyperia plaza, but I can't see that being big enough for peak Fright Nights? Or maybe I'm wrong - but even if they do just keep it to the Hyperia plaza, having Crows round there too is a heck of a lot of people around there - unless they run it the other way round, with the exit being at the Saw end maybe? Either way, you still have a lot of people in the same area. Interesting times.


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