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Universal Studios Great Britain


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It looks like there is potential for a UK Universal attraction. 


Taken from Attraction Source:

Universal have registered the domain names “universalstudiosgreatbritain.com” & “universalgreatbritain.com” using the same registrar as their other park website domains around the world In September.


Comcast, the owner of Universal, recently acquired a construction and development company on 31st August called Cloud Wing UK Limited. Cloud Wing UK was itself already the parent company of two UK subsidiaries, Kempston Hardwick Developments Ltd and SC Collection Ltd, meaning Comcast indirectly acquired these companies and their assets.


From Theme Park Stop's article (linked below):

"With the acquisition of Cloud Wing, Comcast also received its land  assets, which include a 240 acre (95 hectare) section of a parcel of  land in Bedford, England.

Known as the “Kempston Hardwick New Settlement,” this former brickworks land is currently described as for agricultural uses, but has had multiple stalled proposals for future commercial use over the years."


So where is the land that Universal have acquired?

South west of Bedford, England, in a place called Kempston Hardwick - this is centrally located with a high catchment area, close links to the M1 motorway, and its own train station across the road from the land. Below is a Google Maps aerial view of the area, and absolute confirmation that the land has indeed been purchased by Universal's subsidiary.

Explore the area on Google Maps -



Still early days but exciting times - I have more faith in this actually happening than the London Resort. It would definitely bring competition to Merlin if it’s themed to the same standards of their other parks.

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The concept art is already at odds with the rumours of "no duplicated attractions". Wouldn't hang much on it since apparently its also old so likely just used as a convincer to investors if anything.


Seems a tad more tangible in hope and sensible than London Resort was. Shall wait and see before though, as we've seen, there's a massive gulf in planning and getting it built.

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All very exciting!


This definitely seems far more realistic than the London Resort. Traffic and transport seems a lot better here, and it’s also not “the other side of London” to most of the population. Looks to be a great location for a new park!  It’s right by Luton Airport too really which will be a big advantage.


Also looking at the map (not that I am in any way an expert) it doesn’t seem to be “in anyone’s back yard” as such. It’s a bit of crap disused land on the edge of town out the back of several warehouses and industrial estates. Ideal really since it won’t directly bother anyone too much, other than traffic I suppose? But it’s so close to the M1, and there looks to be space to improve roads if the need arises.

I really hope this goes ahead and is supported by the local community as a positive change.

The reality is, it’s this, or the usual few-thousand houses plonked on the site with little to no consultation at all, which pose other challenges to the neighbouring towns infrastructure etc.


Fingers crossed.

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17 hours ago, Stuntman707 said:


Going to stress this now. Universal have ONLY confirmed the purchase of the land. They have NOT confirmed that they will build a park there.


Let us not count our chickens prior to hatching.


14 hours ago, Inferno said:

Also looking at the map (not that I am in any way an expert) it doesn’t seem to be “in anyone’s back yard” as such.


There are some houses on the Manor Lane road which exist right on the boundary of the purchased land. Would also depend on the location of the entrance and how they would plan to access it, as the nearest junction on the A421 essentially leads into the industrial estate.


I'd also imagine any planning would require some serious road redesign. Even if its not too far from a decent A road.

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