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  1. The original ride was legendary! What I hate more than anything on the retheme is the lack of finale. I loved the old finale with the strobe lighting it was magical!
  2. Sphinxy

    Wicker Man

    Got to be a Woodie hasn't it?!
  3. Anyone else expecting a few smashed up rooms and drunken antics around the place? Or is that the kind of thing they are aiming for?
  4. I wonder what the actual technicalities of the changing of the 2 back rows consist of? I would assume B&M would need to be in contact with the park or the ones who modify the trains. I always thought B&M disliked backwards though...and what with X being backwards this seems like a complete waste to me.
  5. https://fbcdn-sphotos-c-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-snc7/424373_327372647373846_1568725804_n.png
  6. http://img202.imageshack.us/img202/5107/swarmh.png
  7. Maybe it's dust and stuff from the construction site.
  8. The dungeons want you to name their new boat ride. https://www.facebook.com/londondungeonofficial?ref=ts&fref=ts
  9. In terms of the next big coaster what I would love to see is a B&M hyper coaster or a Intamin Woodie. With the hyper though a B&M would have to go over 150ft at least, and digging a hole for such a ride would be way too expensive. Maybe they would go for an intamin hyper as it doesnt use so much room? A woodie would be easier to create a good ride experience with less hight but wasn't there an issue with the ground being too unstable for a woodie? Unless they have sorted that with the hybrid models or steel supports/wooden track. Aside from those two I'd love to see one of the gerst
  10. Where did you get that track is it an addon?
  11. Really? I find Saw unbearable and Colossus isn't great but bearable.
  12. Any idea whats wrong with the train or why there having issues? Please don't let this be a common occurance Thorpe!
  13. Happy 10th Colossus! Here's to the next 10!
  14. So our Samurai is a fun fair version? Or are all mondial top scans fun fair versions?
  15. Sphinxy


    B&M superiority
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