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  1. 10am-4pm opening throughout June and early July during the week is crazy for a park claiming to be both a resort and a premier UK tourist attraction
  2. Spelling is clearly not their forte, maybe they should invest in a proof read next time as to not upset Mr Bolliger
  3. Excellent news if this turns out to be true, will hopefully help the park to exploit the marketing opportunity that February will bring. Hope that it's not for the season though as although I love mazes I fear that a permanent maze quickly becomes stale, saw alive being a perfect example imo.
  4. I'm sure everyone on here wld never say no to a new ride but we have just had a multi million top branded coaster with excellent theme during the worst recession in decades too. So I can accept limited or even no additions next year. Re the price, yes it is high but lets be realistic, no one pays full price do they.
  5. JJ99

    The Smiler

    Any updates on how the ground works are progressing ? Is it just me or is the construction behind schedule? Both Swarm and Th13teen had at least some track in place at this stage from memory. Hoping this winter doesn't turn out to be a harsh one!
  6. Don't get me wrong, I have no issues with essential maintenance. However, as someone who tries to pick quiet days so I get the most from a 250 mile round trip with some re rides it is annoying to find almost all coasters on reduced capacity combined with fastrack being sold. Surely fastrack should not be sold when the ride is on reduced capacity, a pipe dream in the world of merlin I know. Also, I do get the feeling that throughput is reduced by more than 50% when on one train because dispatch times often seem slower without the pressure of another train about to enter the brake run.
  7. Agreed, wld love to see a Halloween event at Drayton next year.
  8. Having decided to give this years event a miss enjoyed reading your review and some nice pics to boot. Was there plenty going on to spend 9 hours there as I only usually do half a day at most ?
  9. I am shocked at all of the comments regarding scheduled maintenance, if towers can run Nemmy on 2 trains most of the time then there is no reason why Thorpe cannot do the same for their coasters.
  10. Fair enough, but will still prefer a decent new flat but as someone who never uses the hotels I guess I cld b slightly biased. Artist impression looks good though and shouldn't blight the landscape if it turns out like that. Scarefest should b interesting though with another couple hundred complimentry fastrack knocking about after the recent issues (as you know only too well having raised the topic)
  11. Really think the money wld be better spent in the theme park itself. Outside of school hols and scarefest I don't think there will be the demand for more accom in addition to the hotels.
  12. Anyone local know if the schools have a teacher training day on 5th Nov? Hence the decision to open?
  13. JJ99

    Fright Nights 2012

    A full Thorpe, certainly sounds frightful to me!
  14. JJ99


    Slammer was testing today at 5.15 so hopefully it will be back in action soon
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