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  1. Sounds interesting and completely forgot about it, Glad I'm going in June now!
  2. [spoilers] I can think of them using it in the tunnel scene. Behind everyone is an access door that throughout the press night had a girl actor with face a little messed up running towards the crowd during the "Get out" bit. I could see it coming through them doors. [/spoilers]
  3. Sounds more like the name of a heavy metal band... "LADIES AND GENTLEMEN! PUT YOUR HANDS TOGETHER FOR RISE OF THE DEMON!!!" *CROWD SCREAMS* Maybe that's the end, it's just a gig! Also sounds a bit like an adult's movie but we shall skim over that...
  4. Yeah have to admit that it's not as much as a musical as it wanted to be. You see that final scene got me, I loved it as it reminded me of Scrubs
  5. I've lost the faith in humanity If that is acceptable on a official twitter account...
  6. It's weird how some they say are unavailable and some they take off the website, very interesting consistency..
  7. Just got myself some queue line signage from a recently deceased dark ride in Cleethorpes, That ride being Tommy Tinkaboo's Sweet Adventure: The 4th one is actually from the ride itself (rather than queue line) and one of the original (I believe) Rex Studios sign after it's revamp in 2002.
  8. Obviously I know you comment was in jest but... To be fair to them there are some serious structural issues going on with that ride and seems they realised it's more than what they initially expected. As well as the money aspect of it, it's kind of an unexpected issue that's popped up and clearly more than there maintenance budget. It wouldn't have been an issue they would have taken lightly. Germans love efficiency!.
  9. Beat me to it, was about to say the same thing!
  10. Depends how much your price range is, currently planning a 4 person, 10 day trip to 8 parks with 7 nights in a Haven style caravan and 2 nights in the Matamba hotel at Phantasialand for £385pp. Parks: Plopsaland Wailbi Belgium Walibi Holland Efteling Toverland Slagharen Movie Park Germany Phantasialand
  11. I can assure you, nothing has been done to the surrounding area of LL for the entire 2016 season, After going on BTS of Platform 15 on the 29th October, there was literally no change, apart from a bear in the trough. You can just see his rump there! That's not to say nothing has been done since, but it's highly likely nothing has...
  12. You would however expect those dealing with the public to know the facts...
  13. New Game Alert! Rules are simple, Person above you will post a theme park / attraction picture from a month (From Jan - Dec, in that order). Include a description of the moment leading up to that photo (why you were there etc.) or a memory that happened on that day. You post a picture from the next month, once we get to December we loop back round to January. Not particularly any end goal but a fun way to celebrate theme parks and attractions during this chilly cold season. Rules: Must post a picture from the next month Can only Re-post after three other users have been Have fun! So I'll kick it off with: (This will also be the pattern to follow) January: Memory: Visited Shrek's Adventure for the first time as I went down to London to watch The Hateful Eight in 70mm UltraPanovision screening and had some time to kill! Next Month: February
  14. I've done all but Edinburgh in the UK (May be getting that cred before new year), Although never did Tooley Street. Never done any Abroad but may get the Amsterdam one under my belt next year Here's the order I would put them in: 1) York Dungeons 2) Castle Dungeons 3) London Dungeons 4) Blackpool Dungeons As you can tell I prefer the more Classic Dungeons, that don't have rides as I feel they detract from the atmosphere. York Dungeons is great since it's forced refurb, Love the final witch burning scene. Castle Dungeons has a great atmosphere, in an actual Castle, very small spaces and provides a beautiful 360 experience unlike some of the other ones that have a black roof but feels a bit old due to not being able to change it up due to lack of space. London Dungeons feels great and love the boat ride, bit meh with the drop tower. Blackpool dungeons feels a bit meh with the drop tower witch hanging, just doesn't feel that immersive.
  15. Well Tayto Park have a 5D Cinema and that's basically in a shed!
  16. Banned for being on a Thorpe Park Fansite and admitting Inferno isn't the best invert out there (we know it's not but you will get the Thorpe Police on us)
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