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  1. vampire. that's lasted for years. will be sad when that goes
  2. 1. vvortex at thorpe park (choice is obvious) 2. vampire at Chessington 3. valhalla at blackpool pleasure beach 4. detinator at thorpe park 5. tower of terror at disney's hollywood studios 6. splash mountain at disney's magic kingdom 7. dragons fury at Chessington 8. harry potter and the forbidden journey at universal islands of adventure 9. journey to atlantis at seaworld orlando 10. toomb blaster at Chessington
  3. glad you like it no one's perfect, but given the fact I was angry at the time, I did quite well
  4. hahaha well, that's true! *grins*
  5. currently on the wikipedia page for vortex status: broken I love it?
  6. first question: is anyone stuck on the rides and if they are, what rides and how long for? don't worry if you don't know, I'm sure I'll read it in my google update tomorrow
  7. I can even break down the rides in to their areas if you're not satisfied
  8. theme parks are my life. you've started a war with me... no one tells me I know nothing about theme parks and gets away with it
  9. I can't remember the names of rides at theme parks? you wanna bet? you challenging me huh? okay. thorpe park: angry birds 4-d, colossis, rumba rapids, flying fish, tidal wave, stealth, saw-the ride, the swarm, darren brown: rise of the demons, the walking dead: the ride, quantum, depth charge, rocky express, lumber jump, timber tug, zodiac, vortex, detinator: bombs away, king pig's dodgums, Nemesis Inferno and Samurai and if I've missed any out (I probably have), feel free to comment chessington has dragons fury, tiger rock, toomb blaster, scorpion express, rattlesnake, vampire, gruffalo river adventure, flying jumbos, zufari: ride in to africa, tiny truckers, todie's crazy cars, kobra, monkey swinger, griffin's galleon, seastorm, black buckineer, and for the ****ing record, Rameses Revenge. happy now? and if you reply saying I missed out I'm a celebrity and hocus pocus hall from their respective parks, you can piss off. those are atractions, not rides
  10. oh. hey Whiteknuckle? I just saw your post on page 1 of this topic vortex isn't crap, actually I'd quite happily pay to get in to thorpe park just to spend my day riding around on vortex with my arms in the air their are worst rides at thorpe park than vortex depth charge rocky express the banana boat thingy I'd go as far to say that time voyagers (when it was in the park) was pretty childish seeing that it is a teenagers park Chessington could have had that, while thorpe get that ride next to toomb blaster (which is **** by the way), not toomb blaster, the thing next to it that soaks you in water. and angry birds land is a much worse investment than vortex (they rethemed detinator. woopy ****ing wooo. ). gave it a new name and that's it can you tell I'm annoyed that you dissed vortex?
  11. fun observation: the wikipedia page for vortex briefly stated that " it was now closed for good just to be safe" (in reffrence to the fireball accident) not anymore it doesn't queen of the vortex (aqa me) edited it herself also if you check the vortex page on the thorpe park site, you will notice it's not known as "vortext" anymore guess who that was down to?
  12. MR rabbit's tropical travels Loved that and wicked witche's haunt Remember when detinator opened causing a fuss about wanting to ride wicked witch's haunt and calling from my seat- what happened to that ride? and I was told by some guests in the queue it had burned down yeah right, I thought didn't believe it until I actually read somewhere on a thorpe park site about the fire.
  13. hi, thanks for the reply! so Vortex did open in 2001!. I may be blonde but I do know at least something. lol.... do keep me updated on the situation with vortex. maybe you're right. maybe they are just waiting for a part from KMG
  14. so has anyone heard anything? it's been a week since I posted to this thread. yeah, okay, perhaps I'm obsessive, but I'm after news of it. not even the wikipedia page has any info on it- I think it's safe to say it's going, which, given the fact it's lasted what.. I want to say 17 years (I'm using the asumption Vortex was installed in the lost city in 2001), though saying that, am I thinking of quantum?
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