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  1. I wouldn't mind seeing a Vekoma similar to the one proposed for Energylandia, it looked like a solid hyper coaster, plus new style vekomas are much smoother and reliable than before. It's cheaper than a B&M too.
  2. Crashed in my IB, got 29 points, but got into Manchester uni for mechanical engineering
  3. I quite like the kebabs now the bush BBQ is gone, got plenty of flavour and not too bad for themepark food.
  4. Colossus is an enjoyable ride, one of the better full package experiences at thorpe/uk. The swarm isn't as forceless as people make it out to be. The heli turnaround made my vision go grey a few days ago (back row outside seat though)
  5. 45 mins by car if there's no traffic much longer if there is due to M1 and M25
  6. Alee298

    Top 10's

    UK top 10: 1) Colossus 2)Nemesis 3)Oblivion 4)Smiler 5)Stealth 6)Swarm 7)Saw 8 Nemesis Inferno 9)Wickerman 10)Dragons fury I'm off to BPB in a few weeks so this list will probably change and I do genuinely enjoy Colossus!
  7. Hi guys, I'm Alex, new here but a longtime themepark fan!
  8. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCY7KCUvuNIbK0pOxCJbs5RQ My channel, I mostly do NoLimits2 stuff on it
  9. Its been rebranded, the one behind the games stalls near the megastore and KFC
  10. One train definitely has new wheels, went on Monday and it was nice and smooth (for Colossus) only headbashing around the cobra roll! I do wish they would get trains like Altairs though, would give some much needed leg room and remove the head bashing completely!
  11. I visited on Monday and operations were really fast, Colossus still stacked for about 20 seconds but Inferno were telling people over the tannoy to hurry up with stowing bags or they would be left behind!
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