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  1. A brief report from my visit yesterday: The park was quite busy, with [seemingly] a large majority of people staying up until closing time at 6pm. I wasn't able to get all of the major rides done. The day started with The Swarm labelled as 'closed', however it was shortly running again. Nemesis Inferno was closed for approximately 30 minutes in the morning due to 'cleaning'. Stealth had queues of 70 minutes at 5.15pm. The longest queue time was 2 hours for The Swarm at around midday. Colossus was exceptionally rough when I went on for the second time at the end of the day. It was also the first time I had ridden the Swarm, and I managed to ride the front row on the right hand side - it was amazing. Ride count: Colossus - x 2 Nemesis Inferno - x 2 X - x 1 Rumba Rapids - x 1 Tidal Wave - x 1 Loggers Leap - x 1 The Swarm - x 1 Depth Charge - x 1
  2. Gino.

    Logger's Leap

    The final drop on Loggers Leap is great, its a bit more interesting then just going straight down. Every time I go on a log flume like Loggers, Dragon Falls, The Flume etc, It seems that the smaller drops make my stomach "go" more than the big ones do ( if you know what I mean?, ha ha )
  3. Gino.


    That is a lot of new rides, I cant see how some of them are going to fit . More rides, more refurbishment for the better though. Glad the entrance might be getting something done to it....other than a lick of paint. Lets hope some of it happens in the future.
  4. I'm listening to the Colossus theme right now, it gives me goose bumps
  5. I have about 18 on-ride photos, but I like my Thorpe Park skyline mug the best. You cant beat getting up and drinking coffee from a TP mug . I also bought some old Thorpe Park ranger figures from ebay.
  6. Have any of you guys heard the "new" Hocus Pocus music, ICHESSINGTON WEBSITE.. CLICKY don't know if its new or not but its played on the Hocus Pocus game, and you can hear it playing with the advertisement on the Chessington Home page. What do you think of it, I like the beat. : D
  7. CLICK HERE FOR LINK, I know its not a thorpe park ride, but I thought id share it here, its my RCT3 coaster - INSANITY.
  8. CLICK HERE My latest Thorpe Park video from when I went on Thursday 27th, last week, hope you like it and please check out some other great videos on my channel.
  9. Ok, thanks, I have never seen any saw films and dont know alot about it. I got in the que at 3 o'clock and got on at 4.30.
  10. Yesterday the swinging blades where not working, (everything has a little chance of going wrong now and then). I was in the que for about 1 hour 30 mins, for my very first ride on saw, I also thought it was a bit weird how jigsaw is only in the ride right at the end as a little doll ( not very big ), apart from the video that not every one gets to see.
  11. Dose anybody know the average que times at the moment, or could give us an idea to how long they have been recently?
  12. yeah, over the hill has a false ending .......it seems real at first untill the ghosts jump up and scare you, ha ha.
  13. biggest que was for rage at about 10 - 15 mins, the rest where walk on and 5 - 10 min ques.
  14. CLICL HERE TO WATCH MY SOUTHEND VIDEO. Went to the park yesterday, went on rage for the first time, it was epic. Dragons Claw was very uncomfortable and isnt a ride I would rush to next time I go. Over The Hill was ok, the end part was the only bit that maade me jump. I think that if they do have Captain Rage Man and 'the gang' they should advertise the times in the park.
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