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  1. Just to chip in a little here, the Trailers queue on Saturday was held up massively when it opened. My group had tickets for 3:30, we were turned away when we arrived and told to come back closer to 4. Cam back, joined the queue at 4 and waited for an hour and a half due to technical issues with the maze. 2 - 3 groups would be batched in and then about 5 minutes later all of them returned back out of the entrance. Wait 15 mins, they all go back in, back out again in 5 minutes. Rinse and repeat. Looked like once they had worked out their issues things returned to some form of normality, and of course we were compensated Merlin's favourite, some free fastrack
  2. Three injured, one critically, in ride incident at Fudstock in Barrow. https://www.lancs.live/news/local-news/three-injured-one-critically-ride-21429453 Reports on Twitter are suggesting that the ride involved is a Waltzer; potentially a restraint failure by the sounds of one report although that is purely speculation at this stage. Hope everyone makes a full recovery.
  3. So looks like Space Mountain has had a little accident today...
  4. I was on park on the 2nd April when they had the snowy conditions, feel sorry for people that were not passholders as communication towards guests was very mixed and at some times could only be considered poor. Upon arrival we were told Spinball was open as well as Oblivion, walked up to Spinball and were told by the ride team at the entrance of the area that it hadn't completed testing yet but was being advertised on the boards and the app as open with a 10 minute queue. Some of the boards around the park also indicated an extended ride opening because of the poor weather which we initially thought was good of the park until we realized that it was in fact a mistake and that the 5pm close was still in place. It's just poor for a park of this size to have such poor communication with guests, I can see why someone paying £55 at the entrance would be disappointed with the service regardless of the ride availability. Oblivion being the only major coaster open most mornings is a mistake with it seeming to attract large queues, especially with it running only one of its two stations as it was at the end of last season with most of the cars stacking up on the break run. You know what though, it probably is "better than nothing", but only just.
  5. tomathy

    Wicker Man

    Ahh right, my bad, didn't manage to see the testing video before it was taken down. Thank goodness for that
  6. tomathy

    Wicker Man

    That structure does look amazing, hope it lasts but wouldn't put money on it. The article mentions a pretty low capacity for the ride as well, hardly looks like it will make for a fast moving queue. Quote from the Stoke Sentinel.
  7. There are various sources claiming that the girl was standing, none of them appear to have been confirmed as yet. The BBC article below claims a boy fell out a few years ago whilst standing or in another compromised position but was pulled out of the water by spectators. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-stoke-staffordshire-39867690 Personally, I can't see how someone could fall out of the rafts whilst being seated and holding onto the centre rail however the facts surrounding this particular incident are still not yet known. Obviously this is an awful and tragic accident with, at the moment, nobody specifically at fault. I can understand why Merlin would shut their rapids attractions, even if it was proved that there is nothing wrong with the ride itself, as the public perception of these rides is going to be negative for at least the near future given the amount of coverage this is getting. EDIT Not blaming anyone for this, its tragic and my thoughts are with those involved. Just commenting on facts surrounding the accident and the effect this may have on other parks
  8. Seems like what could have been a worst case scenario on a coaster in Colombia. Not quite sure what has happened here, the park have said that it wasn't a mechanical error and that the ride was being operated according to manufacturers protocol. Link to article: http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/world-news/disabled-man-seriously-injured-horror-10226274 Sent from my ONE A2003 using Tapatalk
  9. tomathy

    Wicker Man

    Hadn't even noticed that I must admit, seems odd for a construction worker at the flume site to mention it as well though and then delete the tweet?
  10. tomathy

    Wicker Man

    Looks like The Wicker Man will be the name of SW8. Trademarks have been filed by the UK company Lane IP who have previously transferred IP's to Merlin closer to opening dates of attractions. https://euipo.europa.eu/eSearch/#details/trademarks/016221269 Personally can't see it not being this after a construction worker earlier in the year a photo of the flume construction mentioning The Wicker Man.
  11. Looks to me like a small horror maze section being added. Might be wrong, new video nonetheless. New Video
  12. I'm more worried about the people spending £1769 a year on the premium family pass...
  13. tomathy

    Wicker Man

    Wicker Man seems like such an odd IP to pick though, it's only going to appeal to a slightly older audience as most younger people either haven't seen the film or just don't care for it. Best bet they have for the younger audience is slapping a load of Nicolas Cage memes throughout the ride and calling it a day.
  14. tomathy

    Wicker Man

    God I hope that isn't referencing Wicker Man as an IP...
  15. @imindetonator Yeah exactly, its all down to previous experiences, expectations and the type of person you are. Compared to when I went last year the event was nowhere near as busy yet the park still had a great atmosphere. I was also shocked about the lack of strobes, a good strobe maze ending (TOTT) would still have been nice to see as they are truly disorientating. I believe I'll be at Alton the same day as you, be interesting to see if we have similar experiences then.
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