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    theme parks, cats + all things spooky. I like makeup more than most people and rides even more than that.

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  1. Absolutely gutted about no Face It Alone ? Honestly don't think I've ever had that kind of adrenaline rush in any other scare attraction, nothing is quite as unnerving as watching your friends disappear one by one and thinking "oh god it's nearly my turn!" Had some amazing solo runs particularly in 2015, going to miss it but I guess it will save me a lot of money haha!
  2. Genuinely did not know this, just assumed since there didn't seem to be any new footage/ ad campaigns featuring him, he'd taken a backseat.
  3. Doesn't surprise me that Derren seems to want out of this tbh haha ? He's renowned for some truly incredible illusions, this in comparison must be soul crushing and it's not even his fault ? Just laziness w/ Merlin as per.
  4. Omg soz hope you don't get your pass taken away ?
  5. Its my fave ever thing that people think this is serious hahha ?? coming from the same man who told me "the chessie lion cubs are upside down 4 2018 m8888" ??
  6. Now, I'm not 100% but I believe Samurai was closed at the beginning of the 2016 season due to an accident on a different ride of the same model. I believe the manufacturers had to come out for inspection or something of the like- I'm hazy on the details- but I'm almost positive there was an incident on an identical ride. Point being- so long as winter maintenance goes to plan and no issues come up with it, I don't see why it won't be up and running from day one ?
  7. Oh don't get me wrong, I have 0 faith that anything will be done ??
  8. Ngl where else do they even have to put mazes if this site becomes unavailable? This could have a huge impact on Fright Night, cause let's be honest, Canada Creek was already stretched for space when it came to the maze queuelines with just Rocky... So bottom line is- even if they could still squeeze the mazes in, I can't see where the queuelines could be constructed??? Sidenote- if they don't retheme these things I'll... well I don't even know. But I won't be a happy bunny. I mean come on Merlin, even if it's a temporary solution and you don't wanna fork out for new theming
  9. Hahaha my thoughts precisely! Such a long + awkward acronym just screams Merlin ???? Honestly though, just to contribute to the main topic of conversation; I've never been a huge fan of the ride. I SO wanted to like it but the flaws were strikingly obvious from the start. And that second VR section... just no. No thanks. hoping for improvement on that GREEN MIST if nothing else. A scare maze surely couldn't make it worse than it already is, though it surely won't make it better either. Simply I just don't care if it gets one or not, I've lost hope in this attraction ??
  10. Tbh I wish they'd done something special with it for fright nights anyway, but sadly it came down to a lack of actors :/ A Lady C finale would be amazing ahhaha
  11. literally thought I was going to be sick waiting to go in, I was so close to backing out but then wasting £15 would've been silly
  12. Yes! Especially if you're going via public transport :')
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