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  1. Every year first Sunday of the event without fail is absolutely dead brilliant night tonight didn’t que longer then 5-10 mins for all mazes and rides!! Seems like a pretty decent fright nights this year!
  2. Thanks for the merge JoshC I forgot about this older thread ! But knowing how good they are with theming I think this horror event should be really good
  3. I see that the guys behind project zer0 and the xscream escapes rooms have a horror event coming to Croydon https://instagram.com/xscreamevents?igshid=37xdgew4uauo
  4. danhabbi

    2019 Season

    Hahaha the whole que line would be singing it huff puff huff puff!!
  5. I still hope each year that they would actually do a "maze" like the orginal freezer where you had dead ends and stuff was so much more fun and really added to the panic!!! only been waiting 15 years haha!! I guess the throughput would never allow it to be like that anymore!
  6. I think we will see zombie hunt return amongst that lot...
  7. I can see it now... Walking dead the ride eXtreme and Zombie Hunt eXtreme..... Ha Ha
  8. The website ticker says " FRIGHT NIGHTS IS COMING AND THIS YEAR, NOWHERE IS SAFE! | MORE MAZES & SCARE EXPERIENCES TO BE ANNOUNCED 7TH SEPTEMBER 7AM" put the picture says 11th so who knows
  9. Pretty sure Figaro Bros came in to remiagine it after its first poor year at thorpe so thorpe can still use it without them, but for some strange reason looks like they are chosing not to. But yes they are busy opening their new xscream escapes escape rooms
  10. Looks like we have a bit of wait still...............
  11. You can live at tulleys this year with there month pass ????
  12. @seanz25 maybe I could help a bit with this! Message me on Facebook or twitter and maybe I can help
  13. I have just finished project zero it’s worth playing along and following the clues there is still 7 prizes left to win
  14. Just found this apparently from Project Zer0 “Hi there,” “Due to lot of recent controversy regarding project zer0 we feel it is a good time for us to try and clarify some things and we hope that you can help us. It has come to our attention that there is some speculation that project zer0? is linked to Thorpe Park Resort. We believe the reason for this link is unfortunately due to zeros appearing on Thorpe Parks twitter page around the time our first video was released.” “The reason we have not been able to comment on the speculation earlier is because of the nature of the cryptic clues that create our puzzles. We feel however that this may be having an adverse effect on the direction people are looking for the clues. Project zer0? is an official marketing campaign for something new and exciting created by The Figaro Bros, who worked extensively on re-imagining some of the much loved mazes at Thorpe Park.” “We are disappointed that we have had to break the silence as it wasn’t our intention to interfere with peoples search for the answer, we do hope that those competing to find the answer can now look past Thorpe Park and onto something new.” “If you could help us by spreading the word, that would be greatly appreciated.” “We would love to give you more information but we feel it may spoil the game for those who are currently searching for the clues. If you have any further questions or would like to have a conversation with anyone here at Project zer0?, please feel free to get in touch.” “Many thanks,” “0?” Our advise to all of you is to think outside the box... All that has been is not as it seems?
  15. According to Foobar Riggs Facebook pages which seems to be to do with all of this this pic was uploaded in 2016 outside the Blair witch shed with the 0? In front of it. Really does seem this is all to do with Thorpe!
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