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  1. Been awhile since I posted here, It’s good to be back! Just a quick one, I don’t know if anyone heading to Thorpe tomorrow would be able to get a nice clear photo of the Black Mirror QR code? Bit concerned I’ll miss out on this due to having a 2PM MAP ticket, so this would be a huge help! 🙂
  2. Which is my point, you've literally said the same point The thing I initially quoted claimed Thorpe were working with Universal - however I am saying because TWD is nothing to do with it why would they be involved, I don't quite get what the issue is ahaha.
  3. I'm not saying it's not that IP, I'm aware of what we are likely going to be seeing - the point is there is nothing to suggest Universal have anything to do with this because Universal really have nothing to do with the show.
  4. Like others have said, I wouldn't look into that if I were you! I've seen this idea Thorpe are working with Universal on a few sites and I really don't get how people have came to that conclusion. The fact Universal have axed The Walking Dead from their Halloween events should be telling enough (minus the permanent one in Hollywood), not to mention it's not even a Universal owned property...
  5. How is a couple days of downtime similar to breaking for hours almost every day and having 2 weeks of downtime a month after opening?
  6. I think you are missing the point. I am not taking this one persons opinion as whole however I know there has been some concern over the attraction not being interesting enough to hold the GP, and so I used this person as an example of someone who enjoyed it enough to go back for this one attraction. The simple truth is, that yes we can assume the majority of the GP do enjoy it which can be seen from social media interactions, at least more than last year. Obviously not everyone likes it and why should they at the end of the day, much like the other person I mentioned who wasn't the biggest fan since it didn't move around so much.
  7. Well after experiencing the attraction with someone who'd never stepped foot inside a theme park before I can safely say I think Thorpe have a winner with the GP!
  8. Forgive me, I wasn't necessarily saying people on here, more so the rest of the internet. I found there to be a lot of "if derren hadn't worked with them it'd been better" which I find a bit harsh and interesting that now we know one of the most disliked events was heavily down to Derren (and arguably everyone involved in VR including Merlin Magic Making) rather than solely the park (bad wording on my part). In regards to the public based on what staff were saying the majority seem to really like it, however they also said it's stressful for everyone when the attraction experiences technical issues, but that's a given! Also, ThemeCrafter, I'd recommend you try the experience in its entirety rather than saying it's a disappointment without fully experiencing it!
  9. I personally think it's doing great, and eating the crowds! My main issue with it last year was the ending and the fact it had no re-rideability. This year however I cannot wait to get back on so I think they've hit it on the head for me. Also, not to start anything but I find it interesting that people often assumed Derren was either embarrassed or disappointed with last years version as though it wasn't his fault and that Thorpe were entirely the issue, which as we now know (thanks to recent interviews) isn't entirely the case - especially in regards to Derren's idea for a 'fun' ending.
  10. Not quite sure what you mean, but ok... In all seriousness I hope the finale being inactive was a one off, I will be going on the ride with 2 newbies and 1 who hasn't experienced ROTD yet, so I'd hope it to be on top form!
  11. Colossus is terrible for the disabled queue - it's very truly the Vampire of Thorpe's disabled queues. I personally utilise this myself due to having a minor mobility issue and I tend to miss out Colossus entirely if the queue is any more than 2 groups long. I must admit most of Thorpe's disabled queues are fairly good (especially Ghost Train and THE SWARM) however they seriously need to reconsider the Nemesis Inferno and Colossus disabled access. Thankfully none of Thorpe's are as awful as Vampire but that's a whole other issue
  12. In regards to Dragons Falls - I wouldn't expect to see this going any time soon
  13. All I can think of is that there has been various people not coming into work for one reason or another paired with the majority of remaining maintenance working on getting Ghost Train open at a reasonable time. This leading to there being a lack of staff ready to get THE SWARM, Saw and Colossus ready. That being said Saw hardly opened at all yesterday so it may be broken... Hopefully they sort it out and organise teams more efficiently asap, before the summer rolls over.
  14. Let's give them a chance, they have only been open an hour after all and I imagine they are trying their best to get the attractions open...
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