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  1. I think this year, Inferno was brilliant with the mist and overall I thought it was great. The only downside is the dispatching of the trains - the staff take forever! Also this year, myself and my aunt witnessed it stall for the first time?
  2. Just putting it out there but the new Inferno music is awful. Agree with me or not, I hate it. I’m not quite sure what area it is classed as but when I walk around the area of Storm Surge towards The Swarm, there is usually music playing that sounds like snapping (I don’t know how to put it - please bare with me?). No idea what it really is but I think it sounds cool so...
  3. I think Loggers was a great ride and I was actually quite gutted when it closed. I think it needs to come back although I don’t believe it will... I have read on here that people believe a woodie might be installed in the area where the log flume previously was after the success of Wickerman (to be fair, it is amazing!) - I have a feeling it might be true. I wouldn’t be surprised if that goes, it’s probably just sat there rotting right now it’s been closed so long ? Although it wasn’t my favourite flat ride, I do miss Slammer. It’s a shame because it was a world’s only and a brilliant ride overall.
  4. Nah, a pigeon that was killed by a tree - get it right??
  5. Just a quick question... Recently I came to Towers for the 4th time and had my 3rd ride on hex. I understand how the ride works, the storyline doesn’t scare me and I just find the whole experience hilarious (not sure why - I’m strange). The thing I don’t understand however is that every time I’ve been on it, I’ve cried. Granted, the first time was probably frightening as I was only 11 but I’m now older and it doesn’t scare me in the slightest. I’m just confused as to how it sets off tears... Does anyone have any answers?
  6. Very true.. I wouldn’t be surprised if they decide not to let people in - it is floating away after all ?
  7. Going to Thorpe Park today for the lates with my aunt @Han30 on national rollercoaster day! Extremely happy that saw alive has finally opened after being delayed - I’ve wanted to do it for a looong time. I’ve only done one maze so far which was living nightmare this year to see what it’s like. Fortunately, I loved it and I can’t wait to try the other mazes such as Big Top (another on my bucket list), platform 15 and, of course, saw alive! Maybe it’s my obsession with Billy? Maybe it’s my obsession with the ride? I don’t know but all I do know is that I want to do it so bad ??
  8. that.girl.soph


    Can’t believe Slammer, a one-of-a-kind flat ride, shut down... But, what’s going to happen to it? Will it come back? Will it go? I’m curious - anyone have any ideas? ?
  9. Hey I’m Sophie! I’m new to this forum and was encouraged to join by my wonderful aunt @Han30 ? I’m suspecting it’ll take me a while to sink into this stuff...
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